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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Set Up Help Needed on Sunday, June 29th

The Session Chair ladies are looking for as many able bodies to help with set up: from carpet to electrical to fences to tables and chairs in all areas and then help with the GRAND FLOOR paraphernalia!!! We hope to have the trailer completely empty by 7:30am on Sunday... Decorations we have told them to start with putting up the Chapters' Ribbons first, then as we have the carpet down and fences... they can START! looking at hopefully 8:30 - 9am. Note: we may have to cut 2 sections of carpet first thing - since we've ordered a 90' roll of new carpet to replace some very worn and torn AstroTurf. 
Help! Thanks!
Paula Sonker & Dianna Kaspar
2014 Session Co-Chairs

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