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Monday, December 15, 2014

Reception Pictures from JPGP Rodger

Irene Jacobs Gr Sec Reception 12-13-2014
   CLICK HERE for pictures!

Henry Wentworth Chapter has moved!

The address for the new meeting place for Henry Wentworth Chapter #250:
7701 NE Ward Rd
Vancouver WA 98682
Beginning on Wednesday evening, December 17th, 2014, and until further notice, we will meet at this location.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pictures from JPGP Rodger

OV Floral & Bethel 11-17-2014
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Whatcom County Christmas Lunch 2014  Dec 3, 2014
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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nancy Mouat Memorial Information

The following was posted on Facebook by Micheal Mouat regarding his mother, Nancy:

We will be Celebrating My Mother's Life twice in the next couple months. Once in Hemet at the Colonial Country Club (601 N. Kirby Street, Hemet, Ca) on December 5th @ 3 pm. The second Celebration will be held in Stanwood, Washington, at the United Methodist Church on January 23rd @ 1 pm. All our Friends and Family our invited to join us in celebrating the life of the most amazing woman we have ever known.
In the memory of Nancy Mouat (June 14, 1949-November 17, 2014)
On Monday, November 17, 2014, Nancy Mouat went to be with the Lord surrounded by her husband Wayne, son Michael, and daughter-in-law Caitlin Mouat. Many thanks in the Hemet Fire Department and AMR who tried so valiantly to save her.
Nancy dearly loved her granddaughter, Gracie, and she was one of the primary reasons she moved to California. Nancy is survived by her husband of forty-eight years, Wayne Mouat, her loving daughter, Mary Mouat-Munson and husband Karl and their daughter in love, Ruby, her two wonderful sons, Michael and his wife Caitlin Mouat and William and his wife Stephanie Mouat and their children, Colby and Chandler, and her mother, Mary Coombs.
Nancy’s life was dedicated to the Order of the Eastern Star and her family. She spent her final years caring for her mother and was just beginning to enjoy retirement when she was taken from us so suddenly.
Nancy had a passion for traveling and spent the last fourteen years traveling all over the United States with her “booth” serving the Eastern Star at their many conventions.
My dearest one, your pain is through. From all of us our love to you goes on forever. This is not goodbye but just adieu.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Nancy Mouat's Passing

The following was received from PGM Cheri Moll
Just received a call from Wayne with very sad news that Nancy, former GR, passed away this morning from a heart attack.  911 was called and Nancy was rushed to the Hospital, she passed away there.  I don’t know any more at this time but thought you should all know.  I will forward additional information as I receive it.  PGP Wayne's contact information is in the current Blue Book.

Pictures from JPGP Rodger

OV of Stanwood & Goldenrod Chapters on November 14, 2014
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Grand Organist Reception on November 15, 2014
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Coffman Memorial Information

Amelia Coffman, former Grand Representative of Connecticut, passed away November 9thHer memorial service (will include an Eastern Star Service) will be Friday, November 14th at 11:00 AM at Powers Funeral Home, 320 W Pioneer Ave, Puyallup (across Pioneer from the police/fire station).  Viewing will be on Thursday, November 13th from 4:00-8:00 PM at Powers.  A reception will follow the Friday service at Corinthian Masonic Lodge, 1005 W Pioneer, Puyallup.  Please keep her husband Russ, daughter Peggy Mills (Grand Conductress) and the rest of the family in your prayers.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Update on 2013-14 WGM & WGP Project Donations

Helen and I went to the Gold Ribbon Night for Pediatric Cancer Awareness sponsored by Seattle Children's last night and heard about the advances in Pediatric Cancer Care.  The Ben Towne Center has treated more than ten patients now and all are doing well for Leukemia. 

Children's has just started it's first clinical trial treating for Neuroblastoma, which is the desease Ben Towne succumbed to, and what we were collecting money for all year.  So we really did contribute to something great, great job everybody.

So the total is $23,851.65 for Ben Towne and $23,851.85 for Northwest Harvest for a big total of

                   $47,703.30 for the year.  

Rodger Collins JPGP
Grand Chapter of WA
Order of the Eastern Star

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Grand Representative of Maryland

I went to Amethyst Chapter last night for their Friends Night, and at the request of WGM Mary Ann, announced that Jan Horst would fill the commission left vacant by the death of her husband Norm Horst.  We were pretty sure that Sister Jan would not be there but Mary Ann wanted me to make the announcement anyhow, which I did. 
The Chapter members were pleased to know that Jan will be the newly appointed Grand Representative of Maryland in WA. 
When you see Jan out and about please make sure you congratulate her on this appointment.
Thank you,
Gerry Mosler, Past Grand Matron

Monday, October 20, 2014

Eastern Washington BIG Weekend Pictures!!!!

IEPMPP Dinner 10-17-2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!!

Chris Bippes, Grand Martha Reception 10-18-2014
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New Grand Representative of Illinois

Last night (September 24) I attended Century’s meeting to present a commission.  Under good of the order we played a trivia game about Abraham Lincoln.  The members guessed his height, number of children, profession, pets, etc.  The final question was “Where is Lincoln buried.?”  A number of members correctly called out Springfield, Illinois.  Mary Harper (Associate Matron) stated that that was where they had held her reunion.  I asked her to repeat what she had said.  She again stated that her reunion had been held in Springfield.  I then asked her if she would like to go back there as the Grand Representative.  She was speechless but her husband Tom gave out a big Whoop!  A well-deserved commission.
Sue Putnam, Grand Adah

Monday, October 6, 2014

Pictures from JPGP Rodger

OV at Alderwood on October 2, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Grand Representative of Nebraska

Tonight, Thursday, October 02, 2014, it was my pleasure to announce that Cecil Tackett is the new Grand Representative of Nebraska.  It was Willie Winstead’s honor night but just as the Worthy Matron was about to start closing I asked if I could say something that I had forgotten in my response.  Cecil’s wife, Joanne is our Electa so I called her forward and talked about how it has been over 30 years since she was a Grand Representative and went on to thank Willie’s wife Eileen for all the work she had done for this evening then asked Joanne if she thought she could do that in a couple years.  She looked at me with a blank look and then I asked their daughter Michelle to bring her dad up to where we were standing.  Light bulbs started going off and I asked where Joanne thought they would like to go.  Her first answer was Hawaii!  Cecil had gotten his lodge 50 year pin a couple weeks ago and Joanne had pinned it on so I asked her if she would “pin” him again with his Grand Representative of Nebraska pin.  Cecil is our Sentinel and hadn’t heard all that was going on but he was up in the east by the time I asked her to pin on his official pin and he was stunned.  Joanne got so flustered she had to ask Michelle to do the pinning.  Dad, Mom and Daughter were all very happy and speechless, our chapter is happy for them also.  Numerous former Grand Representatives were in attendance including Lila Lindsey whose commission to Nebraska had expired on September 30.

Cecil is Sentinel at Lackamas Chapter and his address is in the Blue Book.

Marcia Haukaas
Grand Treasurer

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tyler Penny Sale Location Moved

Due to the remodel of Tyler Hall after the recent fire, the 27th Annual Penny Sale on Sat. October 11th has moved:
To Be Held at Alternative School off River Road
At exit 135, take ramp right for WA-167 North toward Puyallup (River Road) 3.0 mi
Turn right onto 58th Ave E
Turn right onto 44th St E
Arrive at 5515-44th St E
Hope to see you all there!

Place to Be

Lackamas Chapter in Washougal on Thursday, October 2nd with the meeting starting at 7:30 PM

Monday, September 22, 2014

2015-2018 GGC Committee Announcements

Congratulations to our Washington members who were announced as the 2015-2018 GGC Committees. They are: Dick Wiegel, PGP (Membership), Diane Osborne, PGM (Necrology); Bob Breza, PGP (Community Service), Gerry Mosler (Youth), Sandy McAmmond, PGM (Ritual) and Polly Thomasson (Special Appt: Hummingbird). Washington congratulates you and is so proud of each of you.

Notice from Martha Washington Chapter

The Secretary of Martha Washington Chapter #42, Sis. Elsie Hesseltine, has resigned to move out of state with family.  Until further notice, please direct all written communication for this Chapter c/o the Vancouver Masonic Center, 2500 NE 78th St., Vancouver, WA  98665, specifying Attn:  Martha Washington OES.  Please direct electronic correspondence for the time being to dvance70@yahoo.com.  Any phone messages can be to the WM as listed in the Blue Book.

Sadness from Cyclamen Chapter

Cyclamen Chapters devoted member of 63 years Ella Jo Thor passed away on September 3rd. The family will have a service in Mount Vernon on October 3rd at 1:00 pm at the Presbyterian Church. Cyclamen Chapter will conduct the Eastern Star Memorial at the Auburn Masonic Temple on October 9th at 7:00 pm with a reception to follow the service. Ella Jo and husband Bob were very active in the Chapter and Nile. Bob and Ella Jo really loved being involved in Hatasu #1 Daughters of the Nile. Many conversations expressed their joy of participating with dear friends working for the Shrine Hospital because of the need of the children. In the Auburn community Ella Jo devoted many hours of fun and work along with several members of Cyclamen who will truly miss her. Please join us and bid farewell with our members and her family.
Nancy Jorgensen
Secretary, Cyclamen Chapter

Friday, September 19, 2014

Pictures from JPGP Rodger

Associate Grand Matron Reception on September 13, 2013
CLICK HERE for the pictures!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Grand Representative of Arizona

On Fri., Sept. 12th, I visited Crystal Chapter and handed out envelopes to 4 members.  Under Good of the Order, I announced that the WGM had sent me to give the members a geography lesson.  I spoke about the fact that we have had such a hot summer and that Arizona was getting all our wet weather.  I then asked the 4 members to read from their envelopes an interesting fact about Arizona.  After member #4--Bill Davis--- read the fact about spring training for baseball being in Arizona, I announced that "I hoped Bill enjoyed visiting spring training as the new Grand Representative of Arizona".  Bill was in the East as Worthy Patron protem and after looking shocked for a few moments, he got a giant grin on his face.  This was a real honor and joy for me to present this commission.
Melanie Boss, Grand Ruth

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Another Traffic Alert!!!

Those of you heading to the AGM reception on Saturday should take note.  

Officials say they expect miles-long backups on Interstate 5 through Thurston County because of construction work. WSDOT advises finding alternate routes or taking the train: http://bit.ly/1BsVbBc
Drivers can expect heavy congestion and long backups on I-5 the next two weekends in Olympia and Tumwater.

Traffic Alert for Friday Night

Any members planning to attend Crystal Chapter's meeting on Friday please take note of the info below shared by Judy Nielsen. 


This is on Hwy 164-East, for the White River Amphitheater,
between Auburn & Enumclaw.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Place to Be

Crystal Chapter on Friday, September 12th at 7:30 PM

Pictures from JPGP Rodger

OV of Analia Chapter & Homecoming of JPGM Stephanie on September 4, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

OV of Afton Chapter & Homecoming of JPGP Rodger on September 3, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Reception of AGP Calvin Russell on September 6, 2014
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tyler Chapter Meeting Canceled

Tyler Chapter's Sept 4th meeting has been cancelled due to a small fire last night that has left the building unusable at this time. We hope to be back into the building by our Sept. 18th meeting. Darlene Wiggins… Worthy Matron

Monday, August 25, 2014

Reception Pictures

WGM & WGP Reception at Alki Masonic Center on Saturday, August 23, 2014
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Check Presentation to Ben Towne Center

The presentation date was 8-21-14.

Check was for $21.714.80.  There should be about $2,000. more come in for the time running up to Grand Chapter.  An additional check will be sent when they have the final count.

They have treated about nine patients so far under Clinical Trail status and all have been successful.

The nice thing about this treatment is no chemo, no radiation.  They take a blood draw from the arm just as many of you have had.  They genetically modify the T-cells to recognize the patients cancer.  Which takes about two weeks, then they reinsert the patients modified T-cells back in the arm in a transfusion.  The only side effects are about 72 hours of flu like symptoms.  They have had no relapses.  Yeah!! for us Eastern Stars for helping this great step forward in treating childhood cancer, the leading cause of death in America's children.

It is still in clinical trails and needs more test patients to get approved by the government for regular use.

Rodger JPGP

Friday, August 8, 2014










Sunday, August 3, 2014

Date Corrections

Please note that some dates listed for June 2015 in the OV Booklet & Calendar have been corrected on the OESBlog Calendar.  Especially check Idaho and Oregon Grand Chapter dates and note that Montana Grand Chapter has been added.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Pictures from First OV

First OV of Doric Chapter held at Greenwood Chapter on Saturday, July 19th
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

All Grand Chapter photos are online now!

Photos from Washington OES Grand Chapter are online now. You can access them from the two links on the Washington OES website (www.washingtonoes.org) or from this direct link: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/myphotos.  If you are looking for specific photos and cannot find them online, just email us at dnveeee@wavecable.com

Rainbow Pictures from JPGP Rodger

WAID Rainbow Grand Assembly  July 12, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Golf Tournament Reminder!!!

Don't forget to sign up for the OES Golf Tournament benefiting Scottish Rite Care Childhood Language Disorders program. The date is Friday, August 8th at Whispering Firs Golf Course at McChord AFB. Even if you don't play golf, come out i...n the afternoon and spend time with friends from all our organizations and then enjoy the delicious BBQ and raffle prizes. Cost of the BBQ only is $20 per person. Deadline for reservations is next Monday, July 21st. Forms are on the OES blog at http://oeswashington.blogspot.com/ in the right hand column under the calendar. Hope to see you all there!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Thank You from JPGP Rodger

To everyone who helped make Grand Chapter the big success that it was, thank you for your help and time.

Dianna Kaspar and Paula Sonker, you two have been fabulous since before I was elected as Grand Sentinel.  You have gotten better and better every year until your great finale of splenderosity. New word just for you.

A special thank you to Bob Lindsey, Marge Ramsdell and Willie Winstead, (Audio Genius) for your help in introducing the POW/MIA flag to Grand Chapter.  It was spectacular.  It was very special to me and all of the members who have lost a loved one in war, or been in harms way.

To the Grand Officers,  it was all good.  Thank you for all the kind words of encouragement and support for the whole year.  You were great!   

Louise Day, you did a great job on the decorations.  The ribbons supplied by each of the chapters were just great and they really made the chapter look festive.

Gerry Stinnett, you did a wonderful job with the music, it is a difficult position.  You don't do anything all year the membership hears until Grand Chapter, then you are under the spotlight baby!  Good job.  Sheryl Accord, my compliments to you and the choir,  they came together from all over the state and blended into a beautiful group.  Thank you to Gayle Dunstan, Sarah Jane Johnson, Pamela Lee, Carol lee Walk, Cindy Garrett and Lilynne Davis for supporting Gerry with your vast wealth of talent and experience.

Judy Turchin, the march committee held up their end very nicely, it is a difficult job and you handled it with grace and ease.

To everyone else, either a committee chair or member or someone who was walking by and stopped to help, thank you for a wonderful Grand Chapter.  

Thank you to all those who attended from other jurisdictions.

Rodger Collins PGP,(JR) & Grand Escort Helen 

Pictures from JPGP Rodger

Grand Bethel Session on June 27, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Grand Chapter on June 29-July 2, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

OV Date corrections

Calendar corrections:
page 18:
    Martha Chapter OV should be on September 8th
    Harmony/Silver Star OV on September 11th will be at Silver Star Chapter

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Official Visits & Calendar 2014-15 Corrections

There are a few corrections that people who purchased an “Official Visits & Calendar 2014-15” at Grand Chapter need to be aware of.  Page numbers are listed so you can find the places to make corrections easier.  Changes are in bold and underlined.
Page 2 – AGP Calvin Russell’s Reception should be September 6, 2014
                 AGP Calvin’s escort is Mary Helen Johnson
                 AGC info: Jean Ballard, Stanwood Chapter
Page 3 – Sue Putnam, Grand Adah’s address is in the Blue Book under Doric Chapter
                 Melanie Boss, Grand Ruth’s address should be the one listed for Sue Putnam
                 Grand Sentinel Info: Lynn ‘Pete’ Peterson, Oasis Chapter
Page 5 – Eastern Star Charities Foundation
                 Alice Hughes, Spokane replaces Pete Peterson
Page 6 – FINANCE
                 Russ Coffman, Guiding Star is Chairman, 
                 Donna Craig, Guiding Star is Secretary
                 GENERAL FUND RAISING
                Jeannette Carroll, Crystal is Chairman, 
The times for the events listed below have been corrected on the OESBlog Calendar.    
Page 16 –   August 3rd -- GrRep Picnic in Centralia is at 11:30 AM
      August 6th -- OV Naomi (S) Tyler is at 7:00 PM

1st session of the Grand Chapter of Italy will meet April 2016

Important Message Robert ("Bob") de Bruyn, Worthy Grand Patron of the Grand Chapter of Italy: From Worthy Grand Matron (Elda Levi) advising that, for sound and valid reasons, the first Grand Chapter Session of the Grand Chapter of Italy will not be held in 2015, but WILL BE HELD April 23-24, 2016. Location to be announced later. We realize this news will be disappointing to many members and friends, but please advise one and all that in the year 2016, you shall receive the warmest welcome ever. Grazie & Star Love to All, from Bob deBruyn, WGP of GCI.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Jr. Past Grand Matron's Farewell

There are several people I want to thank and I want to start with that:

·         Rodger and Helen– thank you for going on this journey with me and for putting up with me.  When we first sat down to start planning after you were elected Grand Sentinel, we made a promise to each other that if either one of us ever had an issue or a problem with the other, we would talk about it and work it out.  We haven’t always agreed on things, but we have always been honest with each other and have found a way to maintain our friendship.  I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to travel this road with and I am truly grateful for you both.   

·         To the members of Analia Chapter, thanks for being the best Chapter in the State and for all your support and enthusiasm over the years.  I couldn’t have done this without you. 

·         To PGM Bev Haave and MWGP John Grobler, who started me on this adventure by appointing me as one of your Chorus Line Deputies and then PGM Cheri Moll and PGP Wayne Mouat who made me their westside chairman of the Guiding Angel deputies, thank you for having confidence in me.  It inspired me to have confidence in myself.

·         To PGM Marilyn Hoots for appointing me as Grand Representative to my home state of Illinois.  It was a privilege that I so appreciated and will remain a happy memory forever. 

·         To the Portrait Grand Family who are my rocks, and especially PGM Diane Osborne, your friendship and support through the years has allowed me to weather many storms and I couldn’t have done this without you.

·         To the other Grand Families in which I have served, the Starlights, PaceSetters and Lightkeepers, thank you for making me part of your families and for all the wonderful times we have shared.

·         To my session Chairmen Dianna Kaspar and Paula Sonker and their right hands, Marilyn and Bill Hoots, and to my decorations chairman Louise Day and her committee, thank you for everything you did to make this grand chapter session successful.  You far exceeded my hopes and dreams and created the perfect setting for our Stars of the Heartland County Fair.  You made my life so much easier and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

·         To everyone who accepted a committee assignment this year, all 280 of you, thank you for everything you did to make this year successful.  Your efforts are truly appreciated.

·         To my Bluebird Deputies, wow, you were great.  I couldn’t have asked for a better crew and I am so proud of everything you accomplished.

·         To my own Happy Hearts Grand Family, we have had a rough patch or two along the way this year, but we have weathered the storms and remained friends.  I am so proud of you and the work you have done.  I couldn’t have asked for a better group to share this year with and I am grateful to each and every one of you for everything you have done to make this year successful.

Basically, I’m a very simple person.  I’ve always been a bit of a loner and a nerd, a small town girl from rural Southern Illinois.  Until I started on this journey, I lived a fairly quiet and peaceful life away from Eastern Star and work.  Many of you who haven’t known me for a long time, may find it hard to believe that talking to people, being outgoing, standing up in front of people and being a leader are things that are way out of my comfort zone.  I’m more comfortable in the background, supporting and assisting than holding the gavel.

The reason that I stand before you today in this position, is the training, nurturing, friendship and encouragement I have received from all of my mentors and friends in the Order of the Eastern Star.  Without you, I would never have the courage to take this journey.  Thank you for allowing me the privilege of serving you this year. 

As I said in all my official visits, there is not one person in this room who is more important than anyone else.  You ALL matter.  Remember in everything you do to Live, Love, Laugh and Be Grateful!
Stephanie Hoye
Jr. Past Grand Matron

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More of WGP Rodger's Pictures

Montana Grand Chapter -- June 18-21, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Pigs (coins) for Cancer

Thank you to everyone who filled up the piggy banks for cancer this year.  If you still have one of the piggy banks or just have some loose change (or paper money) that you want to contribute to cancer research, please bring it to Grand Chapter.  Our chairman, Gladis Rudd, will have her coin counting machine there and we will have a piggy bank available for you to deposit your money.  All the money collected at Grand Chapter counts for Mary Ann's year, so let's get her off to a great start and help wipe out cancer.


Recent Pictures from WGP Rodger

Washington Grand Lodge, June 12-14, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Oregon Grand Chapter, June 15-18, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Set Up Help Needed on Sunday, June 29th

The Session Chair ladies are looking for as many able bodies to help with set up: from carpet to electrical to fences to tables and chairs in all areas and then help with the GRAND FLOOR paraphernalia!!! We hope to have the trailer completely empty by 7:30am on Sunday... Decorations we have told them to start with putting up the Chapters' Ribbons first, then as we have the carpet down and fences... they can START! looking at hopefully 8:30 - 9am. Note: we may have to cut 2 sections of carpet first thing - since we've ordered a 90' roll of new carpet to replace some very worn and torn AstroTurf. 
Help! Thanks!
Paula Sonker & Dianna Kaspar
2014 Session Co-Chairs

2014-15 Deputy Instructors

Westside Chairman                                Kathy Neubecker, Kirkland
Eastside Chairman                                 Karen Speicher, Adelphi

Michelle Burlison, Guiding Star Chapter
Cathy Cook, Analia Chapter
Virginia Elliott, Esther Chapter
Linda Ellison, Tyler Chapter
Mary Fordyce, Waitsburg Chapter
Kay Foss, Afton Chapter
Janice Glidden, Adelphi Chapter
Tom Harper, Century Chapter
Janelle Hearn, Astral Chapter
Bonnie Hill, Pine Tree Chapter
Anne Holloway, Spokane Chapter
Robin Jessup, Centralia Chapter
Sharon Langer, Ferndale Chapter
Robert "Bob" Lindsey, Vida Chapter
Malinda "Mindy" Morgan, Key City Chapter
Gary Osborne, Oasis Chapter
Sally Nelson, Priscilla Chapter
Jack Runyan, Evergreen Chapter
Mary Beth Short, Juanita Chapter
Marge Soles, Alderwood Chapter
Allen Smith, Richland Chapter
Lorrie Steiner, Southgate Chapter
Jean Spence, Alpha Chapter
Linda Tunstall, Mt Baker Chapter
Vera White, Maple Chapter

Idaho Grand Chapter 2014

Idaho Grand Chapter in Boise June 7-10, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Pictures from April Event

WGM & WGP Fundraising Dinner on April 26, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Friday, June 13, 2014

First Aid Request for Grand Chapter

I am just about ready for Grand Chapter and getting everything needed for the 1st Aid Room.  I am still in need of 3 egg crate pads to be used on the cots.  If you have one or more we could use or you are willing to donate that would be great.  Also I still need people who are 1st Aid and CPR certified to assist in the 1st Aid Room.  We have had a few volunteers and for that I am greatful.  But we still NEED more.  If you have some time at one of the sessions to assist please contact me, Linda Ogren at 253-845-7365 (HP), 253-677-6209 (cell), ogrenized@yahoo.com and let me know when you would be available.
Thank you.
Linda Ogren, Grand Chapter 1st Aid Chair

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Two New Grand Representatives

The new Grand Representative of Indiana is Gene Miller from Centralia Chapter.  
Eileen Winstead, Grand Marshal

June 10, 2014
As each member entered the Doric Chapter room they were given a string of beads and told that they would know what they were for… later.
So, under Good of the Order, Kathi Dewey, Grand Adah, introduced herself as their tour guide to Louisiana.
Details about the state were given and then it was stated that Mardi Gras Tuesday is a state holiday!
Amid quirky laws of Louisiana the color of the Mardi Gras beads and their significance was discussed.
Each person with that color of beads was asked to stand and thanked for their contribution to Eastern Star.
One strand of beads had the word “MUSES” on it and that person was asked to stand.
It was explained that the Muses were the goddesses that symbolized the arts and sciences and that she was the new Grand Representative to Louisiana….
It took a moment for MARLENA WEIMER, Doric’s Secretary, to make the transition from being a goddess to a Grand Representative…
But, with the realization came tears and a well- deserved round of applause.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

WGP of Italy Bob deBruyn has returned to Washington

Brother Bob deBruyn, a member of Welcome Chapter in Shelton, has returned to Washington State! and Welcome Chapter wants to welcome him back with a BIG crowd at our stated meeting this Saturday, June 14th. Bro. Bob carries a new title now as the first Worthy Grand Patron of the NEW Grand Chapter of Italy!! Wear your red, green & white (the colors of the Italian flag) and join us to welcome him home and to celebrate his marvelous news.

Scottish Dream -- Mary Ann's Trip Info

Please check under invitations for the information on the trip planned by Mary Ann & Jim.  Dates are August 5-13, 2015.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Last Announcement by AGM

Karen Speicher, Adelphi Chapter, Eastside Chairman of the Deputy Instructors

Grand Representative of Tennessee

Last night (June 5th) at Analia Chapter, under Good of the Order, I told everyone we were going to Tennessee.  To get them in the mood, I walked around the chapter room reading some of the strange laws that are in existence there – like: 
  • It is illegal to use a lasso to catch a fish.
  • It is illegal to fire a gun at any wild game other than whales from a moving car.
  • A law exists which prohibits the sale of bologna on Sunday.
  • It is against the law to drive a car while sleeping.
  • In Memphis, it is illegal for a woman to drive by herself; “a man must walk or run in front of the vehicle, waving a red flag in order to warn approaching pedestrians and motorists.”
As everyone was laughing, I said there was something I had to do – announce the new Grand Representative of Tennessee in Washington – Linda Kolb.  The chapter erupted in applause and she received a standing ovation as I took her to the East.  She was dumbfounded and almost speechless, which is very unusual for her.  Linda is an incredibly hard worker and very dedicated to the chapter and her family.  Everyone is very happy for her. 
Stephanie Hoye, Worthy Grand Matron

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Grand Representative of Kentucky

It was with great pleasure that I was able to present the Commission of Grand Representative of Kentucky to Syliva Agranoff of Oasis Chapter, Ephrata on Monday, June 2nd.  Sister Sylvia is a 58 year member of Oasis Chapter and I believe has been our Warder for the last 42 years!  
Since Flag Day is coming soon, I decided to incorporate a tribute to our Flag to lead into the presentation.  I asked several of our members for their help including Sister Sylvia.  At the conclusion of the Flag tribute, I thanked everyone for their help and then remembered that I had one other flag to honor.  I asked Worthy Matron Janelle Hearn if I could approach the East and also asked Sister Sylvia if she would help me.  We both went to East where I handed her the flag of Kentucky.  She had no idea what was happening until I read the certificate of her appointment.  Sister Sylvia was speechless and very thrilled for this honor that she never expected.  Oasis Chapter members and visitors are also thrilled and excited for a very deserving sister to receive this special honor. Nine Former Grand Representatives were in attendance for this great announcement. 
Nancy Peterson
Grand Martha 

Recent Announcements made by AGM Mary Ann

Margaret Kennedy, Madrona Chapter, Grand Organist.  Her escort is Mary Hartsfield, her sister.

Kathy Neubecker, Kirkland Chapter, Westside Chairman DI

Thank you,
Mary Ann, AGM

Past Grand Organists

2014-15 Grand Family

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

More Places to be

Centralia Chapter on Tuesday, June 10th starting at 7:30 PM

Doric Chapter in Fremont on Tuesday, June 10th starting at 7:30 PM

Monday, June 2, 2014

FUNd Day Pictures from WGP Rodger

FUNd Day at Olympic Masonic Center in Tumwater on May 31, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Places to be

Oasis Chapter in Ephrata on Monday, June 2, 2014 at 7:30 PM.

Analia Chapter in Edmonds on Thursday, June 5, 2014 at 7:30 PM.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pictures from WGP Rodger

Grand Chapter of British Columbia & Yukon
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Eastside Chairman???

Going East we go to visit the Isle of Adel
A name we will be pleased to tell
On Thursday, June 5th, our Eastside Chairman to find
Please join us to welcome this gal so kind.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Westside Chairman???

Our Grand Family will soon be complete with Clue #9....now we have Westside Chairman and Eastside Chairman to find....

Our Westside Chairman we need to locate
Join us and travel West a few miles
On June 4th, the royal drums greet you
as you travel to visit King and the Kirk isle.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Clue #9

On June 2nd, the music is playing
as we travel north on I-5 going West
Water surrounds and you should look for Loch Ness
Come join the party and see if you can guess!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Grand Martha & Grand Marshal 2014-15

WOW!  Got home at 2 AM this morning from another exciting trip/

Grand Martha:   Chris Bippes, Magnolia Chapter
    ESCORT:      Dennis Bippes

CLICK HERE for pictures!

Grand Marshal:  Penny Norvell, Henry Wentworth Chapter
   ESCORT:      Jerry Clark, PP, Priscilla Chapter
More CLUES to come......
Mary Ann, AGM & Jim, AGP

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


HUGE SALE  9:00 A.M. TO 4:00 P.M.

SATURDAY, MAY 31st, 2014



Tumwater Masonic Center
521 North Street SE in Tumwater, WA

Lots of gently used formal wear and clothing – for men and women
Most priced at $5.00 or less

Used books, audio books, CD’s, DVD’s and games
Many great gifts available all at extremely low pricing!!

Car Wash by donation sponsored by
The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls

Breakfast from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. featuring biscuits and gravy for $5.00
Lunch from Noon to 2:30 p.m. featuring a cheese burger and chips for $5.00

Proceeds to fund the Eastern Star Grand Chapter Office of Washington

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Weekend Pictures from WGP Rodger

Southwest Association Meeting on May 18, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Central Washington Instruction Club Lunch on May 17, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Clue #8

On May 21st we head south on I-5
Our bagpipers showing us the way
As we MARCH south, it's WORTH it to be there
You will be so glad you WENT.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Grand Ruth 2014-15 and Clue #7

Clue #6 ANSWER:
Melanie Boss, Tyler Chapter, Grand Ruth
Escort:  Richard Moulden, PP, Pyramid Chapter


On the 3rd Tuesday in May to Spokane we go
to see the lush GREEN and MAGNOLIAs in bloom
Meet us in the farthest East part
Our Highland Games will proceed in the Chapter room.

Mary Ann, AGM  & Jim, AGP

P.S.  If you have items for the FUND Day (clothing or pull tabs), please bring them to this announcement.  We will take care of them.  Thank you.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Grand Electa & Grand Adah for 2014-15

The answer to Clue #4 is Grand Electa, Marita Bothman, Malden Chapter
The answer to Clue #5 is Grand Adah, Sue Putnam, Doric Chapter
Congratulations to these wonderful Sisters.  Another answer Thursday night.
Mary Ann, AGM  & Jim, AGP

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Pictures from WGP Rodger

Westside Deputy Instructor Honor Night on May 9, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

NW PAGO Lunch on May 10, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

NW Line Officers Dinner on May 10, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Clue #6

As we do a "jig" to the Tyler song, heading south on I-5
on the third Thursday in May
The sun shines YELLOW high in the sky
to highlight a special Pierce County lass.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Grand Warder 2014-15

Leslie Green, Grand Coulee Dam Chapter, GRAND WARDER
Mary Ann, AGM & Jim, AGP

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Grand Chaplain 2014-15

Answer to Clue #2:      Lee Ison, Belfair Chapter, Grand Chaplain.....YEAH!
Mary Ann, AGM  &  Jim, AGP

Clue #5

The sky's are BLUE and the DOR is always open
Come share another day of excitement and fun,
The 2nd Tuesday in May in Seattle will be "wee bit silly"
Another announcement  done one by one.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May Pictures from the WGP

Eastside Deputy Instructor Chairman Honor Night on May 2, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Hands Across the Border on May 3, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Eastside GGCCM Reception on May 4, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Clue #4

Our fourth event takes us East again
our Scottish dancers celebrate on the 2nd Monday in May
We see RED with excitement as we travel
No stops at the MALL but on to get the job DONE!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Clue #3

Our Highland Games head East to visit the Dam
on the 2nd Thursday in May
Bagpipers celebrate a name who becomes clear
and one we are proud to GUARD.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Grand Esther 2014-15

Thank you to all who attended the first announcement this evening (May 1st).
It is with a great deal of love that we announce the answer to the first clue for 2014-2015:
Marian Whetham, Alderwood Chapter, Grand Esther, 2014-2015
Mary Ann, AGM         Jim, AGP

CLICK HERE for pictures!

Clue #2

Our Highlands continue on the first Wednesday in May
We PRAY for safe travels West
Do you hear the chapel BELls ring on this FAIR day?
Please join us for this 2nd test!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ritual competition

Are you coming to Grand Chapter? Are you participating in the Ritual competition? If so, WooHoo! If not, WHY NOT? We have some great ritualists in our Chapters and we want you to participate in the competition this year. You have until May 15th to get your forms in to our Ritual Chairman, Joanne Bornstine. Please don't wait until the last minute. Forms are available on the OES website at www.washingtonoes.org.

Grand Chapter Tour

There is still room on the Grand Chapter Tour Bus for Sunday June 29. We are changing the departure location to the Sun Dome at 9 am. This is the last year that Charlie & I will be doing this Tour, so if you have ever wanted to take it this is the year to go. Only $45 and it includes Sunday Brunch at Legend’s Casino. We will be back around 3:30 in plenty of time for the evening Gala. Send your reservation in today. Questions? E-mail me at drice1204@gmail.com. Diane Rice

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

End of April Photos from WGP Rodger

DeMolay Conclave on April 24, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

SE WA PM Lunch on April 25, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

IE PM & PP Dinner on April 25, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

PDI Lunch & Awads on April 26, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

WGM & WGP Fundraising Dinner on April 26, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

OES Bowling Tournament on April 27, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Eastside GGCCM Reception

Just to clarify, the reception for our Eastside GGCCM is not a formal reception.  There will be no introductions or formal agenda.  You can drop by any time between 1 and 4 to say hello and let them know how much we appreciate them and all the work they do for Washington and for General Grand Chapter.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Clue #1

On May Day head north on I-5 where we open our

Washington Highland Games.

Opening torch is Alder wood that burns WHITE

A Grand Officer for 2014 will be revealed

Please join us on this very special opening night.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pictures from WGP Rodger

King County PM & PP Lunch on April 18, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Thurston County PM & PP Lunch on April 19, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

South West Washington Dinner on April 19, 2014
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DI Chairmen HN Locations

Please note:  The locations for the Honor Nights for the Eastside and Westside Chairmen of the Bluebird Deputies are not at their own chapters. 

Eastside Chairman:  Honor Night – May 2nd – 7:30 – located at Millwood Masonic Center – 3219 N Argonne Rd.,  Millwood, WA  (Magnolia & Victory Chapters meet here).

Westside Chairman:  Honor Night – May 9th – 7:30 – located at Horace W. Tyler Masonic Hall – 2530 Grandview Dr W, University Place, WA (Tyler Chapter meets here).

We are both looking forward to seeing you at our Honor Nights.

Betty & Kathleen
Eastside & Westside Chairmen of the Bluebird Deputy Instructors