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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Two New Grand Representatives

The new Grand Representative of Indiana is Gene Miller from Centralia Chapter.  
Eileen Winstead, Grand Marshal

June 10, 2014
As each member entered the Doric Chapter room they were given a string of beads and told that they would know what they were for… later.
So, under Good of the Order, Kathi Dewey, Grand Adah, introduced herself as their tour guide to Louisiana.
Details about the state were given and then it was stated that Mardi Gras Tuesday is a state holiday!
Amid quirky laws of Louisiana the color of the Mardi Gras beads and their significance was discussed.
Each person with that color of beads was asked to stand and thanked for their contribution to Eastern Star.
One strand of beads had the word “MUSES” on it and that person was asked to stand.
It was explained that the Muses were the goddesses that symbolized the arts and sciences and that she was the new Grand Representative to Louisiana….
It took a moment for MARLENA WEIMER, Doric’s Secretary, to make the transition from being a goddess to a Grand Representative…
But, with the realization came tears and a well- deserved round of applause.

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