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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Grand Representative

A commission was given at Golden Rod to a speechless Brother Durwin Moore by Jennie Kelly, Grand Esther.  She commenced the program by handing out song sheets of a revised "Old McDonald had a Farm".  Instead, it was "Stephanie and Roger had a Fair".  After scrutinizing the audience, she presented a Grand Prize Blue Ribbon to Durwin who opened the first layer which was worded, “Grand Representative" and then the next layer was worded, “South Dakota".  Everyone was on their feet and cheering.  Now, it was a double whammy because it was his eighty birthday.  He was wearing a shirt which said, “It's taken this long to make me the great man I am today”, or something to that effect.  There was a lot of laughs, and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Grand Representatives

I had the pleasure and honor of presenting the commission of Grand Representative of Rhode Island last night (January 21st).

When the Worthy Matron announced Good of the Order I jumped up and asked if we could play a game now. Waving my hand all over the place like a school girl.   
Of course she said yes. I rounded up several members of Priscilla Chapter, in Port Gamble, and we played the game, name that state. They were a bit challenging as without their surrounding states it can be difficult. It seems however there was always someone that knew the answer. We went over the state nickname and what they were known for. It was a lot of fun. When we got to envelope #9, Bernice was holding that envelope, it was Rhode Island and what was it  known for I said, "It will forever be known for the new Grand Representative........Bernice Zachau!
Congratulation Bernice!!

Happy Hearts Hugs,
Pam Rookard, Grand Warder

During Guiding Star Chapter's meeting Tuesday night (January 21st) I told them we were going to play "I've Got a Secret".  The host was Brother Bruce Everett.  Prior to the meeting 2 envelopes were given to 3 people.  At the beginning of "Secret" Brother Bruce let everyone know that I had a secret.  The 3 people with envelopes were asked to stand and read their questions, one at a time.  I responded with a yes or no. The last question asked if I was the new Grand Representative to Arkansas.  I said "no" but I knew Brother Bruce knew who was, and asked him to go find that person.  He walked from the South to the North looking and as he reached Martha's chair he announced that it was Karen McCamant.  He brought her to the East where I gave her her pin and folder of information.  She was speechless except for asking if I was sure she was supposed to be getting this.  With tears from both of us I introduced Karen McCamant as the Grand Representative of Arkansas in Washington.
Barbara Burleigh, Grand Electa 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Piggy Banks for Cancer

At our reception in August, we passed out 200 red piggy banks to assist us in raising money for our Cancer project.  To date only about 40 of those piggy banks have been returned.  We are averaging about $10 per pig, so this is an important way to supplement the money we receive for our cancelled stamps.

If you have one of these red piggy banks - or any piggy bank full of money you want to donate - please get them to one of the Grand Officers before the end of February.  All the money is due to the Grand Chapter Office by March to be counted for this year.  Our Chairman - Gladis Rudd - needs time to count and roll all that money and get it to the bank so she can send the checks to the Grand Secretary in time.

Thank you for helping with this important project and all that you do for Eastern Star.
Stephanie Hoye
Worthy Grand Matron of WA

Another New Grand Representative

It was my pleasure to travel to Reliance Chapter in Bremerton on January 16 to present the commission of Grand Representative to New Mexico  to Gayla Elverson.

I waited until the last possible minute. During my response I went on about the decorations and nonsense and was interrupted by very loud talking in the Chapter room. It was none other than my Mother (Peaches) and Tom Schenewerk complaining very loudly about what happened to the announcement everyone came to hear. A few people were upset that they were talking so LOUD and interrupting my response. Then Tom proceeded to say that I wasn't talking about anything interesting.

I said did you think I was forgetting something? Then I asked if anyone wanted to play "Let's Make a Deal". That got everyone Cheering. We had a good time with all the contestants, they were great. We ended with the last 2 doors one of which was chosen for Gayla by the AC Amy Smith. Inside was a scroll that said, Congratulations you are the new Grand Representative of New Mexico.  I then opened the other door which revealed her pin. 

It was a lot of fun for all that attended.
Pam Rookard, Grand Warder

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Two New Grand Representatives

During the course of Good of the Order and Responses I had the privilege of presenting the commission for Grand Representative of Kansas in Washington to Sister Karen Karnes. It was a total surprise.

As part of my Response I asked permission of WM Karen to direct her officers or members. I then said I needed some assistance from a group of folk, that I’d pass out a little script for something we were about to do. I called on several folk from about the Chapter room, and once I had a nice group standing, I assigned each one a ‘part.’ Kevin Watson - the Scarecrow; Bill Hollifield - the Tin Man; J.C. Tibbits - the Cowardly Lion; Karin Lawson - the Wicked Witch of the West, after all she IS the A.M. and sitting in the West; and Norma Jean Roberts - Glinda the Good Witch of the East. 

“There,” I said, “that about concludes our cast of characters. Oh, no, wait, we still need a Dorothy. Sister Karen, would you stand up and be our Dorothy, after all you ARE our new Grand Representative of Kansas!!”

The room erupted in applause and cheers and the very surprised and virtually speechless WM Karen was presented her commission certificate, Kansas pin, and papers and again given a hearty round of applause.

Thank you, WGM Stephanie, for allowing me this great privilege and pleasure.  This presentation had very special meaning for me.  My maternal ancestors homesteaded in Kansas in 1881, and my own dear mother was born in a sod house in NW Kansas 101 years ago.  My Masonic roots are very deep in the soil of wheat country in western Kansas.

Happy Hearts Love,
Calvin Russell
Grand Sentinel

It was with joy, honor, love and much laughter that Sister Syrita Lockhart was presented with her commission as Grand Representative of North Dakota last night, Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at Sunnyside Chapter # 134.

Under "Good of the Order", the Bible was closed and I asked Worthy Matron  Karen if I could say a few words from the East.
I gave some very good clues about the State that some lucky person in the room would be representing, but nobody was able to guess North Dakota.
I then asked my Escort and photographer, Brother Rob Chandler if he would come to the East and give more clues and information.
Brother Rob gave a wealth of information and someone finally guessed North Dakota.

The moment of truth had arrived and after a loud "drum-roll" from the Members, I peeked inside the envelope and gasped.   Then with a quivering, emotionally weakened  voice, I asked our Conductress, Sister Syrita to escort Brother Walt Lockhart to the East.
The air was sucked right out of the room and forty plus members sat in stunned disbelief...  Walt was saying "I know you got the wrong guy" , etc...
However, applause broke out and Walt and Syrita came to the East.

Upon their arrival in the East, I began handing Walt maps and brochures and all kinds of literature that he would be needing "as the ESCORT" of our new Grand Representative of North Dakota.  I handed the commission letter and award to Sister Syrita, and she finally looked down and read HER name on the certificate.  She let out a little squeal as she realized that she was indeed the chosen one.

Our CWGRC President, Sister Mary Hendrickson, then pinned Sister Syrita, and after closing, we all continued the celebration in the dining hall with home-made stew and cornbread prepared by Sister Linda Denson.

Gerry Stinnett
Grand Organist

Photo # 2, Gerry, Syrita and Walt Lockhart and Mary Hendrickson
Photo # 1, Past and current Grand Representatives with Syrita and Walt Lockhart at Sunnyside Chapter, 1/15/2014

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Associate Grand Conductress Reception on January 11, 2014
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King County PAGO Lunch on January 4, 2014
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Grand Representative of Missouri

It was my pleasure and honor last night, January 13, 2014, to present Sister Susan Boothe, Worthy Matron of Beulah Chapter #132, with her commission as Grand Representative of Missouri.
Under "Good of the Order", the Bible was closed and I asked Worthy Matron Susan if I could say a few words from the East.  I then asked my Escort, Brother Rob Chandler if he would escort Sister Jeanette Snider to the East.  I introduced her and she told the Chapter that some lucky person was going to Missouri.  Then she told a very personal story of her family ties to Missouri as well as her experience as Grand Representative of Missouri and the exciting trip she made to Grand Chapter there. 
Brother Rob then escorted Sister Pat Crab (also PGR of Missouri) to the East and she gave a wonderful presentation on Missouri's history and facts of interest.
After a few more words from me,  Grand Martha, Sister Nancy Peterson said; "Drum Roll", and I opened the envelope containing the commission.  Not being able to find my glasses, I asked Sister Marjoe Richards, General Grand Scottish Rite Charities Committee Member and PGM as well as Past Grand Representative to Missouri if she would read the commission for me.
The whole Chapter was emotionally charged with love, applause, laughter, hugs and tears of joy when Sister Marjoe read "Sister Susan Boothe".
Sister Marjoe then pinned Sister Susan. 
The celebration continued in the dinning hall with a light super and coffee and punch.
Gerry Stinnett
Grand Organist

The pictures are #1- Past Grand Representatives and Sister Susan Boothe; #3- Grand Martha, Susan, and Grand Organist; #2 - Past Grand Representatives of Missouri, Pat Crab, Marjoe Richards, Susan and Jeanette Snider

Monday, January 13, 2014

Grand Representative of Delaware

The following was written up by PGP Don Beck for AGP Jim Iversen since Jim is having internet problems. 

Last Friday night (January 10th) AGP Jim Iversen  was at Nesika in Renton.  Being WP, I sat back and watched the event happen.  When WM Tess Kent got to Good of the Order and asked Br. Jim to talk, well actually she said she couldn't wait anymore and wanted him to do what he came there to do.  Of course, "No one knew why he was there other than just out traveling"  {believe that and I have a bridge to sell you}.
Jim had to say sort of why he was there but he enlisted his trusty "Vanna" Pat to locate the people in audience and "Bring Them Down" like they do on "Price Is Right".  "Vanna" first found Pam Sawyer, then Kay Johnson, then Alma Michelsen, then Richard Moore and finally the "real McCoy".  With each "contestant", "Vanna" brought them to the east as AGP Jim ask them to name the state he was describing and if they got it right, they'd get a small baggy gift.  Questions they were to answer were like what state has a specific tree, particular bird, state capital, etc.  They all got their baggy eventually after some coaching from the sidelines.  Then Jim had "Vanna" seek out Marcia Beck and she jumped up playing the game like the rest and she was asked what State had the "holly as its tree".  Time expired, so the next question was what state had the Blue Hen Chicken as its bird.  Not right - time expired.  Next question, "what state had only 3 counties?  Time expired, still not correct.  Now she was getting worried that she might not get her baggy like the rest.  But even the sideliners were no help yet.  Then Jim got desperate and his last hint was "Be AWARE it has a city named DELmar".  He repeated this again actuating the WARE and DELmar.  She then guessed Delaware, and Br. Jim told "Vanna" to give her a baggy and escort her to the diaz.  She came up on the diaz shaking now and beginning to think something different was in the works.  Jim told her she had to open the bag now before everyone and when she got it open and unwrapped something hard from the paper, she found the small pin shape like the state of Delaware.  She then realized what had happened and became speechless and crying with joy.  Jim congratulated her as the new Grand Representative in Washington for the great state of Delaware.  By then everyone in the room knew what she got and were applauding.  It took her awhile to realize she is really a Grand Representative.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Grand Representative of Wyoming

I traveled to Astral Chapter Wenatchee on Tuesday, January 7th to present the Grand Representative of Wyoming commission to Louise Day.  She is listed as Esther of the Chapter in the Blue Book.
Nancy Peterson
Grand Martha

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Grand Representative

This evening it was my pleasure to announce the new Grand Representative of Colorado, it is Sharon Singleton of Chehalis Chapter.  Sharon is Electa at her chapter and her address is in the Blue Book.  I asked all the members to stand and then asked a series of questions, if your answer to the question was positive you were to remain standing.  Eventually I stated if you are Electa at Chehalis, please remain standing, Sharon was truly surprised.  There were two current Grand Representatives in attendance and numerous former Grand Representatives, one Past Grand Matron and three Grand Officers. 

Marcia Haukaas
Grand Treasurer

Monday, January 6, 2014

Updates on LaNita Pascoe & Carman Ivey

Latest update on LaNita Pascoe from Diane Osborne:
      On the way home from Puyallup today we drove up to the Everett Hospital to see LaNita if possible and Frank. I had called so Frank knew I was coming.
      LaNita continues to be in ICU. She has been heavily sedated as she in on a respirator. They woke her up this morning and tried to get her to breathe on her own. That didn’t happen so she is sedated again and continues to have the respirator going. There is a lot more going on but she and Frank definitely need our prayers.
      Today, Frank, was not feeling so well. He was headed home after our visit to get the mail. He has not been eating properly. We talked about him getting a good bowl of soup and making an appointment with his Dr. for himself. He has been sleeping in the room with LaNita. He is not getting a good night’s sleep. Maybe someone in the Everett area can call him and see about taking him a healthy sandwich and some healthy snacks.
      If they continue to do what they did this morning this could be a very long haul. The respiratory Dr. was in while I was there and he said they would try again tomorrow and just keep doing it every day until she breathes on her own.
     Take a few minutes each day to be thankful for all you have, and we will all pray for LaNita’s recovery and Frank’s well-being and everyone else’s good health.

Happy New Year Everyone!! (A little late).  I just want to take this opportunity to again Thank Everyone for all the cards, Prayers and good wishes I have received in the last two months since my knee replacement surgery and the surgery two weeks later to set my broken leg.  (My leg just broke, I never fell, and Dr says I am a "fluke", only the 2nd one he has ever had break without a fall.)  My leg now has a steel plate in the femur, just above my replacement, with aboout 10 screws in it.  ( I should have fun going through airport security, whenever that may be.)  I was doing really well after the replacement surgery, and thought I would be driving by Thanksgiving, but now am hoping to be walking by Valentine's Day!!   After getting out of the hospital after the second surgery, I spent three weeks in a skilled nursing facility, receiving Physical and Occupational Therapy 5 days as week.  Since then I have been living with my family, scince I am in a wheelchair, and walking in the house only, with my left leg and both arms on the walker, and only touch weight on my right foot.   Dr says that in about 6 weeks, I may be walking with limited weight on the right foot, and increasing it slowly, with lots of Therapy.  My leave at JCP has been extended until the end of March for now.   I can only say that I have had great family support, here in WA, and from many friends in Arizona, and here at home as well as friends all over.  I am so grateful that I am not any worse off than I am,  being in the 'home' just helped me to realizse so many people are worse off than I, and many would never leave there.   I am also grateful to the several friends who have taken my little dogs into their homes, so I don't have to pay the boarding fees for all these months before I can take them home.  I am truly blessed with caring family and friends.   I look forward to getting out in my new wheelchair, even to therapy or the store, Thanks to my sister in law, Karen,  otherwise I am very limited in what I can do until I can put more weight on my foot.   At least I am halfway there.  Thanks again everyone, for your concerns.  Please keep the Prayers coming, they do help, believe me. 
P.S. forgive me if you did not receive my Christmas greetings, they never got sent!
Carmen Ivey

Pop Tabs for Ronald McDonald House

Thank you to everyone who is collecting pop tabs for our Ronald McDonald Houses.  We really do appreciate your efforts. 

Are you saving all tabs? We can only recycle aluminum tabs not plastic or steel tabs, as in some juice or nutritional supplement cans. Unfortunately, if the tab sticks to a magnet, we cannot use it. Please check your tabs from soup and other cans – some are aluminum and can be used; others are steel and cannot.  Please run a magnet over your tabs before you turn them in.

We may not have the big trailer at Grand Chapter to collect the tabs this year, so we are suggesting that you take your tabs to your local aluminum recycler and send the money you collect to Grand Chapter, or contact one of our Chairmen - John Chamberlain or Dennis Okicich for assistance. 

Thank you again for your support of this very important project!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Honor Night Pictures

Grand Representative Honor Night on December 18, 2013
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Places to be!

Chehalis Chapter on Monday, January 6th at 7:30 PM.
Marcia Haukaas
Gr. Treasurer

Tuesday, January 7, 2014 at Astral Chapter Wenatchee meeting time is 7:30.
Nancy Peterson
Grand Martha

POSTPONED Belfair, Wednesday, January 8th at 7:30
Pam Rookard
Grand Warder
The place to be on Friday, January 10th is Nesika Chapter in Renton.
Jim Iversen