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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Sad News

Most Worthy Grand Patron Fred Clarke passed away early this morning.

According to our WGM Linda Runyan, "Sister Rennie Ofton, MWGM, has been in communication with Brother John Grobler, Right Worthy Associate Grand Patron who, with the passing for Brother Fred, has become the Acting Most Worthy Grand Patron.

Cards and letters of condolence may be sent to:

Mrs. Frederick W. (Margaret A.) Clarke and family
21 Hidden Meadows Place
Coldbrook, NS B4R 0A3


The Memorial Service for PGM Joanne Clark will be Friday, January 7th at 1:00 PM at the Bremerton Masonic Temple, 858 5th St.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sad News

PGM, Joanne Clark had a massive heart attack and passed away yesterday, December 25, 2010. She was in Oregon visiting family for the Christmas holidays. No other details are available at this time.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

2010 - Dec 17 - Pierce Thurston PM & PP Luncheon

The Tacoma Elks was packed as the Past Matrons and Past Patrons of Pierce Thurston helped the Grand Family celebrate Christmas.  The lunch was delicious and the fellowship was terrific.  Nancy O'Neil did a fantastic job of entertaining everyone.

Click here for pictures from Rodger Collins

Monday, December 13, 2010

2010 - Dec 12 - WW Grand Representatives Club Luncheon

The Grand Representatives - former and present welcomed the Grand Family and their escorts and several other guests to the Tacoma Elks for a delicious luncheon Sunday afternoon.  There were almost 100 people present and the food and company were both excellent.

Entertainment was provided by Charlie's Angels - ably led by Cheryl McMahon and everyone had a wonderful time visiting and eating.

Click here for pictures from Rodger Collins.

Friday, December 10, 2010

2010 - Dec 7 Whatcom Co PM & PP Luncheon

The food was delicious, the company delightful and the entertainment fantastic at the annual luncheon honoring the WGM and WGP and hosted by the Whatcom County PM and PPs.  President Bev Baller kept everything moving.  The meal was plentiful and yummy.

The Bellingham High School Swing Choir entertained us for the 24th year and they were amazing.  So many very talented young people who obviously enjoy what they are doing. 

Everyone had a wonderful time and we look forward to going back next year.

Click here for pictures from Stephanie.

2010 - Dec 4 - Reception for Grand Organist Pamela Lee

The hills were alive with the sound of music in Bremerton as members and friends gathered to celebrate Grand Organist Pamela Lee.  The Grand Officers all gave her items that related to family and her grandaughter since they are so important to her. 

Responses were given by PGP & GGCCM Brian Gross, PGM Sylvia Palmer substituting for PGM Marge Ramsdell, PGP Tom Schenewerk substituting for PGP Dennis Okicich (even putting on a fake white beard to add more realism to the response), and Grand Secretary Sandra Henry for the Grand Officers.

Delicious treats in the dining room topped off a wonderful afternoon.

Click here for pictures from Rodger Collins.

Click here for pictures from Stephanie.

2010 - Dec 6 - OV Guiding Star and Naomi

(Unofficial count) 88 members had a great time at the official visit of WGM Linda with WGP Dick at Guiding Star and Naomi Chapters held in Puyallup. There was a delicious baked potato dinner for a donation before the meeting.

WM Michelle Burlison and WP Roscoe Cox of Guiding Star and their officers did a great job of opening and introductions.  Then WM Laura Vogel and WP PT Warren Hartle and their officers performed a beautiful Golden Chain.  

An officer from the Puyallup Police Department gave everyone some good advice for staying safe during the holiday shopping frenzy.  We all had a great time and lots of laughter.

For additional pictures from Rodger Collins, click here.
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

2010 - Nov 27-28 - Analia Chapter Follow the Stars Craft Fair

The Edmonds Masonic Center was filled to capacity with vendors, shoppers and eaters for the annual Follow the Stars Arts and Crafts fair on Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.  The weather was perfect and everyone was happy to be out of the house. 

Analia Chapter sponsored the event and manned the bake sale table.  Doric Chapter ran the Starlight Cafe providing delicious eats for all the hungry shoppers and had a booth in the craft fair.  The Daughters of the Nile, Badoura Club and Northwest Evening Group also sold their wares and the Ladies of the Oriental Shrine participated with their own booth.

Bethel #57 in Kirkland sold beautiful holiday wreaths as a fund raiser.  There were over 50 vendors and it was a wonderful afternoon.

Click here for pictures of the festivities!

2010 - Nov 21 - Adah Club Luncheon

The dining room at the Washougal Masonic Center was full of friendship and fun as the Adah Club honored the current Grand Adah Mary Helen Johnson of Henry Wentworth and Martha Washington Chapters.  PGM and Past Grand Adah Gerry Shafer did a wonderful job of presiding over the meeting.  The luncheon was delicious and everyone had a wonderful time before driving home in the snow!

Click here for pictures from Rodger Collins.

2010 - Nov 20 - Reception for Grand Adah, Mary Helen Johnson

The Masonic Center at Washougal was packed with members, friends and family for the reception honoring Grand Adah Mary Helen Johnson of Henry Wentworth and Martha Washington Chapters.  There were 13 past Grand Adahs including one from Oregon and the current Grand Adah of Oregon Barbara Collins. 

Mary Helen's family was out in force to help celebrate her special day although many of the grandchildren decided the luncheon was enough and went home before the reception. 

Sheran Parker did a beautiful job of singing accompanied by Grand Organist Pamela Lee.  Responses were given by PGM Gerry Shafer for the GGCCM, PGMs Ann Gates and Cheri Moll doing a dual response for the PGMs, PGP Brian Gross, and the wonderful mystery speaker - Grand Warder Alice Hughes. 

Afterwards there were delicious refreshments in the dining room, then we all got dressed in the dark!

Click here for pictures from Rodger Collins.

Click here for pictures from me.

2010 - Nov 19 - OV Chehalis, Centralia and Maple

Unofficial count - 123 members gathered in Chehalis for the official visit of WGM Linda Runyan with WGP Dick Weigel of Chehalis, Centralia and Maple Chapters.  Prior to the meeting there was a dinner for a donation with the Chapter members showing their culinary skills making delicious homemade soups - perfect for a cold night.

WM Doris Tibbits and WP Bill Hollifield of Chehalis did a great job of leading their officers through opening and introductions.  Then WM Jeanette Miller and WP Ray Berrian of Centralia lead their officers in a wonderful rendition of the Golden Chain.  WM Vera White and WP Dale Ashley and their officers closed out the evening in superb fashion.

Afterwards there were yummy refreshments and warm fellowship in the dining hall.

Click here for pictures from Rodger Collins.

Click here for pictures from me!

2010 - Oct 13 - DI HN Dian Breece, Maple Chapter

Everyone had a great time at Dian Breece's Honor Night.  She is the Sparkler Deputy Instructor from Maple Chapter in Castle Rock.  There was a great turnout of members, her family and friends.  Gale Moore played the flute to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but she had a Hawaiian Rendention with bracelets that lit up.   It was spectular when the lights were turned off.   Everyone waved the braclets to the music.  What a great time!

Click here for some pictures sent by Sister Dian.


From Evening Star Chapter, Almira--
Due to a frozen pipe breaking in our community center, the December 8th Honor Night for Deputy Instructor Shirley Armstrong has been postponed. We will send out information on the new date as soon as possible.
Linda Smith, Associate Matron

Sunday, November 14, 2010

2010 - 11-13 Reception for Gr. Cond Gerry Mosler

What a great afternoon it was for everyone who attended the receptio for Grand Conductress Gerry mosler at the Lake City Presbyterian Church in Seattle.  LaNita Pascoe started the frivolity when she responded for Terry Mosler at the luncheon.  Be sure to ask Terry to model his new hats and show you his blue bass.

The sanctuary was packed with members and friends.  Gerry gave a fantastic speech about her history and had a great turn out of Conductresses to introduce.  Responses were given by the WGM and WGP, GGCCM Brian Gross, PGM Bev Haave, PGP Bill Hammontree, Gr. Conductress of BC and Yukon Jacqui Wowk, and the mystery speaker AGP Frank Pascoe. 

Afterwards, we all enjoyed delicious treats in the dining room.  It was a wonderful afternoon.

Click here for pictures from Rodger Collins!

2010 - 11-11 OV Pyramid and Cyclamen

Word is that the OV in Federal Way for Pyramid and Cyclamen Chapters was a great success and everyone had a wonderful time.  Rodger Collins took lots of pictures. Click on the link below to view them.

Click here for the pictures!

Monday, November 8, 2010

2010 - Nov 6 - BOW Exchange

What a wonderful time we had at the BOW exchange this year at the Medallion Hotel in Smokey Point.  There was so much laughter and fun and delicious food and great company.  Next year everyone should come and join us. Below are links to pictures taken by Rodger Collins and with my camera.

Rodger's Pictures - Click here!

Stephanie's Pictures - Click here!

2010 - Oct 30 - GR HN - Lara Peterson, Lakeside

We all had a great time at the Costume Party that doubled as an honor night for Lara Peterson, Grand Representative of Ontario in Washington at Lakeside Chapter in Bellevue.  There was a great turnout of members, Lara's family and friends to celebrate the occasion and the costumes were fabulous.

Here is a link to the pictures from my camera that night.

Click here for pictures!

2010 - Nov 4 - GR HN Marian Whetham, Alderwood

Sources say Alderwood Chapter did a great job of honoring Marian Whetham, Grand Representative of Oregon in Washington.  Almost 100 people joined in the celebration.  Below is a link to pictures taken by Rodger Collins.

Click here for pictures.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2010 - 11-02 - OV Alpha, Grace and Syringa

More pictures from Rodger Collins - this time of the OV of Alpha, Grace and Syringa Chapters in Cle Elum.

Click here to see the pictures

2010 - 10-30 Reception for Grand Treasurer Marcia Haukaas

It was a great day in Lackamas as we all celebrated our Grand Treausrer Marcia Haukaas at her reception.

Rodger Collins took some great pictures.  Click the link below to see them.

Click here to see the pictures

2010 - Belfair Barn Dance

Click the link below for pictures Rodger Collins took of the Belfair Barn Dance. Looks like everyone had a great time.

Click here for the pictures

2010 - 10-28 OV Pr. Orchard, Belfair and Welcome

Here are some pictures Rodger Collins took at the OV of Port Orchard, Belfair and Welcome Chapters.

Click here for the pictures.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sad News

Past Grand Matron Anne Hendrex passed away last Friday afternoon.  Per her request, there will be no services.

Friday, October 29, 2010

More Prayers needed!

From last night:

Well today has been a hard day. Anne suffered a major stroke this morning about 6 AM. It has left her right side paralyzed. She is very unresponsive. She does squeeze her daughter's, Anne, hand when asked most of the time. Both of her daughters are here now. They are disappointed that they will not be able to take her back to Omak so she could be there when the time comes. It is just a waiting game at this point.

Both Joy and Babe stopped by this afternoon. Tonight Jodie Desrosier and Carol Gaston were down to spend the evening. I spent the morning then went back after lunch to try to relieve Anne, the daughter. I went back this evening to see if they needed anything.

I will stop by in the morning. I will be going to Bellevue tomorrow as we are responding for Lara Peterson. Anne, the daughter, will call me if there is a change. If I am not at my computer, I will give Don Beck a call and he can get any news out to the group.

Tonight we need prayers for peace for Anne. She is ready to go. She wants to go.

Chocolate Hugs & Kisses,
Diane Osborne, PGM

Thursday, October 28, 2010

2010 - Oct 27 - OV Century

About 50 members ventured to Issaguah for the official visit of WGM Linda with WGP Dick to Century Chapter.

WM Mary Harper and WP Ron Hayes did a great job of leading their officers through the meeting.
Sister Florence Harper was named Special Angel of Century Chapter.

The officers, members and visitors all had a wonderful time.
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2010 - Oct 26 - OV Doric

About 60 members gathered in Fremont for the official visit of WGM Linda to Doric Chapter.  Five members from Oregon's Friendship Rose Chapter traveled north in costumes to help celebrate the season.

The officer's of Doric, lead by WM Linda Hayes and WP Don McAmmond, did a great job of opening and introductions and conducting their business.

The Grand Officers were happy to be there for a night of fun.

Sue Putnam was named Doric's Special Angel.

It was a wonderful evening, enjoyed by all.
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2010 - Oct 19 - OV Vineland & Hope

Thanks to Rodger Collins for the pictures from the OV at Vineland and Hope Chapters.

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2010 - Oct 21 - GR HN Bonnie Hill, Adelphi

Thanks to Rodger Collins for the pictures from Bonnie Hill's Grand Representative Honor Night.

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Prayers needed for PGM Anne Hendrex

I did not stop by the hospital tonight when I got back from Olympia. I did just get a phone call from Jodee Desrosier this evening. She spent the day with Anne Hendrex. So with a heavy heart I must tell you that Anne has taken a turn for the worst. She is on oxygen and morphine to keep her comfortable. She really wants to go home, so her daughters are making arrangements to get her home on Friday. Then they will just take one day at a time.
Please say a prayer for her. Thanks.

I will let you know how my last visit goes tomorrow. We will surely miss her spunkiness around North Central WA.

Chocolate Hugs & Kisses,
Diane Osborne

Monday, October 25, 2010

2010 - Oct 23 - Reception for Grand Ruth Anita Borst

The Presbyterian Church in Wilbur was packed with members and friends who came to honor Grand Ruth Anita Borst.  WM Florence Fitzsimmons and WP Phil Krause of Evening Star Chapter welcomed everyone and the members of the Chapter were obviously proud of their honored member.
The Grand Officers were pleased to help celebrate with Anita and Phil and the members of Evening Star.
Anita and Phil's family were well represented and their grandaughter Jessica did a fantastic job of entertaining everyone. 
It was a wonderful afternoon and the weather was perfect.

2010 - Oct 22 - OV Oasis and Astral

 Over 85 members had a great time at the official visit of WGM Linda to Oasis and Astral Chapters.

WM Janelle Hearn and WP Pete Peterson and their officers did a great job of opening Chapter and introductions.  Then WM Marjorie Freeman and WP Don Freeman of Astral lead their officers through the Golden Chain. 
For entertainment, an man angel (who looked suspiciously like PGM Diane Osborne) and another "man" (who looked like Tina Demory) did a skit for us.
 Everyone had a good time and enjoyed seeing all friends from around the area and state.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Prayers needed for Past Grands

I received the following from Mary Callen and Jean Kessler. Prayers to all during these troubled times for them.
Well, more bad news. Chuck is back in the hospital with complications and pneumonia. He was very bad last night, so I stayed right there all night. He was a little better this morning, but is to stay again today, and time will tell from there. All we can do now is pray for him. He's sure going through a lot of pain.
Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.
Love Mary
And from Jean Kessler

Hi All, I'm up extra early today as I'm on my way to the hospital to see Ken. He was admitted to the ER Monday AM. It seems to be the Congestive Heart issue again -- the HEAVY raspy breathing and irregular heartbeat. He was doing a bit better yesterday so we hope with all these antibiotics and tests he'll soon be on the mend and I can bring him home.

Thanks for keeping us all up to date on all the other PGs who are having such a poor health these days. Since we no longer get out to social functions, we miss out on all the news. Then as long as the computer is working properly we get some information.
Hope Carmen's surgery goes well. I can attest that the exercises are really FUN (oh, yeah) but worthwhile.

That’s it for now.
Don Beck

Past Grands in need of some prayers

Thanks to Don Beck for this information

I received some new updates as follows and many thanks for your inputs.

Mary Callen sent me the following on Chuck on Monday, 18th :
Here is an update on Chuck. He doesn't seem to be doing so well, extremely weak, but they tell us it just takes a very long time with this kind of surgery. (Of course, he is impatient.) I'm not going to our OV tonight, as I am chapter Esther, but WGM Linda said all will understand and told me I don't need to take any bug home anyway. We feel so bad missing all of the Receptions & OV's but next year will be better.

Thanks for all of the updates on Anne & Tom.
Mary & Chuck

I received the following on Anne Hendrex from Diane Osborne yesterday. Thanks Diane for this follow-up:
I stopped in to see Anne this morning. She is not doing so well. She feels awful. She has apparently got some bleeding going on in her bowels. It has made her weak. She is also low on protein. They brought in a protein shake while I was there. She took a few bites. She says she is not eating very well as nothing tastes like food.
The Mersa, or infection, seems to be regressing quite well. There is apparently nothing new that is growing. Her knee also feels good. However, her feet are so swollen. She is supposed to be walking, but she only goes a little way and then back to bed. She just doesn't have the energy.

She did want me to tell everyone thank you for the cards, prayers, visits, and phone calls. She has surely appreciated them. She still needs some cheering up so please keep those cards etc. coming.

Her daughters are continuing to take turns to stay with her. Today, Anne, was up in Omak to get her mail and check on her house.

Chocolate Hugs & Kisses,
Diane O
And great news from Donna Craig on Tom Schenewerk as follows, yesterday 19th:

Just got a call from Tom and he is going home!!!! He is looking forward to his own chair.
Marcia talked to Elaine Nelson that Florence Morris' daughter-in-law Linda picked her up and took her to see Florence. They all had lunch at St. Vincent’s and Florence was up and dressed and walked to lunch. (I suspect Florence used her walker.) They talked about old times together, but Florence would listen more than talk. I will try and get up there soon and let you know how she is doing too. I’m sure she enjoys your cards.

Don Beck, PGP

2010 - Oct 16 Reception for Alice Hughes, Gr. Warder

The members of Spokane Chapter  were happy to honor their own Alice Hughes, Grand Warder at a reception on  Saturday, October 16th at the Community of Christ Church in Spokane Valley.

The Grand Family was proud to be there to honor Alice.

All the escorts were happy to finally get their picture taken.

The Past Grand Matrons had a great time greating everyone.

It was a wonderful afternoon.
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2010 - Oct 15 - IE Dinner

The Ballroom of the Downtown Masonic Center in Spokane was filled with friendship and fun as the Inland Empire celebrated the WGM and WGP with a delicious dinner.  Everyone was dressed in their finest attire.

Past Grand Matron Yvonne Wilbur of Idaho did her usual fantastic job of entertaining us on the piano.  When you hear her you always keep looking around to see who else is playing too because its hard to believe one person could produce such incredible music.

It was a wonderful evening and everyone had a great time.
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2010 - Oct 14 OV Adelphi, Spokane and Ivanhoe

(Unofficial count) 95 members had a great time in Spokane as Adelphi, Spokane and Ivanhoe Chapters welcomed WGM Linda with WGP Dick for the official visit.

WM PT Bonnie Hill and WP Anders Scott of Adelphi and their officers did a beautiful job of opening the Chapter and introductions.   Then WM Joan Kershner and WP Dale Cooper of Spokane Chapter and their officers did an impressive Golden Chain.  WM Evelyn Burris and WP James Delano of Ivanhoe and their officers closed out the evening in great fashion

Everyone had a wonderful time and we all enjoyed delicious snacks after the meeting.

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2010 - Oct 13 DI HN Sue Boothe and Allen Smith

Richland Masonic Center was packed with members honoring Sparkler Deputy Instructors Susan Boothe of Beulah Chapter and Allen Smith of Richland Chapter.

Because it was so close to halloween, a silly witch (who looked suspiciously like Diane Smith) flew too low over Hanford and burst into the Chapter room to properly decorate our two honored members.

It was a wonderful evening and everyone had a great time.
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2010 - Oct 9 - Reception for Helen Collins, Grand Martha

The Masonic Center in Marysville was packed for the reception of Afton Chapter's Grand Martha Helen Collins - shown here with her hubby Rodger.

Their 3 sons, daughters in law, and grandchildren were all on hand to help celebrate.

Afton Chapter's members were very pleased to support their honored member.

The Grand Officers had a great time and Grand Electa Ann Taylor did a wonderful job as the mystery speaker.

It was a wonderful afternoon, filled with fun, friendship, and laughter.
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2010 - Oct 8 - OV - Nesika and Tyee

(Unofficial count) 73 members had a great time celebrating the official visit of WGM Linda with WGP Dick in Renton at Nesika and Tyee Chapters.

WM Barbara Moore and WP Richard Moore and their officers of Nesika did an excellent job of opening, introductions and moving through the Chapter business.   Then WM Bonnie Stuart and WP John Livie of Tyee took over and lead their officers through a wonderful Golden Chain.

The Grand Officers were very happy to be there.

The Chapter members and officers were very supportive.

WGM Linda honored sisters Dorothy Livie of Tyee and Kim Kent of Nesika as her Special Angels.

It was a great evening and everyone had a good time.

Special thanks to Rodger Collins for the pictures.
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