OES WA Calendar

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Clue #10

On Wednesday the 3rd, you'll find our Eastside wise bird.
Come join in the Victory and be a part of the herd.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Clue #9

Once again our kite takes flight.
Another Grand Officer is in sight.
To visit this burg, we can hardly wait.
On the 1st of June, don't be late.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

First Aid Help Needed at Grand Chapter

We are stilling looking for help in the First Aid Department at Grand Chapter June 29th thru July 1st at each session
Anyone with Basic Frist Aid & knows CPR is greatly appericated.
Shifts will be 2 hour intervals and sign up sheets will be at the first aid table.
These items are needed.. Any & all dontations are welcome
1. Pillow cases
2. Flat sheets twin or double
3. Bar towels
You can reach me at
Phone: H: 1-360-675-5075
C. 1-360-320-1850 Please leave a message and I'll get back to you
Thank you very much
Mary Nelson First Aid Chairman

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Answer to Clue #8

We are delighted to announce that last night Calvin, Mary Helen and I traveled from Spokane to Afton Chapter and announced that we had chosen Kay Foss to be our Grand. Marshal, her escort is Allen Foss. Kay was presented with her 50 year pin prior to our announcement. The room was full. Thank you Afton Chapter for your warm welcome. We had 8 PGM/ PGP, 6 Grand Officers and Grand Organist from Idaho, 3 GR, 3 DI and west side Chair (Kathy), 6 WM & 1 WP (more were introduced prior in other categories), Grand Treas Emeritus Carmen. 50 visitors and 27 Afton members per the Sentinels report Yahoo!!! AND we had current Grand Marshal Penny and 11 past grand marshals. 5 of those past grand marshals are past grand matrons. WOW!!! This is what OES is all about. Love friendship supporting one another and having a great time where ever we go. Short break and we will be out the first 3 days of June with our final announcement the 2nd week of June. Congrats Memory Makers Grand Family for making memories and supporting your new family. 
Star Love and Hugs, Kristine & Calvin

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Answer to Clue #7

Calvin, Mary Helen and I traveled to Magnolia Chapter and announced that Claudianne Jones will be our Grand Electa of the Memory Makers Grand Family. 65+ members, 6 PGM & PGP, grand officers and a great showing of east side deputies and WM & WP.  Current Grand Electa Marita and 3 Past Grand Electas ...Aril Baldwin will be Claudianne's escort and those two have put their heads together and have Grand plans coming together. 
Star Love and Hugs, Kristine & Calvin

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Answer to Clue #6

Calvin, Mary Helen, Gene and I traveled to Chehalis and announced that Laura Sweeny will be our Grand Adah of the Memory Makers Grand Family.  We had 4 PGM in attendance, 8 Current Grand Officers (including Sue Putnam, Grand Adah). 4 Grand Representatives (Thanks Pete Cole for bringing Ken Estess, New GR of Maine from Tyler Chapter). 3 Deputy Instructors, 3 WM and 3 WP AND A BIG YAHOOOOO 13 Past Grand Adah's from all over the state. It is so much fun for those in our Grand Family to be announced, breathe a sigh of relief and then attend the next function. Those attending from Memory Makers Grand Family: Grand Chaplain, Neil Glessing & Katie, Grand Organist, Gayle Dunston and escort Barb Lampi,  Grand Adah, Laura Sweeny, Grand Ruth, Ginny Elliott and escort Phyllis Rasler, Grand Martha, Amy Smith, escorts Al & Nancy Jorgensen, Hope to see several of you tomorrow night East of the Mountains and then up North on Wednesday. Calvin and I love each and everyone of you, our membership and thank you so very much for you continued Love and Support.  We will have a short break from announcements while some of us go to Grand Chapter in BC then keep your calendar ready, stay tuned for more clues and prepare for some more traveling the 1st week of June.  
Star Love and Hugs, Kristine & Calvin

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Clue #6

Once again our kite takes flight,
Another Grand Officer is in sight.
The 3rd Monday is Southwest we must go,

It's the right place, don't you know!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Clues #7 & #8

Once again our kite takes flight,
Another Grand Officer is in sight.
This flower is usually southern,
but this one is actually NORTH.
On the 3rd Tuesday you must come forth.

Meeting at 7:30pm
See you there.

Once again our kite takes flight,
Another Grand Officer is in sight.
"Flow Gently Sweet Afton" is Calvin's song.
On the 3rd Wednesday, you can't go wrong.

Meeting at 7:30pm
See you there. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Answer to Clue #5

Well we made East in harmony and announced Carole Lee Walk as grand Esther. The room was full. 5 PGM/PGP & 8 past grand Esther's. WM Judy did a wonderful job and we were out in no time at all. Great treats and fellowship followed and I'm sure Carole Lee and Fred will breath easier now that their secret is out. Calvin and I wish to thank everyone for the well wishes. See you next week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 
Star love and hugs, 
Kristine, Gene, Calvin and Mary Helen. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Answer to Clue #4

Congrats go out to Amy Smith of Cyclamen Chapter. She will be Grand Martha for the Memory Makers Grand Family. Yahoo for Amy and her escorts Al and Nancy Jorgensen. We had 5 PGM/PGP in attendance along with GR, DI and WM/WP from the area. Chris Bippes, Grand Martha and escort Dennis came all the way over from the East Side. We had 5 past Grand Martha's in attendance. Amy said she had big shoes to follow in. Cyclamen Chapter and those present all wished Amy the very best. See you at the next couple upcoming announcements. 
Star Love and Hugs, 
Kristine, Gene, Calvin and Mary Helen 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Grand Representative

I traveled to Golden Rod Chapter in Snohomish last night and presented  Anna Thomas  with the Commission of Vermont. Before the meeting  I gave several members tickets. When it was time to make the presentation I passed out envelopes with a small gift inside, to those people with the instructions they couldn't open them yet.  
Then called out a number and had the person with that number open her envelope. Inside was a small gift bag with coins wrapped in tissue paper. I asked how much money she had and the amount matched the last two numbers on her envelope.  Two more people opened envelopes and again the amount matched the last two numbers. The I called for number 200 and Anna proceeded to open her envelope and there was her Vermont pin. She sat there with a stunned look and tears ran down her face. I then introduced her as the new Grand Representative of Vermont. Took her to the East and gave her the Certificate and rest of the paperwork. She was pretty much speechless.  It was fun thing to do.
Marian Whetham, Grand Esther

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Our kite set sail and landed in Port Angeles.  Calvin and I are delighted to announce our Memory Maker Grand Ruth.
Virginia "Ginny" Elliott will be our Grand Ruth and her Escort is Phyllis Rasler.
It seems that some were stumped by the clue but those who figured it out and were able to attend the meeting in Port Angeles had a Grand time.  Cheri Moll and Tom Schenwerk were there to represent the PGM and PGP's. Current Grand Ruth, Melanie Boss was there and looked lovely in her creamy-pale yellow dress. In the excitement I forgot to count but I think there were 4 past Grand Ruths. Ginny is a bundle of fun and joy and we look forward to her sharing her sunny yellow outlook on life.  Two more clues this week.  Hope you will be able to attend. Star Love and Hugs, Kristine Ford AGM and Calvin Russell AGP

Monday, May 11, 2015

Clue #4 & #5

Clue #4
Once again our kite takes flight
Another Grand Officer is in site.
We like to recycle the men.
If you're not here on the 2nd Wednesday,
You'll wonder where you should have been.

Clue #5
Once again our kite takes flight,
Another Grand Officer is in site.
On the 2nd Thursday come east with me,
To a chapter in perfect harmony.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Clue #3

Once again our kite takes flight
Another Grand Officer is in sight.
Our ship of angels knows what to do,
on the Monday number 2.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Answer to Clue #2

It is with GREAT Pleasure that Calvin and I announce our Grand Chaplain, Neil Glessing.  His Escort: Katie.  Calvin, Mary Helen and I drove to Port Townsend yesterday and at Key City's meeting we announced that Neil will be our Memory Makers Grand Chaplain.  Current Grand Chaplain, Lee Ison presented Neil with a lovely gift. The room was full of smiles and cheers.  Marilyn Hoots was there representing the Past Grands.  We had 4 Past Grand Chaplains in attendance from East and West.  Thank you all for attending and supporting our newest addition to our Grand Family. Hugs, Calvin and Kristine.......Save the date: Monday May 11th. You won't want to miss our next announcement.  Clue coming to you soon ! ! !

Friday, May 1, 2015

Clue #2

Once again our kite takes flight. 
Another Grand Officer is in site. 
The Olympic Peninsula holds the Key. 
The 1st Tuesday is the place to be.