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Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Grand Representative of Arizona

On Fri., Sept. 12th, I visited Crystal Chapter and handed out envelopes to 4 members.  Under Good of the Order, I announced that the WGM had sent me to give the members a geography lesson.  I spoke about the fact that we have had such a hot summer and that Arizona was getting all our wet weather.  I then asked the 4 members to read from their envelopes an interesting fact about Arizona.  After member #4--Bill Davis--- read the fact about spring training for baseball being in Arizona, I announced that "I hoped Bill enjoyed visiting spring training as the new Grand Representative of Arizona".  Bill was in the East as Worthy Patron protem and after looking shocked for a few moments, he got a giant grin on his face.  This was a real honor and joy for me to present this commission.
Melanie Boss, Grand Ruth

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