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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last OV - Rada Uphus - Feb 27, 2010

(Unofficial count) 135 members joined Rada Uphus Chapter as the hosted the last official visit of WGM Marge with WGP Dennis.

WM Mary Lindell and WP Vinnie DiGuilio did a good job of leading their officers through opening and introductions. We know Brother Dennis was proud of his Chapter members.

The entire American Emerald Grand Family turned out to support them.

25 Dresden Star Deputies also attended the meeting.

The WGM told a story that made everyone cry and shed a few tears herself at her last official visit.

After the meeting delisious refreshments were provided in the dining hall.

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GR HN - Nancy Jorgensen, Cyclamen - Feb 24, 2010

(Unofficial count) Almost 70 members and visitors gathered in Auburn as Cyclamen Chapter honored Nancy Jorgensen, Grand Representative of Sao Paolo Brazil in Washington. The members of Cyclamen, led by WM Amy Smith and WP Ed Willert were very proud of Sister Nancy.

We learned many facts about Sao Paolo in both introductions and from Nancy who also delighted us with a PowerPoint presentation about Eastern Star in Brazil. Her grandson, Carl Hennings, wowed us all with 2 awesome piano pieces.
Responses were given by Luci Bristow for the Grand Representatives, Associate Grand Conductress Gerry Mosler, Past Grand Patron Roy Sharp, Past Grand Matron Diane Osborne and GGCCM and PGM Brian Gross.
After the meeting we all gathered in the dining room for delicious refreshments.

OV - Davenport - Feb 23, 2010

(Unofficial count) 70 members gathered for the official visit of WGM Marge with WGM Dennis to Davenport Chapter on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. Prior to the meeting the Chapter served a delicious baked potato bar lunch.

The members of Davenport Chapter were pleased to welcome the WGM, WGP and visitors.
WM Sarah Jane Johnson and WP Don Reinbold did a great job of leading their officers in opening and introductions and through all the business of the Chapter.
The Portrait Grand Family turned out in force to honor Sister Nona Reinbold and her handsome escort Don. Nona was our Grand Ruth for the Portraits.

The Grand Officers were pleased to attend the meeting.

Brother Harry Davis entertained us all with his wonderful saxaphone.
After the meeting we all gathered in the dining hall for refreshments.
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Friday, February 26, 2010

Reception - Gr. Organist Cherie Adams, Feb 20, 2010

(Unofficial count) Over 140 songbirds gathered at the Landmark on the Sound (formerly known as the Masonic Retirement Center) in Des Moines on Saturday, February 20th for the reception of Grand Organist Cherie Adams.

The members of both Southgate and Delta were very proud of their distinguished member.

The Grand Officers looked great in their official attire.

The WGM, WGP and Cherie's escort Myrna Nilson posed for official photographer Dan Voorhees.

Entertainment included Chuck Aldrich masquerading as a buffalo and startling all the women in the audience.

Stephanie Hoye portrayed the lonely dragonfly singing "Where is Love".

She thought she might have found it in the buffalo, but the situation proved to be too hairy!

So the mystery speaker, AGC Gerry Mosler brought down the house by proclaiming, "It isn't over until the fat lady sings," after which she picked up her guitar and put on her Ballardeers yellow hat and sang a song she wrote especially for Cherie.

It was a beautiful, sunny and fun afternoon filled with music and friendship.
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Richard Mosier Memorial Service

Richard Mosier passed away on February 21st after being hospitalized for the past week. His memorial service will be Tuesday, March 2nd at Fir Lane Funeral Home & Memorial Park, 924 E 176th St, Spanaway at 1:00 PM. Graveside Masonic Service to follow. Reception at Dryer Masonic Center, 306 S 134th St, Parkland following the services.
Richard and his wife Judy were very active with the WA/ID Order of Rainbow for Girls for many, many years. They were active in numerous other Masonic organizations over the years as well so are known by people all over the state of Washington. Please keep Judy and their son, Richard, Jr in your thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Laura Singhose Memorial Service

A memorial service for Laurie Singhose, former Grand Representative of Alberta, will be held upstairs at the Port Angeles Masonic Center (7th & Lincoln St) on Saturday, February 27th at 2:00 PM. Then on Saturday, March 20th there will be another memorial service at the Lummi Island Church at 3:00 PM. Laurie passed away on January 15, 2010.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Don Hedlund Memorial Service

The memorial service celebrating the life of Don Hedlund, who passed away on February 14th, will be held at 1:00 PM on Saturday, February 27th at Trinity Parish Church (Downtown Trinity Episcopal Church), 609 8th Ave, Seattle (206-624-5337) -- corner of 8th Ave and James St. Reception following the service. In lieu of flowers, please send remembrances to Lung Cancer Foundation of America, 15 S Franklin St, New Ulm MN 56073 or Grand Chapter of WA--ESTARL, 615 North St SE, Tumwater WA 98501.

Merger - Warren into Tyler Chapter - Feb. 18, 2010

More than 115 members gathered at Tyler Chapter in University Place to participate in the merger of Warren Chapter into Tyler Chapter. After Tyler's WM Linda Ellison and WP John Zimmerman lead their officers through the regular opening, introductions and business, they handed the gavel over to WGM Marge perform the merger ceremony.

Grand Marshal Peggy Mills first conducted the members of Warren Chapter, lead by their WM Marilyn Avery and WP and PGP Terry Wiggins, to form a circle around the altar within the labyrinth. Then she conducted the members of Tyler Chapter to form a circle around the outside of the labyrinth. WGP Dennis then did a beautiful job of leading the members of the 2 Chapters in the initiatory obligation.

After that, the Grand Officers and Escorts formed a golden chain around the members of the 2 Chapters and Grand Chaplain John Chamberlain led us in prayer.

The members of Warren Chapter stepped back into the circle formed by Tyler Chapter and the Worthy Grand Matron proclaimed the merger completed
PGM Kit Wells was pleased to attend the merger since her WGP was Cecil Black from Tyler Chapter and she is an honorary member. She enjoyed posing with PGP Terry Wiggins.

The newly united members of Tyler Chapter posed for a picture after the meeting.
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King County Friendship Dinner

King County had a dinner to honor the Worthy Grand Matron, Worthy Grand Patron and the Grand Officers on Sunday, February 14th. The theme was Hawaiian luau and everyone dressed for the occasion. There was an auction of baskets donated by the Chapters to raise funds for the WGM and WGP's projects.

The King Co. line officers put on a mystery theater skit to the delight of all present.

The King Co. Worthy matrons also presented WGM Marge with her quilt.

Pictures of the event are on the sidebar in the photo albums section.


Grand Esther Luncheon - Feb. 13, 2010

(Unofficial count) Almost 100 people enjoyed a delicious lunch honoring Grand Esther Glenda Miller and the other four Star Points.

Esther Club President Karin Whipple did a great job of emceeing the festivities. Their junior past counterparts presented Grand Adah, Grand Ruth, Grand Martha and Grand Electa with beautiful plates etched with their symbols. Then junior Past Grand Esther Diane Rice presented Glenda with a large gold rimmed snifter etched with Esther's crown and scepter. Despite Gordon's suggestion, Glenda said it would not be used as a wine glass.

PGM Diane Osborne presented WGM Marge and WGP Dennis with their gifts from the club. It was a wonderful afternoon and everyone enjoyed being together.
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OV - Olympic and Pt. Orchard - February 11, 2010

(Unofficial count) Over 100 members gathered for the official visit of WGM Marge and WGP Dennis to Olympic and Pt. Orchard Chapters - held at the Bremerton Masonic Center. The officers and member of Olympic Chapter posed for a special picture.

Both Pt. Orchard and Olympic members were pleased to support their Chapters.

Olympic's WM Gayla Elverson welcomed everyone with flamingo lessons (information about the birds) the she and WP James Reid did a great job of leading their officers in opening and introductions. Both Chapters conducted their business expediently then Pt. Orchard's WM Peaches Frye and WP Jerry Hart lead their herd through the examination of a visitor.

The two Chapters then delighted all with a skit narrated by PGM Tom Schenewerk and starring our WGM as the heroine and our WGP as the villian.

The villian ended up in jail, guarded by the ever present flamingos.

It was a fun evening preceeded by a delicious spaghetti dinner for a donation and great refreshments.
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OV - Beulah and Alma - February 8, 2010

Official visit of WGM Marge with WGP Dennis to Beulah and Alma Chapters on February 8, 2010. They were pleased to welcome WGP Joe Jarvis of Oregon to the OV.
Pictures courtesy of WGP Dennis and Jill Okicich.

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Beulah Marr - Alki Chapter - Grand Representative of Kansas in WA

Diane Rice sent a couple of pictures of one of our newest Grand Representatives - Beulah Marr of Alki Chapter who represents Kansas in Washington.

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OV - Mt. Baker and Madrona - Feb. 4, 2010

Pictures of the Official Visit of WGM Marge with WGP Dennis to Mt. Baker and Madrona Chapters on February 4, 2010. Courtesy of WGP Dennis and Jill Okicich.