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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Sad News

Most Worthy Grand Patron Fred Clarke passed away early this morning.

According to our WGM Linda Runyan, "Sister Rennie Ofton, MWGM, has been in communication with Brother John Grobler, Right Worthy Associate Grand Patron who, with the passing for Brother Fred, has become the Acting Most Worthy Grand Patron.

Cards and letters of condolence may be sent to:

Mrs. Frederick W. (Margaret A.) Clarke and family
21 Hidden Meadows Place
Coldbrook, NS B4R 0A3


The Memorial Service for PGM Joanne Clark will be Friday, January 7th at 1:00 PM at the Bremerton Masonic Temple, 858 5th St.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sad News

PGM, Joanne Clark had a massive heart attack and passed away yesterday, December 25, 2010. She was in Oregon visiting family for the Christmas holidays. No other details are available at this time.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

2010 - Dec 17 - Pierce Thurston PM & PP Luncheon

The Tacoma Elks was packed as the Past Matrons and Past Patrons of Pierce Thurston helped the Grand Family celebrate Christmas.  The lunch was delicious and the fellowship was terrific.  Nancy O'Neil did a fantastic job of entertaining everyone.

Click here for pictures from Rodger Collins

Monday, December 13, 2010

2010 - Dec 12 - WW Grand Representatives Club Luncheon

The Grand Representatives - former and present welcomed the Grand Family and their escorts and several other guests to the Tacoma Elks for a delicious luncheon Sunday afternoon.  There were almost 100 people present and the food and company were both excellent.

Entertainment was provided by Charlie's Angels - ably led by Cheryl McMahon and everyone had a wonderful time visiting and eating.

Click here for pictures from Rodger Collins.

Friday, December 10, 2010

2010 - Dec 7 Whatcom Co PM & PP Luncheon

The food was delicious, the company delightful and the entertainment fantastic at the annual luncheon honoring the WGM and WGP and hosted by the Whatcom County PM and PPs.  President Bev Baller kept everything moving.  The meal was plentiful and yummy.

The Bellingham High School Swing Choir entertained us for the 24th year and they were amazing.  So many very talented young people who obviously enjoy what they are doing. 

Everyone had a wonderful time and we look forward to going back next year.

Click here for pictures from Stephanie.

2010 - Dec 4 - Reception for Grand Organist Pamela Lee

The hills were alive with the sound of music in Bremerton as members and friends gathered to celebrate Grand Organist Pamela Lee.  The Grand Officers all gave her items that related to family and her grandaughter since they are so important to her. 

Responses were given by PGP & GGCCM Brian Gross, PGM Sylvia Palmer substituting for PGM Marge Ramsdell, PGP Tom Schenewerk substituting for PGP Dennis Okicich (even putting on a fake white beard to add more realism to the response), and Grand Secretary Sandra Henry for the Grand Officers.

Delicious treats in the dining room topped off a wonderful afternoon.

Click here for pictures from Rodger Collins.

Click here for pictures from Stephanie.

2010 - Dec 6 - OV Guiding Star and Naomi

(Unofficial count) 88 members had a great time at the official visit of WGM Linda with WGP Dick at Guiding Star and Naomi Chapters held in Puyallup. There was a delicious baked potato dinner for a donation before the meeting.

WM Michelle Burlison and WP Roscoe Cox of Guiding Star and their officers did a great job of opening and introductions.  Then WM Laura Vogel and WP PT Warren Hartle and their officers performed a beautiful Golden Chain.  

An officer from the Puyallup Police Department gave everyone some good advice for staying safe during the holiday shopping frenzy.  We all had a great time and lots of laughter.

For additional pictures from Rodger Collins, click here.
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