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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Grand Representatives

All three of these commissions were presented during Grand Chapter sessions today (June 30th)

At the morning session Sue Putnam, Grand Adah presented Joan Breda with the commission to Manitoba.  Joan is listed as WM of Greenwood Chapter in the 2014-15 Blue Book.

At the afternoon session Lee Ison, Grand Chaplain presented Phyllis Rasler with the commission to Bolivia.  Phyllis is listed as JPM of Esther Chapter in the 2014-15 Blue Book.

At the evening session Leslie Green, Grand Warder presented David Marrs with the commission to Puerto Rico.  David is listed as Sentinel of Magnolia Chapter and AP of Grand Coulee Dam Chapter in the 2014-15 Blue Book.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Grand Choir needs your help!

Do You Like to Sing?
Come join the “2015 Celtic Rose” Grand Choir!
Please give the Grand Choir Director, Sarah Jane Johnson, a call.
She’ll need your name & voice range.
Grand Choir Practice will be Monday, June 29, 8 am, upstairs dining room at the Sundome.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Invitations on the Blog

Several of you have asked how to get your invitations posted on the blog.  Since I moved, I haven't received any invitations in the mail, so the best way is to email us a copy, preferably in .pdf format, and we will be happy to post them for you. 

Our email is oeswashingtonblog@gmail.com


Monday, June 15, 2015

2015-16 Deputy Instructors

Here’s the complete list of
Eastside Chairman: Jane Anderson, Victory Chapter
Westside Chairman: Alice Ashley, Maple Chapter

Baller, Bev--Maple Leaf Chapter
Bass, Nancy--Golden Rod Chapter
Bippes, Dennis--Magnolia Chapter
Blacknall, Tami--Port Orchard Chapter
Carey, Carol--Richland Chapter
Carmean, Paul--Esther Chapter
Erickson, Debbie--Lackamas Chapter
Fernandez, Jan--Southgate Chapter
Gaston, Carol--Okanogan Chapter
George, Amanda--Spokane Chapter
Graham, Kellie--Guiding Star Chapter
Gray, Donna--Alderwood Chapter
Hanson, Nancy--Cyrene Chapter
Hefflin, Lauren--Delta Chapter
Jacobs, Gary--Cedar Chapter
Jarrell, Margaret--Faith Chapter
Jones, Ellen--Poulsbo Chapter
Kinloch, Glenn--Vineland Chapter
Kirby, Donna--Tyler Chapter
Lawson, Gina--Sunshine Chapter
Miller, Dixie--Adelphi Chapter
Monk, Martin--Amethyst Chapter
Moody, Donna--Pacific Chapter
Moulden, Richard--Pyramid Chapter
Ross, Deana--Crystal Chapter
Shay, Barbara--Oasis Chapter
Sutton, Linda--Illihee Chapter
Thoreson, Candy--Bethel Chapter

New Grand Representative

It was a great joy to be able to present the Grand Representative Commission for Ohio to brother Gil Carroll at Laurel Chapter on June 11th. After giving a few clues to as to the jurisdiction, the members figured out it was Ohio. I then asked sister Irene Jacobs to escort our newest Grand Representative to the East. She wandered around the room and came to the East where she picked up Gil (he was pro teming as Worthy Patron) and escorted him around the room and back to the East. Thank you PGM Sandy McAmmond for playing Beautiful Ohio the state song for Gil and PGM Marge Ramsdell for teaching us an Ohio cheer.. Gil was very surprised and pleased and cheers were heard from the chapter.  Gil and Jeannette plan to travel to Ohio.
We had 2 PGM's, 1 PGP and 14 former Grand Representatives in attendance. 
Thank you WGM Mary Ann for allowing me this privilege.
Peggy Mills Grand Conductress

Friday, June 12, 2015


Found after Harmony Chapter meeting on May 14th in Waterville: Black flats, ladies.

This was the night Sister Carole Lee was announced as Grand Esther.

If these are your shoes, please email Eileen Bone, Sec at jimehb@nwi.net and I will  mail them to you.

Thanks.  E Bone


Thursday, June 11, 2015

New Grand Representative

I went to Tacoma chapter to present Suzanne Martin, the Oklahoma Grand Representative commission.  I passed out 10 envelopes with answers in them.  As we asked the question trying to discover which state I was looking for, the envelopes were opened to get correct answer.  When we got to the 10th question,( this was when I wished I could sing), name the state song.  Well John Langlow had figured it out and started playing "OKLAHOMA".......then Suzanne opened her envelope which said,"Oklahoma......Suzanne Martin you are the new Grand Representative of Oklahoma".......she was stunned.  We got her to the East where I presented her certificate and pin and an Oklahoma state stone.....a red rose rock! There were lots of G. R., Grand Secretary, Grand Conductress and Grand Ruth in attendance!
Penny Norvell, Grand Marshal


We are thrilled to announce that the 2015-2016 West Side Chairman of the Deputies will be Alice Ashley. Calvin, Mary Helen, Gene and I traveled to Maple Chapter and made the announcement tonight (June 10th).  We had 5 PGM-PGP, 3 Grand Officers (Marcia, Calvin and myself), 1 Grand Representative, West Side Chairman, Kathy Neubecker, SW Deputies, Robin and Vera,  4 WM/WP and several on the sidelines. Memory Makers Grand Family in attendance: Grand Organist, Gayle Dunston; Grand Adah, Laura Sweeny and Grand Electa, Claudianne Jones. Debbie Erickson from Lackamas Chapter in Washougal was there along with the East Side Chairman, Jane Anderson of the Night Owl Deputies. Alice and Jane were both Blue Bird Deputies for Stephanie Hoye. Jane and Alice have been working very hard on their Chairman tasks and look forward to meeting up with all the Deputies at Toppenish for Instruction. Thanks so very much for all who were able to attend, to those who could not but sent their regrets.  This is a very exciting and fun filled time for us.
Star Love and Tons of Hugs, Kristine & Calvin

Monday, June 8, 2015

Place to Be!

Tacoma Chapter on Wednesday, June 10th.  The meeting starts at 7:30 PM.

Pictures from FUNd Day in Olympia on June 6th

CLICK HERE for pictures!

Place to Be!

Laurel Chapter in Black Diamond on Thursday, June 11th.  The meeting starts at 7:30 PM.

Sunday, June 7, 2015


Our wise owl said you are finally done.
Fly south and westward to see the last one.
The 2nd Wednesday is the place to travel.
Come and see whose nerves are about to unravel.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Surprise Honor Night

You are invited to our... Friends Night Welcome Chapter #40, Shelton
“It’s Beach Time on the Italian Riviera” and
Honoring Robert E. (Bob) deBruyn, Worthy Grand Patron of Italy
July 11, 2015 @ 7:30 PM
Entertainment will be Italian Style
A pasta dinner by donation will be served at: 6:00 PM
RSVP: Pam Armagost, WM 360-427-2998 or email: pamster@hctc.com for dinner attendance estimate 
Temple address: 19331 N US Hwy 101 Shelton, WA 98584 360-877-5964
Silent auction to benefit Chapter and its Charities

Answer to Clue #10

Calvin, Mary Helen and I traveled to Spokane and had the pleasure to announce that Jane Anderson of Victory Chapter will be the East Side Chairman of the Night Owl Deputy Instructors. Her husband Tom will be her Escort. The Escorts will be called the Flight Crew!!! We are thrilled to the night moon and back. Stay tuned for the day of next week when we announce WHOOOO will be Jane’s Co-hoot partner. 

We were so excited to send the announcement info out I forgot to share this info. There to help us celebrate were 2PGM, 3PGP, 4 GO, 6GR, 3 happy deputies (including the ES Chair Karen S) 2WM & 3WP (not introduced in another categories) and a room full of cherished members. Thank you all who took the time to be with us. See you all real soon. And don't forget the FUNd Day in Tumwater this weekend. 


Diane Gerking Zillah chapter was presented with her commission to Wisconsin last evening (June 2nd).
Chris Bippes, Grand Martha

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Answer to Clue #9

We did it!  We traveled to Waitsburg and could hardly wait to announce that Marilyn Wilson will be Grand Warder of the Memory Makers Grand Family. Her escort is Gerry Stinnett. This chapter really knows how to turn up the heat. We had 2 PGP, 3 current grand officers, 4 GR, 2DI (Oh by the way Mary Ann, they are your DI and they will be GO for us ...) & 4 WM & WP.  Current grand warder Leslie Green was there with 4 past Grand Warders. Thank you Dottie Hardenbrook for coming all the way from Arizona and others from near and far.  A great time was had by all.  They did a wonderful initiation prior to the announcement. We congratulate all the members for their outstanding work. Newest member Skip is ready and able and thinks that all their meetings should be a full house. Stay tuned....meet us in Spokane Wednesday if you don't have another meeting scheduled.
Star love and tons of hugs. Calvin Mary Helen and Kristine

      AGM Kristine, Marilyn Wilson, Gerry Stinnett & AGP Calvin