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Monday, May 31, 2010


  1. Hope Chapter in Oakesdale on Tuesday, June 1st. Meeting starts at 8:00 PM.
  2. Alpha Chapter in Cle Elum on Tuesday, June 1st. Meeting starts at 7:00 PM.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Grand Family for 2010 - 11

2010-11 APPOINTED GRAND OFFICERS—Starlight Grand Family

Grand Chaplain—Harold Hill, Evergreen Chapter/Goldendale
Grand Marshal—Karin Whipple, Greenwood Chapter/Seattle
Grand Organist—Pamela Lee, Reliance Chapter/Bremerton
Grand Adah—Mary Helen Johnson, Henry Wentworth & Martha Washington Chapters/Vancouver
Grand Ruth—Anita Borst, Evening Star Chapter/Almira
Grand Esther—Lorna Burns, Malden Chapter
Grand Martha—Helen Collins, Afton Chapter/Marysville
Grand Electa—Ann Taylor, Stanwood Chapter
Grand Warder—Alice Hughes, Spokane Chapter

Sparklers Deputy Instructor Chairmen:
Eastside—Pamala Marrs, Grand Coulee Dam Chapter/Coulee Dam
Westside—Gini Dryer-Dow, Vida Chapter/Tacoma

2010 Yearbook Orders

The orders from Chapters for the 2010 Yearbooks are coming in very slowly. Please check with your Chapter Secretary to be sure yours has been sent. The cost is $7.00 prepaid or $10.00 at Grand Chapter. These make great gifts for Grand Representative counterparts. Send orders ASAP to Stella Brown. The order form is on the OES website.

May 27, 2010 - Answer to Clue #11

We were at Grand Coulee Dam Chapter tonight to make the final announcement to complete those vital appointed members of our new grand family.

CarnJack and Brother Harold still didn't seem to have the knack of the whole thing but after much fumbling around were able to escort Sister Pam Marrs to the East where she was announced as the East Side Chairman of the Deputy Instructors. Brother Dave Marrs was introduced as her escort.  You may wish to know that the Deputies will be called the Sparklers.

We were very snug in the small chapter room with 55 in attendance. It was a great pleasure to have PGM's Ann Hendricks, Joy Lough, Marjoe Richards, & Diane Osborne, PGP's J Paul Fitzsimmons & Phil Green there along with 2 Grand Officers, 6 Grand Representatives, 4 Deputies and the newly announced West Side Chairman, Gini Dryer Dow, and 2 WM's and 2 WP's.

There were also seven past East Side Chairman along with the Present East Side Chairman, Nancy Peterson. I must, once again that everyone for being so supportive of those who have been chosen for next year. It is wonderful to have such support right from the beginning.

God Bless you all and God Bless our Wonderful Order with a resurgence of interest, energy and membership.

Star Love to all,
Linda Runyan, AGM

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Photos courtesy of Lynette Zierden

2010 Grand Chapter Tours - update

We have just a few places left on the bus for the Grand Chapter Tour. Reservations need to be sent in right away to assure a place. They can call me at home this weekend 509-522-1487 to reserve a spot and mail the registration after the Memorial Day Holiday. We have people from 10 different jurisdictions booked on the tour this year. It should be lots of fun.

Diane & Charlie Rice

Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 27, 2010 - Update on June Lee

Hi All,

June is doing fine now. She is making progress each day and the Dr. was in Monday and told her she could probably go home next week. He had first estimated she would be here 6 to 7 weeks. She has been giving herself her own injections and is walking better and further each day.

Now the sad news,

May, June's Mom passed away last night about 10:30 in McKay Nursing home. She had been going down for the past month very rapidly. She celebrated her 94th Birthday last week. June is handling that OK just sad she was unable to be with her at the last or won't be able to go to Yuma for the burial.We will have a celebration of life Memorial sometime in the future.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 25, 2010 - Answer to Clue #10

There was a full house (unofficial count 76 members) at Vida Chapter last night as AGM Linda Runyan and AGP Dick Weigel revealed the answer to clue #10.

CarnJack forgot his hat and cape and Over The Hill Harold wasn't much help as they couldn come up with any answers.  So AGM Linda and AGP Dick took over and announced WM Gini Dryer-Dow as the new Westside Chairman of the Deputies for 2010 -11.  Hubbie and WP Tom Dow will be her escort.

PGM Kit Wells was beaming since Gini was one of her She Shell Deputies when she was Westside Chairman.  In addition to Kit, present were PGM's Beverly Haave and Barbara Hedden and PGP Don Beck. There were 5-elected and appointed Grand Officers, 8-Grand Representatives, 6-Deputies and 5-WM's & WP's. Also present were the current and 14 Past West Side Chairmen.
Sister Linda says, "WOW, the support is amazing and sure makes the time memorable for the person being announced as well as for everyone else. Brother Dick and I cannot tell you how much we appreciate the continued support. It makes us proud to be at your service for the next year.  One more announcement to go. I hope as many as possible will be able to be there.

It was a great evening and everyone is thrilled for Sister Gini.  Can't wait to see who her counterpart will be at Grand Coulee on Thursday evening.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24, 2010 - Update on June Lee

Hi All,

OK, it was another roller coaster ride for part of the week but again all seems to be fine.

June definitely threw another clot last Sunday night and the trip to Deaconess in Spokane was a good move. There they have one of the most up to date hospitals and staffs in the State if not the Nation. They again ran a battery of tests and she had people from all specialties of medicine looking at her and consulting about her. Some would come in just to chat after reading her chart because they had never known anyone to survive what she has been through. A top hemotologist did a conference call to others in the field and determined that the low coumadin was not doing the job. It still allowed a clot to build. They did not want to go to the high level of coumadin because of the bad side affects it has on the rest of the body. They came up with going back to Heparin, a thinner that is more user friendly and just quietly does its job with pretty limited side effects. It also does not conflict with any other medications. Drawback it is that it is very expensive. We told him DO it. If our insurance doesn't cover it, and it should according to our pharmacist, then we will take care of it somehow.

I asked the Dr. why the filter they put in didn't catch this clot. He said the filter catches the larger life threatening clots but small ones can get by, but that the Heparin should prevent any more from building and the body will work on dissolving any already in the body.

They had her up and walking in the halls there and even did a few stairs so her physical therapy is coming along and the lead Dr. there said she needs to be building stamina and return to her normal activities. The sooner the better. I think we will be limiting some of those activities because those who know June well know she always overdoes it. So, keep her in your prayers still, they are working for sure. My faith has surely grown as well as others close.

I brought her back to Ephrata Hospital today, via car and though it was tiring for her she said it felt soooo good. She was resting well when I left her a few minutes ago. I think I'm gonna sleep good tonight too. They will continue therapy there though she has already passed the phase she was entering when she left last Monday morning early. Hopefully she can return home very soon.


Clue #11

Follow the Stars, they'll lead the way
Another one doing and helping so much
And now it will be "Grand" and we'll all "Coo", real "Ly"
May 27th, 4th Thursday, to fill our sky with the light we love much

Friday, May 21, 2010

Clue #10

Clue # 10 - here we go again!

Follow the Stars, they'll lead the way
New star helper there in the West can almost the "narrow's reach
Where a good many talents "Vi"ed for the "Da" light
May 25th, 4th Tuesday, soo a "star" meant to guide and to teach.

May 20, 2010 - GR HN - Joyce Zierdt, Delta - Louisiana

Mardi Gras came to Tukwila as Delta Chapter honored their own Joyce Zierdt, Grand Representative of Louisiana.  (Unofficial count) 77 people gathered to enjoy the special meeting for this special person.  WM Tina Flanders Riley and WP Bob Ludbrook did a great job of keeping everything moving along.

Wonderful responses were given by Janet Fritts for the Grand Representatives, Frank Pascoe for the Grand Officers, Bill Hammontree for the PGPs, Marjoe Richards for the PGMs and Brian Gross for the GGCCMs.

34 current and former Grand Representatives were on hand.

This included 5 current Grand Representatives.

After the meeting there was delicious strawberry shortcake and chocolate covered strawberries in the dining room.  It was a lovely evening.
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 19, 2010 - GR Honor Night, Terry Mosler, Occidental - Illinois - Go Salukis!

(Unofficial count) 74 members braved the rain and wind to gather in Ballard as Occidental Chapter honored their Grand Representative of Illinois - Terry Mosler.  WM and WP Pat and Brono Zittlau got us through short form, introductions and the Chapter business.  Then Terry took over and gave us some interesting facts about the State, how their Chapters do honor nights and work, and most importantly - about the Saluki, mascot of Southern Illinois University.  Go Salukis!
Great responses were given by Gary Roth for the Grand Representatives, Roy Sharp for the PGPs and Diane Osborne for the PGMs. 
There were 29 current and former Grand Representatives present to help Brother Terry celebrate.  Afterwards there were ice cream sundaes for dessert and lots of laughter and happiness.
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Grand Chapter news

I spoke with Sister Marge Ramsdell yesterday and clarified that we will not be using Chapter Banners at Grand Chapter this year. The age and fragility of our banners cannot be changed and we certainly don’t want to handle them more than necessary. Please pass the word.

Star Friendship,
Irene Jacobs, Decorations Chairman.

OES FunDay

Just to let you know that we are receiving a lot of really nice formals and etc. and in all size ranges. We still hope to get in a lot more so please go through your closets and help us out.

Most of all come and enjoy a fun day, lots of fun, food, and laughter and lots of things to do.

I keep hearing that it is to far to drive, Get a car pool going, I bet that if you heard there was a store that was putting on a big sale with gowns and tuxes and reduced prices you wouldn't think twice about driving the distance, and you sure can't beat the prices we are offering.

Great clothes at great prices, many fun things to do and great food too.
Linda Miller

Sad News

Gerrie Hankin Passed away on May 16 she was a Maplette Deputy Instructor and a member of Priscilla Chapter. Her husband was Sheldon Hankin cards may be sent to: 16300 ST Hwy 305 #35, Poulsbo, WA 98370.

Services for Gerrie Hankin, are on Saturday May 22 at 1:00 PM at Priscilla Chapter.

Pam Rookard

Grand Chapter Gala - SOLD OUT!

Would you please post on the Blog that the Barn Raising - Eastern Star Gala being held on Sunday, June 27th is SOLD OUT. If the Banquets form is downloaded from the Grand Chapter website, it will also say that the Gala is Sold Out. A big thank you to everyone who has sent in their reservations!

Peggy Shaul
Banquets Chairman

Answer to Clue #9

And now we are whole:

The final member of the appointed Grand Officers for 2010-2011 was announced tonight at Afton Chapter in Marysville. There were 71 members present to hear that Sister Helen Collins will be the next Grand Martha.

We know more would have been there but for the honor night of Terry Mosler or conflicting meeting nights. (Congratulations Brother Terry on your Night!) However, those present included PGM Marjoe Richards, 4 Grand Officers, 5 Gr Representatives, 2 deputies and 3 WM's. Also, there were 8 past Grand Martha's and the present Grand Martha, Penny Bosley.

Including Sister Helen there were 7 members of the new Grand Family present. I had them line up in the West in Introductory Order which they did VERY WELL! At that time I was delighted to introduce them as members of the "Starlight Grand Family."

Much appreciation is extended to all those who have supported the announcements with their presence. This is such an exciting time for the new members of the Grand Families and the beginning of their special year is enhanced by your support.

There are two exciting announcements to come, so keep watch for further clues.

Linda Runyan AGM

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Answer to Clue #8

The large chapter room at Greenwood was pretty well filled tonight with 30 members and 51 visitors to find out if CarnJack and his helpers could come up with the desired answer. They did. After the normal confusion, they brought Sister Karin Whipple to the East to be announced as next year's Grand Marshal along with Brother Ken Lee who will be her escort for the coming year.

Present tonight were 3 PGM's, Joy Lough, Cherie Moll and Marilyn Hoots, and 1 PGP, Bob Herman; six Grand Officers, three Grand Representatives, two DI's, 5 WM's and 4 WP's along with 6 of the already announced appointed Grand Officers for next year.

There were also eight past Grand Marshals along with two represented by "proxy's" in the form of their husbands. THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING!

The meeting was handled very well by first time WM and WP Flo and Gerry Wilkins. There was a very short bit of entertainment put on by Sister Joan Breda that had the whole room loudly laughing.  Sister Myrna Nilson was wonderful at the organ.  There was also ballotting on one affiliation and one transfer member.

What a full wonderful night with many congratulations all around and a fine dessert and fellowship afterward. If you aren't busy elsewhere tomorrow night, please join us in Marysville!

Linda Runyan, AGM

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18, 2010 - Update on June Lee

Hi All,

OK folks, we had a little minor set back last night. I got a call at 11 pm that June had been moved to the ER and her pulse was very high. I was there by about 15min. and the Dr. met me at the door saying She's OK, and all the tests we've done show nothing. They did two EKGs and blood tests and find no heart damage or problem. When I got there they wanted to do another CT scan which found some good things. That the original clot that caused all this back on the 13th of April is totally gone, so that TPA powerful clot buster did the job. It, in itself is a very dangerous drug,. They found that her lungs were clear and no signs of scaring that our Dr. told us to expect. one of the best of all her blood count is coming up on it's own. The ER Dr. said she could probably just stay in Ephrata but our family Dr. said he wanted her transferred to Spokane for further tests and 24 hour monitoring for a few days. WE are thinking the rapid pulse was due to getting her evening meds about 3 hours late. Apparently the Nurses missed it due to shift change. The Dr. will be discussing that with the staff shortly.

Lewis lives about two blocks from here in Deaconess Hospital Spokane, and Larry is 2o min. away too. Her 7th floor room overlooks Spokane and Lewis' offices. All is well and she is doing just great this morning. She even walked about 30 ft. to the bathroon just holding the nurses hand.

I have a place to stay real close but Lar says go do what you need to do at home and your work cause Lew and I can take over for a little while. Might take them up on it.

Your prayers are definitely working, keep them coming please.


Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 2010 - Update on June Lee

They are transporting June to Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane because she has a very fast racing heartbeat. Sacred Heart is the heart hospital so she will be in good hands. We will let you know as more information becomes available.

Let's keep those prayers coming!

May 16, 2010 - Grand Worthy Advisor's Reception

It was a grand night for a reception as the Rainbow Girls of Washington and Idaho gathered in Wenatchee for the reception of Kayela Rushing, Grand Worthy Advisor.

After lots of fun daytime activities, there was a delicious dinner buffet at the Wenatchee Convention Center.

Sister Kayela (who is a member of Astral Chapter in Wenatchee) looked beautiful in her new dress accompanied by her mother Tina Demory and her stepfather.  Her two uncles introduced her with a very funny talk about her outstanding life thus far.

The responses were funny, encouraging and very nice.  The entertainment by Tony Morgan (son-in-law of Norm and Louise Day of Astral Chapter) was first rate.

The Grand Officers all looked gorgeous in their dresses and the 600 more or less people in attendance had a great time.

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May 15, 2010 - Central WA Instruction Club Luncheon

The Central Washington Instruction Club met for their group meetings and a delicious luncheon on Saturday, May 15th. 

There was a great turn out at Sunnyside and everyone had a wonderful time.

Reporter Linda Denson discussed an infestation of lady bugs in the area and they seemed to be everywhere and left lots of spots.

All in all, it was a very fun meeting.
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May 14, 2010 - Honor Night for Judy Turchin, WS Chairman, Analia

Analia Chapter was proud to honor Judy Turchin, Westside Chairman of the Dresden Star Deputy Instructors on Friday, May 14th in the ballroom of the Edmonds Masonic Center.

Those responding did a great job and included Nancy Peterson for the Deputies, Barb McCabe for the GRs, Gerry Mosler for the Gr. Officers, Terry Wiggins for the PGPs, Ann Gates for the PGMs, Brian Gross for GGC and WGM Marge and WGP Dennis.

Judy and Nancy make a great pair.

The Dresden Star Deputies turned out in force and there were a few who got there too late for the picture.

The Past Deputy Chairmen were pleased to welcome Judy into the group.

WM Sheila Shreve and WP Jimmy Norton did a fantastic job and the 180 or so people in attendance had a great time.
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May 16, 2010 - Southwest Washington Assoc. Luncheon

It was a beautiful day for a drive to Centralia and the meetings of the Southwest Washington Association groups.  The big meeting was preceeded by meetings of the Grand Representatives, Deputy and Adah clubs, after which we enjoyed a delicious potluck luncheon. 

President Marla Miller kept the meeting flowing and PGM Gerry Shafer did a great job of presenting the resolutions and changes to the BOI to be voted on at Grand Chapter.

It was a lovely afternoon, enjoyed by all.
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Clue #9

Follow the Stars, they'll lead the way
Another North Star for Mary there's a Ville
You'll want to be there and "Af"terwards give a "Ton" of good wishes
May 19th, 3rd Wednesday, with so many now, we'll feel a big thrill.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Clue #8

Follow the Stars, they'll lead the way
To a city where sometimes it's hard to see stars
But maybe in a "Green" place one "Would" notice
May 18th, 3rd Tuesday a new one might shine even brighter than Mars.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Answer to Clue #7

Tonight we spend a wonderful evening at Evening Star Chapter in Almira. It was the Honor Night for Grand Representative of Florida, Shirley Armstrong. There were 81 present for the event. Sister Florence Fitzsimmons and Brother Phil Krause graciously presided in the East.

Just prior to the closing of the meeting, Brother Dick and I were asked if we had anything to say. After having the Bible closed, Brothers Jack and Harold and Sister Elaine brought the "CarnJack" show to the floor. Brother Jack asked a "Florida riddle" to which Sister Shirley gave a better answer than the one Brother Jack had. Amidst their normal confusion our team quickly decided to bring Sister Anita Borst to the East along with Brother Phil where we had the pleasure of announcing Sister Anita as next year's Grand Ruth.

Present were: PGP's J. Paul Fitzsimmons, Chuck Callon, Phil Green, and Roy Sharp, PGM's Marjoe Richards and Diane Osborne, 10 Grand Representatives, 5 Deputies, 4 WM's and 5 WP's, and 4 Grand Officers. Also present were 8 Past Grand Ruth's: Beth Krause, Florence Fitzsimmons, Jean Cox, Doris Edwards, Peggy Weitman, Carol Gaston, Nona Reinbold and Stella Brown.

What a terrific evening for all.

Linda Runyan, AGM

Congratulations Sister Anita and Brother Phil!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Answer to Clue #6

Tonight in the little SW Washington burg of Malden we filled the room with 31 sideliners and 18 officers for a total of 49 present to witness the announcement of Lorna Burns as the new Grand Esther. (Among those present were 7 members of Cheney Chapter who arrived after the meeting began, as they had conducted their own short meeting at their chapter previously.

CarnJack is beginning to feel pretty sure of himself as under the very vocal protests of the the AGM and Sister Elaine Weigel, he decided to tell a joke concerning a cowboy's visit to Texas. It was kind of a "groaner" and was a delay in the process, but the announcement finally came as they tried to unsuccessfully decipher clue on the paper in the "famous" envelope.

More practice is certainly needed.

Present were: 2 PGP's, J Paul Fitzsimmons and Phil Green, 3 Grand Officers, 1 Grand Representative who was also a WP, 4 DI's, 5 WM's and 4 more WP's, along with 4 of the newly appointed Grand Officers for next year.

Sister Louise Belsby and Brother Gregg Burns were very wonderful in the East. (Brother Gregg is Sister Lorna's escort.) A fine time was had by all, followed by wonderful fellowship and dessert.

Linda Runyan, AGM

Congratulations Sister Lorna and Brother Gregg!

Monday, May 10, 2010

May 8, 2010 - Northwest Line Officers Dinner

The Skagit Valley Country Club in Mt. Vernon was filled with merry making and fun as the Northwest Line Officers had their annual dinner to honor WGM Marge and WGP Dennis (who was home sick).

The food was delicious and the company was fabulous.  Steve and Sonya Doran's step grandson provided excellent entertainment on the piano.

There was a wonderful auction of great baskets and gifts led by auctioneer Jim Iversen with the assistance of Debbie Allen and several others.  Kay Johnson kept gumming up the works by bidding 50 cents over everyone else's bid, but they still managed to get everything sold.

Paul Ramsdell and Jill Okicich (standing in for Dennis) were given some very "special" presents.  The putter was almost tall enough for Paul.

It was a very fun evening in a beautiful setting with good friends.
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May 8, 2010 - Analia Chapter Mother's Day Tea

Analia Chapter was pleased to welcome lots of members and visitors to our annual Mother's Day Tea.

Each member decorated their tables with their own dishes and linens.

Our entertainment was a fashion show and explanation of the authentic 1820 to 1910 fashions by their designers.

The tables were full of wonderful friends.

The food was delicious

The door prizes and raffle baskets were wonderful and well received.
It was a wonderful afternoon and a lovely Saturday.

May 7, 2010 - ESC Nancy Peterson Honor Night

The Dresden Star Deputy Instructors turned out in force to honor their Eastside Chairman Nancy Peterson at Oasis Chapter in Ephrata.  It was Hawaii night and almost 120 people were entertained by a wonderful Hawaiian dancer.

There were a lot of past Deputy Chairmen in attendance ready to help Sister Nancy celebrate.

The Tea Time Star Deputy Instructors also came out to help Nancy enjoy her special night.

There were great responses from Westside Chairman Judy Turchin, Grand Organist Cherie Adams, PGP Roy Sharp, PGM Diane Osborne and WGM Marge Ramsdell.

It was a great evening and a fitting tribute to a wonderful person.
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