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Saturday, August 29, 2009

OV & UFO Report - Key City & Priscilla, Thur. Aug 27, 2009

Let me just start out by saying they do things a little different out on the penninsula!

Unofficial count) 105 members traveled to Pt. Townsend for the official visit of WGM Marge with WGP Dennis to Key City and Priscilla Chapters. The evening started with a delicious dinner of hamburgers and hot dogs cooked on the grill and wonderful salads. The cost was a donation to the WGM and WGP projects and the dinner raised $461.

Key City Chapter performed the opening ceremony then WM Mary Sharko and WP Neil Glessing of Key City and WM Bernice Zachau and WP Jim Zachau of Priscilla - along with their Conductresses and Associate Conductresses - took turns doing the introductions. It was nice to see both Chapters participate.

Priscilla Chapter did the Examination of a visitor, then the Bible was closed.
That's when things got strange!

What to our wandering eyes did appear but THREE FAIRIES! There was Harry (Hairy) Fairy, Jerry Fairy and Scarey Fairy (AKA Neil Glessing, Jerry Clark and Jim Zachau).

There were here on a mission - to help Princess Marge and Prince Dennis (riding his buffalo stick) find her dragonfly wings. They traveled throughout the Chapter room - to the South, West and North, but alas there were no dragonfly wings anywhere!

That is, until they returned to the East where our 2 Worthy Matrons had a beautiful pair of dragonfly wings waiting for Princess Marge.

Accompanied by Prince Dennis and the 3 fairies, Princess Marge paraded around the Chapter room so everyone could admire her beautiful wings.

Princess Marge and Prince Dennis returned to the East after their triumphant journey.

The 3 fairies set off to rescue another damsel in distress and Scarey Fairy went to fix his tutu so it wouldn't fall off again.

Needless to say, a good time was had by all! And the cookies and goodies after the meeting were pretty great too!

The last 4 photos are courtesy of Dan Voorhees. He has plenty more choice shots to offer! :-)

There's lots going on next week. Be sure to check the blog calendar for more information. http://oeswashington.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

OV Report - Lewis & Tyler, Tue, Aug 25, 2009

(Unofficial count) 102 members went to Lakewood for the official visit of WGM Marge with WGP Dennis.

WM Nichi Berry and WP Ed Tebbutt lead Lewis Chapter in opening and introductions. WM Nichy greeted everyone with interesting information about the meaning of native American named towns. WM Linda Ellison and WP John Zimmerman of Tyler Chapter took us through the examination of a visitor and closing. WM Linda presented the WGM and WGP with beautiful wood carvings she designed and her brother carved in the shape of OES with a star.

The members of both Chapters did a wonderful job of the work and everyone had learned more about our native American heritage in the process.

After the meeting delicious refreshments were available downstairs and hugs and laughter were in abundance.

PS. Be sure to ask the Associate Grand Conductress why her car and that of the Westside Chairman had to stay behind bars all night!

Up next:
OV - Key City & Priscilla - Thurs., Aug 27th @ 7:30 pm

Monday, August 24, 2009

Reception for WGM and WGP, Saturday, August 22, 2009

The weather was beautiful and the auditorium at Stadium High School was packed for the reception honoring our Worthy Grand Matron Marge Ramsdell and our Worthy Grand Patron Dennis Okicich. Worthy Patrons Larry Burleigh of Vida and Vinnie DiGuilio (PT) of Rada Uphus sat back and allowed their Worthy Matrons Barbara Burleigh and Mary Lindell to do most of the work in introducing the honored members and ........

10 GGCCM and Past Grand Matrons,
7 Past Grand Patrons,
1 Deputy to the MWGP in Italy,
2 WGMs and 2 WGPs from Oregon and Idaho,
the Grand Worthy Matron and Grand Worthy Patron of Prince Hall,
16 Elected and Appointed Grand Officers,
4 Elected and Appointed Grand Officers from other jurisdictions,
1 Grand Officer Emeritus,
21 Grand Representatives,
27 Deputy Instructors,
38 Worthy Matrons,
22 Worthy Patrons,
Grand Escorts of all kinds,
numerous Grand Chapter Committee members,
Grand Lodge Team and Worshipful Masters,
and leaders of concordant bodies - especially sister Kayla Rushing - Grand Worthy Advisor of Rainbow for Washington and Idaho.


Prior to the remarks from Marge and Dennis, Kay Johnson of Madrona Chapter and Past Grand Chaplain signed the Lord's Prayer accompanied by PGM Diane Osborne singing and DI Pamela Lee of Reliance Chapter on the piano. It was beautiful and moving.

WGM Marge and WGP Dennis' remarks were short and sweet. Responses from AGM Linda Runyan and AGP Dick Weigel were followed by presentation of this year's Grand Officer gifts - a beautiful cross stitched picture lovingly stitched by Polly Thomason of Everett Chapter.

After the Reception everyone enjoyed delicious treats in the hall and out on the commons in the warm sunlight. All in all it was a wonderful day!

PS. If anyone has pictures of the reception they would like to post, e-mail them to me and I'll put an album together and link to it here.

Up next: OV of Lewis and Tyler Chapters, Tuesday, August 25th in Lakewood.
OV of Key City and Priscilla Chapters, Thursday, August 27th in Pt. Townsend
OV of Victory and Magnolia Chapters, Friday, August 28th in Millwood
OV of Zillah Chapter (100th anniversary), Saturday, August 29th in Newport.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

OV Report - Amethyst & Crown, August 19, 2009

(Unofficial Count) 72 members gathered in West Seattle on Wednesday, August 19th for Worthy Grand Matron Marge's official visit to Amethyst and Crown Chapters. The night was warm and the Chapters handed out fans and water along with the leis for their Hawaiian themed evening.

WM Kathi Dewey and WP Norm Horst of Amethyst Chapter lead their officers in opening and introductions then first time WM Kathleen Lund and WP Alan Sawyer presided during the examination of a visitor and closing.

As a special treat, during the break when the 2 chapters changed places Amy Smith of Cyclamen Chapter did a beautiful Hawaiian Hula.

After the meeting the 2 chapters had a delicious feast in the dining room for eveyone in attendance. It was a wonderful evening filled with friendship and fun.

Up next: The reception for WGM Marge and WGP Dennis at Stadium High School in Tacoma at 3 pm on Saturday, August 22nd. See you there!

PS. There are 134 more pictures in the Golf tournament album thanks to WGP Dennis.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

OV Report - Alderwood & Floral, Aug 17, 2009

(WP Bob's Count) 98 members enjoyed a wonderful official visit from WGM Marge Ramsdell with WGP Dennis Okicich to Alderwood and Floral Chapters on Monday, August 17th. The Grand Officers and most of the sideliners were decked out in Hawaiian attire to keep cool.

WM Darylyn Phraner and WP Tom Busby lead the Alderwood officers in opening the Chapter and introductions. Then WM Donna Miles and WP Bob Gates took over and presided while Floral Chapter officers did the Examination of a Visitor and closing.

WM Darylyn gave a wonderful response to open the meeting - worthy of repeating here with her permission:

This meeting tonight is brought to you by the letters R & E together and the number 0.

Relax, Review, Regroup. This was told to me by a customer service representative I was speaking with to whom I had related some tales of woe concerning our son’s upcoming wedding…this Saturday BTW. Relax, Review, Regroup. This instantly resonated with me as a reflection of our order and my feeling on how we can rebound.

First we need to relax. We need to remember we are here for fellowship, friendship and fun. Ritual is beautiful but it can also be fun if you take the time to practice, teach a new member or just…

Review. Everything can look different if you see it with new eyes. How long has it been since you sat on the sidelines of a Rainbow, Job’s Daughter’s or DeMolay meeting. Our young adults hold all of us in high regard and they are our future and this is the best place to recruit new members. When is the last time you recommended Eastern Star to your friends? If you make your remarks pleasant and fun they just might want to spend some time with you and us in our beautiful order.

Regroup. This is what we must do to survive. As the world changes we must too. That doesn’t mean throwing out our ritual or traditions but revamping what we do. Retiring traditions from which the world and technology have moved on, Rescuing those things that we cannot live without. It is restoring respect. It is our responsibility to repair, replenish and represent our order.

You may think my response lacks reflection. But just because we have always done it that way does not make us ready for this new world. If we make it real we can rebound and a stronger revitalized order will be our reward.

And just so you are not left wondering there are 40 Re’s in this response.

The number 40 ends in a zero. A simple beautiful symbol that alone stands for nothing but when brought together with any other number makes that number greater and stronger. We need to find our zeros and bring them into Eastern Star to make us better and stronger, and so they never again have to stand alone.

Well done, Darylyn!

Prior to the meeting the 2 Chapters held a pot luck dinner for members and the Grand Officers and afterwards there were delicious treats for all as we enjoyed the fellowship in the dining room.

Next up: OV of Amethyst and Crown Chapters, Wednesday, August 19th at West Seattle. Come out and enjoy the fun!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

2009 OES Charity Golf Tournament

The weather was cloudy and cool, but the friendship was sunny and warm for the annual OES Charity Golf Tournament on Friday, August 14th at McChord AFB's Whispering Firs Golf Course. All proceeds from the tournament will benefit the RiteCare Language Disorders Endowment Fund.

Winners were:
Men’s Division:

1st place = Ken Hayes, Mike Wray, John Blair, Richard Boettcher with a 65
2nd place – Doug Haughton, Chuck Ulman, Al Jorgensen, Santy Lascano with a 68

Mixed Division:

1st place – Sharon Spudich, Nick SLpudich, Mike Moore, Darryl Stuart with a 70
2nd place (tie) = John Chamberlain, Vicki Chamberlain, Gene Ford, Deborah Walker with a 72
2nd place (tie) – Roy Sharp, Norm Day, Marge Ramsdell, Dave Owen with a 72

Nine Holers:

Linda Miller, Becky Aldrich, Joanne Clark and Janie Larsen with a 32

Low Gross was Bill Hammontree, Greg Dolbin, Todd Sims and Bobby Boldt with a 69

Low Net was Ken Larson, Jerry Clark, Chuck Aldrich and Paul Ramsdell with a 70

Long Drive = Women – Jackie Camacho
Long Drive – Men – Clint Smith

Closest to the Pin – Men Chuck Uhlman – 10’ 3-1/2”
No winner for the women

We will have more information about total $ collected and additional pictures later. In the meantime enjoy the pictures here:

Golf Tournament Photo Album


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pop Tab Update from Jr. PGM Diane Osborne

Roy Sharp and I went to the Ronald McDonald House in Spokane on Tuesday, 6/11/09. We presented Jim Smith, the House Manager, with our check from the Pop Tabs for $608.39. They were very pleased to receive our donation. It is located directly across from the Shrine Hospital.

We were given a tour of the house. The house was full so we did not get to see any of the rooms where the families live. We did see the recreational room which is called the Looney Tunes Room. Yes, Roy found the Roadrunner! They have several kitchens to which the families are assigned. They have a dining room and an outside play and eating area. They have a huge living room and a play area for small ones. It also has a laundry room. There is everything there that the families might need, including a ride to the hospital if needed. It is a beautiful home and so functional. We even saw two totes of pop tabs!

They are financed strictly by donations. Grand Chapter has given $1200 to the Spokane House the last few years. We also saw that several Chapters in Eastern WA had also given to them. If we reach $2000 we would get our name on the Tree of Life. Okay, Grand Chapter, here is another challenge!

The donations from the containers at the McDonald Restaurants is the only source of money they get from that company. All other donations come from corporations and groups like ours.

Thank you everyone for your support of this very important cause. Please continue to save your pop tabs and drop your change in the containers at the McDonald's Restaurant.

Chocolate Hugs & Kisses,
Diane Osborne, JR. PGM


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sad News - Donna Almquist

Please note date change--
Donna Almquist, former Grand Representative of Ontario, passed away on August 6th. A celebration of life for Donna will be held on Sunday, August 23rd at 3:00 PM at the Wiggens and Sons Chapel, 2003 NW 57th St, Seattle (Ballard).

Monday, August 10, 2009

OV Report - Martha Washington & Lackamas, Aug 8, 2009

(Unofficial Count) 86 members from Washington and Oregon attended the Official Visit of Martha Washington and Lackamas Chapers on Saturday, August 8th in Vancouver. Eleven members of the American Emerald Grand Family were present.

WM Robin Patty and WP Cliff Bedell and the members of Martha Washington did long form opening and introductions. WM Robin provided some interesting and little known facts about the flag during introductions. The work was done by Lackamas Chapter lead by WM Barbara Runyan and WP Russel Baily. This was the second OV where the chairman of the examining committee has memorized the test oath and WGM Marge noted in her response, that while this is not necessary, it is wonderful that Brother Willie Winstead put forth the effort to do that.
Prior to the meeting the two Chapters served a delicious pot luck luncheon and everyone enjoyed sharing the meal and spending time with friends.

After the meeting everyone enjoyed delicious refreshments in the dining room. They have great cooks in the Southwest part of our state.

Next up:
OV for Pacific and Montesano Chapters in Ilwaco on Thursday, August 13th at 8:00pm.
Rite Care Golf Tournament on Friday, August 14th at McChord AFB.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

OV Report - Fern & Tacoma - Aug. 5, 2009

(Unofficial count) 90 members attended the official visit of WGM Marge and WGP Dennis to Fern and Tacoma Chapters. Ten members of the American Emerald Grand Family were there to support the 2 Chapters.

Prior to the meeting, they provided a wonderful "Dinner for a Donation" taco salad bar. It was delicious and much appreciated by those who came a long way for the meeting. The dinner raised $202.04 for the WGM and WGP projects.
WM Kim Williams and WP Ken Ellingson and the members of Fern Chapter opened the meeting and conducted the introductions. Then WM Robin Erickson and WP John Langlow and the members of Tacoma Chapter took over for the work (Examination of a Visitor) and closing. Tacoma Chapter also put on 2 delightful skits with audience participation - one about nurses for WGM Marge and one about WGP Dennis's "ancestor" Buffalo Dennis Okicich and his encounter with the meanest, nastiest, foulest, most vicious buffalo that ever lived. Make sure you ask the WGP how his ancestor stopped that buffalo!

After the meeting we enjoyed cookies and refreshments and lots of camraderie in the dining room.

Next up - Martha Washington and Lackamas in Vancouver, WA on Saturday, August 8th at 1:30 pm.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

OV Report - Kirkland & Lakeside, Aug. 3, 2009

(Unofficial Count) 93 people attended the cool (they had air conditioning) official visit put on by Lakeside and Kirkland Chapters in Bellevue. There was a delicious taco salad bar before the meeting and everyone enjoyed the food and friendship.

WGM Marge and WGP Dennis and the American Emerald Grand Officers turned out to celebrate and cheer on the 2 Chapters.
WM Gail Nickerson and WP Scott Anderson lead Lakeside's officers in opening the Chapter and for introductions. Gail greeted all her visitors with twisted facts from the land of OZ. Many groans were heard in the room. Kirkland's WM Dianna Kaspar and WP Don Falls took over and their members Ron Moll, Cheri Moll, and Sheila Kelly examed "visitor" Kathy Neubecker adding a few questions none of us could find in the Ritual.

With Lakeside's Wizard of Oz theme and Kirkland's Mickey Mouse - Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional - theme, it was a fun and interesting evening for everyone in attendance. Afterwards we thawed out in the dining room with root beer floats and cookies.

Monday, August 3, 2009

W.WA GR Picnic - Sun, Aug. 2nd

The Western Washington Grand Representatives Association had their annual summer picnic on Sunday, August 2nd at Fort Borst Park in Centralia. The festivities took place in Kitchen 1, a wonderful, well-equipped facility that provided shelter from the hot sun and brought smiles to everyone's faces.

The food tables were loaded with delicious potluck salads and desserts and both fried and baked chicken. No one went away hungry!
The room was filled with several members of the Grand Family, their escorts and lots of current and past Grand Representatives and their guests. One special guest - George Mauel brightened everyones day with his presence.
There was plenty of time for visiting and and hugs were in abundance. It was a wonderful day and everyone agreed this is the perfect spot for a summertime get together. We hope to come back next year.
PS. To whomever baked the brownies with the walnuts in them - I would like to volunteer to be your taste tester anytime you want to bake more!

All Masonic Family Picnic - Sat, Aug 1

The first annual All-Masonic picnic hosted by the Timeless Treasures (Conductresses) of King County was held at Royal Arch Park on Saturday, August 1st and everyone in attendance had a wonderful time. Worthy Grand Patron Dennis Okicich, Grand Conductress Gloria Schwartz, and Associate Grand Conductress Gerry Mosler were there representing the American Emerald Grand Family, along with 17 other members of the Eastern Star and Masonic orders.
For those who have yet to enjoy this park – it’s well worth the drive to Maple Valley. Located right on the Cedar River, the park is shaded by huge trees and native plants. The cooking shed was the perfect spot for grilling and setting up the delicious salads, chips, and desserts that everyone had brought to share. Watch for news of this picnic next summer, and plan to attend!

Submitted by Judy Turchin, Analia Chapter, Westside Chairman of the Dresden Star Deputies

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sad News -- Albert Bowles

Dottie Hardenbrook’s father (Albert Bowles) passed away on Thursday, July 30th. He had celebrated his 100th birthday in June. The funeral will be Wednesday, August 5th at 1 PM at the Weller Funeral Home, 327 N Macleod Ave, Arlington (one block east of the Masonic hall on the right). Interment will be at the Arlington Cemetery. A reception will be held at the Pioneer Hall (take Olympic Ave S toward Marysville).