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Monday, July 7, 2014

Thank You from JPGP Rodger

To everyone who helped make Grand Chapter the big success that it was, thank you for your help and time.

Dianna Kaspar and Paula Sonker, you two have been fabulous since before I was elected as Grand Sentinel.  You have gotten better and better every year until your great finale of splenderosity. New word just for you.

A special thank you to Bob Lindsey, Marge Ramsdell and Willie Winstead, (Audio Genius) for your help in introducing the POW/MIA flag to Grand Chapter.  It was spectacular.  It was very special to me and all of the members who have lost a loved one in war, or been in harms way.

To the Grand Officers,  it was all good.  Thank you for all the kind words of encouragement and support for the whole year.  You were great!   

Louise Day, you did a great job on the decorations.  The ribbons supplied by each of the chapters were just great and they really made the chapter look festive.

Gerry Stinnett, you did a wonderful job with the music, it is a difficult position.  You don't do anything all year the membership hears until Grand Chapter, then you are under the spotlight baby!  Good job.  Sheryl Accord, my compliments to you and the choir,  they came together from all over the state and blended into a beautiful group.  Thank you to Gayle Dunstan, Sarah Jane Johnson, Pamela Lee, Carol lee Walk, Cindy Garrett and Lilynne Davis for supporting Gerry with your vast wealth of talent and experience.

Judy Turchin, the march committee held up their end very nicely, it is a difficult job and you handled it with grace and ease.

To everyone else, either a committee chair or member or someone who was walking by and stopped to help, thank you for a wonderful Grand Chapter.  

Thank you to all those who attended from other jurisdictions.

Rodger Collins PGP,(JR) & Grand Escort Helen 

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