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Friday, June 25, 2010


I would like the many members who bought dresses (formal or casual), tuxedos or other suits at the OES FUNd Day if they would bring one of their purchases to Grand Chapter and be willing to model them during my report on Tuesday afternoon. You would be able to change in the Grand Officer dressing rooms behind the stage. Please help if you can.
Star Love,
Linda Miller, Chairman

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Grand Chapter 2010 - Last minute stuff!

Grand Chapter is just around the corner and everyone is excited to see friends from all over the state and country. 

I was asked to remind everyone that the Grand Choir will practice at the Sundome Monday morning, June 28th, beginning at 8 am in the upstairs dining area.

If you are planning on participating in the marches, march practice will start on Monday morning early, so be on the floor of the Sundome around 8 am. 

Registration and Credentials are open from 1 pm to 4:30 pm on Sunday and starting at 8 am on Monday and Tuesday. 

Informal opening starts at 1:00 pm on Monday afternoon and Formal opening begins at 7:00 pm.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone in Yakima!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sparkler Deputy Instructors for 2010

Sparkler Deputy Instructors: 
Westside Chairman - Gini Dryer-Dow, Faith and Vida Chapters
Eastside Chairman - Pamala Marrs, Grand Coulee Dam Chapter
1. Adelphi Chapter—Rosemary Coulson
2. Alderwood Chapter—Mary Ann Metcalfe
3. Alma Chapter—Allen Smith
4. Belfair Chapter—Shari Stormo
5. Beulah Chapter—Susan Boothe
6. Cedar Chapter—Pam Miller
7. Delta Chapter—Kristin Dycus
8. Evening Star Chapter—Shirley Armstrong
9. Fern Chapter—Gloria Spears
10. Ferndale Chapter—Louise Bentley
11. Goldenrod Chapter—Pam Ellsworth
12. Harmony Chapter—Mary Meinzer
13. Laurel Chapter—Bill Pond
14. Magnolia Chapter—Lorie Allen
15. Maple Chapter—Dian Breece
16. Maple Leaf Chapter—Jane Christianson
17. Martha Chapter - Tom Henson
18. Martha Washington Chapter—Robin Patty
19. Okanogan Chapter—Beverly Springer
20. Pacific Chapter—Tarri Kotek
21. Priscilla Chapter - Bernice Zachau
22. Pyramid Chapter—Richard Moulden
23. Rada Uphus Chapter—Mary Lindell
24. Reliance Chapter—Jan DorĂ©
25. Southgate Chapter—Janet Sebastian
26. Tacoma Chapter—Robin Erickson
27. Victory Chapter—Denise Bledsoe
28. Vineland Chapter—Margaret Rehberg
29. Waitsburg Chapter—Randy Kromm

All Done!!!

Four More "Sparkler" Deputy Instructors

Thursday, June 10, 2010 Mary Meinzer was announced as a new Deputy Instructor for the upcoming year. She is a long time member of Harmony Chapter in Waterville. Deputy Instructor, Tina Demory gave the announcement. Her Chapter was very excited to learn of her appointment.

It was announced Saturday, June 12th at Martha Washington Chapter's meeting that Robin Patty would be a Sparkler Deputy Instructor.
--Cathy Kent, Secretary

Under "Good of the Order" Sister Pat Scales approached the East and asked Brother Tom Scales to help find this SPECIAL Sister in the Magnolia Chapter in Millwood on Tuesday, June 15th. Sister Pat Scales then announced that Sister Lorie Allen would be installed as a Sparkler Deputy Instructor for the Grand Chapter of Washington.

During Good of the Order at Priscilla Chapter on Tuesday, June 15th, Dresden Star Deputy Jerry Hart announced that Bernice Zachau will serve as a new Sparkler Deputy next year.  Everyone was very excited, especially Jim Zachau who no longer has to keep it secret.  It was a very fun evening.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 14, 2010 - Another Sparkler!

Last evening at Beulah Chapter in Tri-cities, the Worthy Matron announced that Susan Booth will be one of Linda and Dick’s Sparkler Deputies for this next year. Susan is JPM and currently Associate Conductress. Everyone was very delighted with the appointment!

Diane Rice

Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 11, 2010 - More new Sparkler Deputies

Last night June 10th I had the pleasure of traveling to Cedar Chapter in Tacoma for the announcement of Pam Miller 2010-11 Sparkler Deputy Instructor. Thank you, AGM Linda for the fun of announcing this new deputy.

Star Love and Hugs,
Kathleen Mitchell
Dresden Star Deputy Instructor
June 10th at Laurel Chapter, I had the pleasure of announcing WP Bill Pond as a Sparkler Deputy Instructor for 2010-2011. Bill is also long time member of Crown Chapter in West Seattle. His escort is Sister Cathy Pond.

I know that Bill will do a great job next year. Thanks for asking me to make this announcement AGM Linda.

Leslie Donat
Dresden Star Deputy Instructor and WM

Friday, June 11, 2010

June 10, 2010 - More new Sparklers

With the willing participation of Pyramid Chapter in a game of "Wheel of Fortune", I was delighted to announce the appointment of Richard Moulden as a King County "Sparkler" Deputy Instructor. Richard also received a "Congratulations!" certificate (like a graduation diploma) to mark the occasion. Beside the fun of playing the game, players who guessed the correct answer received candy bars for treats with the "Winner" receiving a box of fudge. A fun evening was had by all.........

Linda Burton
Dresden Star Deputy Instructor

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Sparkler Deputy

I went to Maple Chapter last night (June 9th) and per AGM Linda Runyan's instruction, announced that Dian Breece would be a Deputy Instructor for next year. Thank you!!
J.C. Tibbits, Dresden Star Deputy

2010 - June 10 - More new Sparkler Deputies

This is to let you know that last night June 9th, I went to Evening star chapter and was very pleased and excited to announce that Shirley Armstrong as new 2010-2011 Sparklers Deputy Instructor.

I gave a short poem letting the members know that Shirley would be a Sparkler for 2010-2011.

Thank you for allowing me to do this announcement Associate Grand Matron Linda.

Ladybug Hugs and Dragonfly Kisses
Dresden Star Deputy
Lynette Zierden
I travelled to Tacoma Chapter tonight (Wednesday, June 9th) and announced the appointment of Robin Erickson as a Deputy Instructor for the coming year.
Thank you, Sister Linda Runyan, for this opportunity to be of service to you.

Star Hugs,
Christine K Wilkinson
Dresden Star Deputy Instructor

2010 - June 10 - Message from the WGP

To the Members of the Grand Chapter

Three Thousand thank yous for all the Love, Support, and Beautiful donations to the first Grand Chapter FunD raiser day, held on Saturday June 5th 2010, at the Masonic center in Mt. Vernon.

Sister Linda Miller, and her great committee, with a lot of volunteer help, planned and executed an outstanding day of fun, food, fellowship, games, and sales of many newly found treasurers.

Thanks to all who donated, collected and delivered a literal lodge room full of gowns, suits, tuxes, coats, and shoes to be sold at very nice prices. Special thanks to PGM Margaret Morgan, who manned the check out station, and collected the monies.

Chairperson, Linda Miller and Brother Stephen Doran did an outstanding job of securing the facility, planning the food and activities of the afternoon. They provided a whole day of revelry, from breakfast thru lunch, and even clean up.

Perhaps the most fun, for spectators, was the Wet Sponge Toss at the Grand officer’s and escorts from this year. Many gallons of water were used, and a great profit was made. 3 sponges for a $1.00 or a bucket of water for $5.00….some of those were thrown…great fun was had by all – even the receivers of the sponge or buckets – admitted it was a good time.

Breakfast and Lunch were both served. Pancakes, sausage, juice, coffee, and tea for breakfast. For lunch, hot dogs, hamburgers and chips, a baked potato bar w/ all the toppings and soda.

It was a great day of fun and fellowship. Many left w/ new treasures…

Thank you again to Linda and the committee for a job well done.

Dennis Okicich
Worthy Grand Patron

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Memorial Service Canceled

The Memorial Service scheduled for Saturday, June 12th for Glenn Wonders has been canceled. Please let those without internet service know about this ASAP. Thank you.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2010 - Grand Chapter Tours

The Grand Chapter Tour Bus is Full. We have people from 10 different Jurisdictions on the tour this year including Quebec, Australia and British Columbia. We are looking forward to a great time.

Charlie & Diane Rice

2010 - June 7 - GR HN - Bill Wade, Floral - Nebraska

(Unofficial Count) 71 members gathered in Monroe at Floral Chapter to enjoy the honor night of Bill Wade, Grand Representative of Nebraska in Washington.

Wonderful responses were given by Marian Whetham for the Grand Reps, Frank Pascoe for the Gr. Officers, Roy Sharp for the PGPs, Diane Osborne for the PGMs and Brian Gross for the GGCCM.

There were 5 current Grand Representatives in attendance.

And 32 current and former Grand Representatives present.  Lilynne Davis provided beautiful entertainment as she played and sang two songs picked specially for Bill.

Afterwards there were delicious refreshments in the dining room.  It was a wonderful evening enjoyed by all who attended.
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Update on Alma Beem

Alma is at home and doing very well, but she gets tired really quickly so word is, please send her cards and prayers but don't call unless absolutely necessary for a while. 

Her address is:
9225 27th Ave. Ct. S. #13
Lakewood, WA  98499 - 9369

More New Deputies for next year!

I had the privilege and pleasure of traveling to Waitsburg Chapter tonight to announce that Randy Kromm will be a 2010-2011 Deputy Instructor. He is listed in the 2009-2010 Bluebook under Waitsburg Chapter as the Marshal and also Jr. Past Patron.

Shirley Deane
Dresden Star Deputy Instructor

Monday night, June 7, I had the pleaseure of announcing Janet Sebastian as a new
Sparkler Deputy Instructor for 2010-11. I went to the East with the pretense of wanting to thank someone for something nice they did for me when I locked myself out of my car while attending an honor night for a Grand Representative.....and I asked Janet tojoin me in the East. I told the story and had a gift for her to thank her and then said I hoped she would have as much fun this coming year as a Sparkler Deputy as I have had this year as a Deputy Instructor. At that point the members cheered. The gift was a bag of goodies to get her started as a Deputy. It was fun.

Karen Scheller
Dresden Star Deputy Instructor

I had the pleasure of announcing Louise Bentley of Ferndale Chapter
as a new Deputy Instructor for the coming year.

Star Love, Sheila Kelly
Dresden Star Deputy Instructor

We also heard that Dresden Star Sue Putnam traveled to Alderwood Chapter last Thursday night to announce Mary Ann Metcalfe as a new Deputy for next year.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

New photo albums

There are  2 new photo albums on the sidebar. 

One is a start of the 2010 pop tab collection that WGP Dennis has at his house so far.

The second album is pictures taken by WGP Dennis and Jill Okicich at the OES FUNd Day in Mt. Vernon on June 5th.


New Grand Representative

A Grand evening was had by all on June 4 at Sunshine Chapter # 94. Linda Runyan, Jack Runyan and Harold Hill were in attendance for the announcement of Gordon Miller as Grand Representative to Indiana -- Gentle start your engines -- Gordon is in the race for 2 years. Grand Esther, Glenda Miller, made the announcement.

Super Prayers Needed

My Mother, PGM Blanche Chambers, has been in the hospital with congestive heart failure. She is now home, but the right side of her heart is failing; and she is in an unstable condition. She is receiving oxygen to hopefully facilitate getting the fluid out of her heart and lungs, but the doctor does not know if it will work. We hope our "Blanche" can do it one more time, giving it her all and beating the odds.

With love,
Virginia McKibben (daughter)

Reprinted from the Stars of Washington

2010 - June 5, OES FUNd Day

Everyone had a GREAT time at the OES FUNd Day in Mt. Vernon on Saturday, June 5th.  It started at 8 am with a delicious pancake and sausage breakfast and a gently used colthing sale that filled the Chapter room with fantastic buys.
PGM Margaret Morgan took the money and PGM Diane Osborne enjoyed helping everyone find just the right style.
The dining room also served as the place for the bake sale
And for the nickle auction
And for the jewelry sale table....

The Grand Officers enjoyed selling tickets.
Outside, Gr. Chaplain John Chamberlain was the first of the entire Grand Family to endure the wet sponge toss.

Not only were the sponges tossed, they were rubbed on and for a mere $5 you could buy a bucket of water and dump it on your favorite Grand Officer.

For those wishing more subdued entertainment, Phil and Leslie Green kept the bingo games lively.

After burgers, hot dogs and a baked potato bar for lunch, everyone settled in to see who won the great auction prizes. 

It was a beautiful, sunny day and everyone had a great time - and we made lots of money to keep our Grand Chapter fiscally sound!

Thank you to everyone who attended, or contributed to the fantastic event.  Special thanks to the incredible committee:
Linda Miller, Mount Baker Chapter, Mt. Vernon - Chairman
Vickie Chamberlain, Magnolia Chapter, Millwood
Linda Carlson, Grand Coulee Dam Chapter, Coulee Dam
Linda Crichton, Belfair Chapter
Gen Cooley, Centralia Chapter

We look forward to making it bigger and better next year.
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2010 - Annual OES Charity Gold Tournament Update

The Annual OES Charity Golf Tournament is quickly coming up – It is scheduled for August 13th. Has your Chapter considered supporting this worthwhile charity? 100% of the sponsorship money goes directly to the OES Scholarship Fund and Tacoma Valley Scottish Rite Care Program which supports the Children’s Therapy Unit at Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup. The golfer fees cover the expenses of the tournament. Selling mulligans, the raffle and other donations raises additional money. So, if your Chapter voted to sponsor a hole, please send your check made out to Grand Chapter of Washington and send it to Bill Hammontree (address is on the sponsorship form). Individuals and businesses are encouraged to sponsor a hole as well. If you need another form, it is on the OES website and the BLOG. Thank you for your support, it is sincerely appreciated. If you wish to play in the tournament, entry forms are also on the website and BLOG.

Alice and Bill Hammontree

Friday, June 4, 2010

June 3, 2010 - Another Announcement!

It was my pleasure to announce Jan Dore', Reliance #70, as a Deputy Insructor for 2010-2011 at our June 3rd meeting Jan was unable to attend the meeting as she is the Grand Representative of Australia for the Order of Amaranth and has been in Australia touring and attending their Grand Session. I had received a letter from her stating that she felt I would be making the announcement and would I please express her pleasure with the appointment and that she is looking forward to the upcoming year.

Star love,
Pamela Lee
Deputy Instructor
Reliance #70, Bremerton

Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 2, 2010 -

Prior to the meeting on June 2nd Occidental Chapter hosted several of the firemen/EMT personnel from Station 18 in Ballard for dinner.

We had 12 in attendance including the Battalion Chief.
PGP Bob Herman especially enjoyed the visit as he is a retired Seattle fireman. We served them a delicious meal and the members of the chapter enjoyed visiting with the guests, as you can see from the pictures.

Before they left WM Pat and WP Bruno presented them with several bags of stuffed animals for them to take with them on calls where children are involved.

This was a very successful event and it was suggested that we do this more often.
Gerry Mosler,
Associate Grand Conductress
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June 2, 2010 - More Announcements!!!

Grand Representative
With 40+ people in attendance, including 1 PGM & 1 PGP, 1 GO, 1 current Gr. Representative and 13 former Grand Representatives Occidental was the place to be last night. During Good of the Order AGC Gerry Mosler enlisted the help of 5 members for an impromptu game of Jeopardy. The questions had to do with state trivia. The first 4 contestants got the answer to their question wrong but the 5th contestant had the correct answer and was declared the winner. Kathi Akins came to the east to claim her prize, which was her commission as Grand Representative of New Mexico in Washington. She was thrilled and humbled at the honor. I was pleased to be able to give this commission as Kathi and I have been friends for many years, going back to our days as members of Occidental Assembly Rainbow for Girls. Kathi is already planning a trip to New Mexico in October for their Grand Chapter.

She did have one question though - the certificate said her commission was representing the state of Washington, however the letter from the WGM of New Mexico said she was representing New Mexico in Connecticut. So she is thinking she is going to have to move! I assured her that she doesn't have to leave the state!

All in all a great evening
Gerry Mosler,
Associate Grand Conductress

Deputy Instructors

Last night at Belfair’s stated meeting, Dresden Star DI Joanne Hash did a clever presentation and announced SHARI STORMO as a new “Sparkler” (is that the right name?) deputy instructor for Sister Linda & Brother Dick. Sister Shari is junior-past matron of Belfair. Her escort will be husband Duane.

Vicki Voorhees

Last evening (June 2) I had the pleasure to announce Denise Bledsoe of Victory Chapter as a New Sparkler Deputy Instructor for 2010/2011. She is the Jr. Past Matron for Victory Chapter.

Ada Anderson
Dresden Star Deputy Instructor

This is to let you know that last night June 2st Nancy Peterson and I went to Okanogan chapter to announce that Bev Springer a new 2010-2011 Sparklers Deputy Instructor.

As Nancy asked me to find a special someone and as I searched the Chapter room I approached Bev from behind. Bev Seemed just as surprised as the many Members and guests in attendance for there 100th year birthday celebration and Friendship night. A fabulous time was had by all and the Okanogan members presented their respective counter-parts gifts for being in attendance.

I'm so excited to see Bev in action in the coming year. Congrats.Thank you for allowing Nancy and I to do this announcement Associate Grand Matron Linda.

Ladybug Hugs and Dragonfly Kisses
Dresden Star Deputy
Lynette Zierden

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 1, 2010 - Another Announcement!!

Hello to all,

This is to let you know that last night June 1st I went to Fern chapter to announce that Gloria Spears is a new 2010-2011 Deputy instructor.

My announcement went very well last night. I brought an apple, read a list of good qualities that a teacher should have and gave the new deputy a few items a teacher may need, like happy face stickers a note pad and Super sticky notes. Gloria kept her mouth shut as did I and it was a great surprise to Kathleen Mitchell, a current Dresden star deputy and to Linda Polly, Worthy Matron of Fern chapter. They all thought for sure it was a certain star member when we went hunting for our new deputy. They were all surprised when the apple was handed to Gloria.

Thank you for allowing me to do this announcement Associate Grand Matron Linda.

Laura Thomas,
Dresden Star Deputy

June 1 - Another Announcement!!

Stella Brown, Grand Ruth, traveled to Alpha Chapter in Cle Elum on June 1st to present the Grand Representative of Kentucky commission to Jeanine Baunsgard. Jeanine is listed as WM of the Chapter in the 2009-10 Blue Book.

Reminder - Saturday, June 5 - Eastern Star FUNd Day in Mt. Vernon

To All Our Masonic Family,

Our Washington Grand Chapter is in need of funds. To help raise these funds a Grand Chapter Fund raising Committee has been organized.

On June 5, 2010 we will have a Washington O.E.S. Fund Day, Sisters and Brothers, we need your help!

We are asking you to go through your closets and dig out all the formals, tuxedos and street clothes that are taking up unwanted space. We do ask that all items be clean and in good condition. Most dresses and suits will sold for five dollars each. There will be a few racks at higher prices but still very affordable.

We will have a Penny Auction, Bingo, Horse Shoes, Wet Sponge Toss, Books and Baked Goods for sale. Each Grand officer and their chapter counter parts will be in charge of the various booths. Please check with your Grand Chapter Counter Part, They need your help!

We will have a pancake breakfast, for lunch a Potato Bar plus Hamburgers, Hot dogs and Salad. There will be a ice cream Booth and a Beverage Booth, so we promise you won't go hungry.

The Fund day will be held at the Mount Vernon Masonic Center in Mount Vernon.

1023 E. College Way
Mount Vernon, WA

We sure hope to see you on June five from 8:00 to 5:00.

Fraternal love and Thanks,
Linda Miller, Chairman
Vickie Chamberlain
Linda Carlson
Linda Crichton
Gen Cooley

June 2, 2010 - Good news on June Lee

Hi to All,

7 weeks and 10 hours from when I took June in to the Ephrata Emergency, I brought her home from Ephrata Rehab. She passed her therapy this morning and the Dr. Checked her over this afternoon and decided it was time. I kind of think it's time too. Sure am glad to have her back home. There's no place like Home.

Can't thank all of you enough for all the prayers, cards and good thoughts. I believe that got her through all this. Me too. She is still weak but will be going in three days a week for out patient rehab. and will be taking it easy for a while to come.


June 1, 2010 - Announcements!!!!

New Deputies

Last night at Vineland Chapter a new Deputy Instructor was announced. Margaret Rehberg will be a deputy for the coming year. Her chapter was so excited and I was very honored to be able to announce her for sister Linda. So...spread the word....three cheers for Margaret!

Star Hugs
Marita Bothman
Dresden Star Deputy

Last night Jane Christianson of Maple Leaf Chapter, Bellingham was announced Deputy Instructor for 2010-2011. In attendance Grand Electa & WM, 1 Grand Representive, 2 current Deputies. All together there were 30 in attentance. Congratulations Jane!
Star Love
Mary Neslon
Dresden Star Deputy

New Grand Representative

Hi all
Mac Crow a 50 plus year member of Hope Chapter in Oaksdale was given the Grand Representative commission to Alabama. 2 GO and 9 past GR were present. He seems delighted with the appointment and was asking when is Grand Chapter this year?
John Chamberlain
Grand Chaplain

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Place to Be!

Occidental Chapter in Ballard, Wednesday, June 2, 2010 - meeting starts at 7:30 pm

Grand Chapter volunteer drivers needed!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: The Transportation Committee needs volunteers to drive the vans from the Clarion to the SunDome and from the RV Park to the SunDome. We would like to set up a schedule so it won’t be too much of a burden on anyone. Insurance information will be required. Please advise Bill Hammontree if you are interested in driving so the proper forms can be completed.