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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Official Visits & Calendar 2014-15 Corrections

There are a few corrections that people who purchased an “Official Visits & Calendar 2014-15” at Grand Chapter need to be aware of.  Page numbers are listed so you can find the places to make corrections easier.  Changes are in bold and underlined.
Page 2 – AGP Calvin Russell’s Reception should be September 6, 2014
                 AGP Calvin’s escort is Mary Helen Johnson
                 AGC info: Jean Ballard, Stanwood Chapter
Page 3 – Sue Putnam, Grand Adah’s address is in the Blue Book under Doric Chapter
                 Melanie Boss, Grand Ruth’s address should be the one listed for Sue Putnam
                 Grand Sentinel Info: Lynn ‘Pete’ Peterson, Oasis Chapter
Page 5 – Eastern Star Charities Foundation
                 Alice Hughes, Spokane replaces Pete Peterson
Page 6 – FINANCE
                 Russ Coffman, Guiding Star is Chairman, 
                 Donna Craig, Guiding Star is Secretary
                 GENERAL FUND RAISING
                Jeannette Carroll, Crystal is Chairman, 
The times for the events listed below have been corrected on the OESBlog Calendar.    
Page 16 –   August 3rd -- GrRep Picnic in Centralia is at 11:30 AM
      August 6th -- OV Naomi (S) Tyler is at 7:00 PM

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