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Friday, June 29, 2012

Pictures from Grand Chapter

Here's a few pictures shared by our AGP Rodger Collins from Grand Chapter in Yakima.
CLICK HERE to view Grand Chapter pictures.
CLICK HERE to view pictures from the Gala.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Stephanie Hoye, newly installed Associate Grand Matron, received permission from WGM Gerry near the end of installation at Grand Chapter in Yakima to make the announcement that the new Grand Representative to the Supreme Grand Chapter of Scotland will be Paula Sonker from Kirkland Chapter .  The new appointment was because Calvin Russell is the newly installed Grand Organist and can't continue his commission.  Paula is listed in the 2011-12 Blue Book as the chapter chaplain.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


At the Tuesday morning session of Grand Chapter (June 26th) Jim Iversen was elected Grand Sentinel and Kristine Ford was elected Associate Grand Conductress.  Congratulations to both of them as they start their travels up the Grand Chapter of WA Grand Line. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Prayers Needed

This is to let friends know, that Beryl Dawkins', past grand organist for Mary Jane Sommerfield (1980), cancer has returned in full force and sister Beryl has opted not to go the treatment route this time. Cards and notes are deeply comforting to her. Her address is:   Beryl Dawkins
                                                             PO Box 40
                                                             Kahlotus WA 99335

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


       I had the privilege of attending Guiding Star Chapter in Sumner tonight (June 19th) to present the Grand Representative commission for Indiana to Sister Linda Ogren.
       Worthy Matron Cindy Sims and Worthy Patron Pete Cole have a race car theme this term and all of the officers wear "finish line printed" black and white vests.  I purchased a number of plastic race cars (four inches in size) and passed them out to several members present.   On the bottom of each car was taped an answer to one of the questions I asked about the state of Indiana.  When I asked what the state flower of Indiana was, Linda opened her taped answer and it said "You are the new GR of Indiana".  She was completely surprised and delighted.  There were 2 PGPs, two Grand Officers, and two GRs present, including Bill Pond, Laurel Chapter, who was announced last Thursday night as the new GR of Tennessee.
Jeannette Carroll, Grand Martha

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grand Chapter of Oregon

We had a great time and were treated royally at the Grand Chapter of Oregon.  Well worth the trip to Pendleton!

CLICK HERE for pictures!

Merger of Malden and Hope

Malden Chapter is now full of Hope!!!!  It was a beautiful ceremony and now they can start anew together.

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NEW LOCATION: JENKINS HIGH SCHOOL..in Chewelah PICNIC IN THE PARK CANCELED...refreshments following O.V. at the school.

The first official visit of 2012-13 is still with Pine Tree Chapter July 21st @1:30 in Chewelah

New location is Jenkins High School E. 702 Lincoln

turn East off highway 395 by ZIPS restaurant...continue three blocks (past the Elementary school)...school is on the right.
It's in a three block radius of the Breza home

Hope to see ya'll in Chewelah that week-end! 

Saturday, June 16, 2012


It is with pleasure that I was honored to present to Bill Pond, Laurel Chapter, Black Diamond, the Grand Representative Commission to Tennessee earlier this evening (June 14th).  He was overwhelmed and his chapter was very pleased. 

Mary Ann Fergusson, AGC

Starkeeper Deputies for 2012-13

Westside Chairman – Sharon Gray, Alderwood
Eastside Chairman – Carole Lee Walk, Astral 

Alderwood –   Janet Busby
Alma –            Phyllis Williams
Amethyst –     Gayle Dunston
Astral –           Norm Day
Centralia –       Ray Berrian
Corinthian –    Carolann Blake
Delta –            Valgene Orlando
Esther –           Dave Larson
Evergreen -      Debra Sheets
Ferndale -        Jan Eskola
Guiding Star – Janet Lee
Henry Wentworth – Pat Finley
Magnolia -       Aril Baldwin
Malden –         June Crow
Martha -          Pat McKinley
Mt. Baker -      Nadine Weatherby
Naomi -           Judy Hartle
Nesika -           Richard Moore
Oasis -             Kristen Peterson
Occidental -    Kathi Akins
Priscilla -         Jim Zachau
Reliance -        Mary Lou Addy
Stanwood -     Ann Taylor
Sunnyside -     Gerry Stinnett
Tyee -              Bonnie Stuart
Victory -          Jennie Palmer

Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Grand Representative of Kentucky

On wed. June 13, 2012. Grand Electa, Pat Scales escorted by Grand Escort Tom Scales and Grand Ruth, Janice Glidden.traveled to Illihee Chapter in Toppenish, WA to present Shirley Deanne a Grand Representative Appointment to Kentucky.

Those attending were 3 Grand Representatives and others form Ellensburg, Wenatchee and Granger WA. Shirley was extremely excited along with her chapter members. It was Chapter Men’s night with men providing a fashion show, the meeting followed by a Chapter Picnic. (Very Delicious).

Thank You Gloria for letting me present this commission.
Pat Scales, Grand Electa

New Grand Martha for 2012-13

The room was packed as people came to see who the final addition to our Grand Family will be. Under responses our assistants, Gilligan (Terry), and Mary Ann (Nancy) were unable to find who they were looking for. Nancy decided she would be Grand Martha and Terry would be her escort. However AGP Bob and I overrode their decision and announced WM Jean Ballard as our Grand Martha. There were 7 PGM and PGP to support our announcement and there were 5 Past Grand Martha's which included Eunice Gaston, Past Worthy Grand Martha, as well as Jeannette Carroll, current Grand Martha. Several of Jean's Tea Time Stars and Forget-Me-Nots were also there. We are thrilled to have all of our officers named and now we move forward to Grand Chapter in just 2 weeks!

We wish to thank all who have come to the announcements to show their support of the LIGHTKEEPER GRAND FAMILY we have chosen. We look forward to all that is ahead and in only a SHORT 2 weeks another year will be under way.

Lighthouse Hugs to all,

Gerry Mosler
Associate Grand Matron

CLICK HERE for more pictures!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Grand Organist for 2012-13

At a wonderfully attended meeting of Martha Washington Chapter AGM Gerry and AGP Bob were pleased to announce Calvin Russell as our Grand Organist.  His escort will be Mary Helen Johnson.  There were 3 past Grand Organists there, Cindy Garrett, Paul Runyan, and Mary Hartsfield, and Marjorie Bamford current Grand Organist.  It was a fun-filled day.  Only 1 more to go!

CLICK HERE for pictures!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Clue #11 -- FINALLY!!!!

We’ve come to the last special person on our list
If you’ve been keeping track, you know which office we’ve missed?
Wednesday June 13th, that’s the night....where to go?
Head north on I-5, then West towards Camano.
The lighthouse and compass guide our way
We’ve been guided safely each mile and we say,
Thanks to all for showing your support, you’ve made it very clear
You are excited, as we are, for those who will serve next year.

New Westside Deputy Chairman for 2012-13

A packed house at Alderwood Chapter last night for Friends Night, the presentation of Ann Gate’s 50 year pin, and the announcement of Sharon Gray as the Westside Chairman of the Deputy Instructors for next year. AGM Gerry and AGP Terry, with the assistance of “Gilligan” Terry and “Mary Ann” Nancy, escorted Donna Gray to the east to join WM Sharon as the announcement was made. There 13 previous Westside Chairmen and 4 Eastside Chairmen, as well as current Eastside Chairman, in attendance to support the announcement of Sharon.

The newly announced Eastside Chairman, Carole Lee Walk was there, as were some of the Deputies for next year who have been announced in their chapters.

A fun evening for all who attended.

Gerry Mosler
Associate Grand Matron

CLICK HERE for more pictures!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


To the ring of clapping, the tears of her daughter,and the button popping pride of
her husband  Sharlene "Shar" Davies was given the Commission  of GRAND
in Cle Elum.
She is listed as Secretary in the Blue Book.
As a dual member of Grace Chapter in Ellensburg she is listed as Conductress there.
Shirley Armstrong,
Grand Warder

Fawn Hacker, WM of Olympia #36 is the new Grand Representative of Louisiana in Washington.!!
There was a nice turnout of current & former Grand Reps at the meeting last night, including Bill Miller, GR of New Jersey, and Charlotte Miller, former GR of Louisiana.  After giving a few clues as to which State, then we did a "Last Man Standing" quiz -- only in this case it was the "Last WOMAN standing" -- which was Sister Fawn.  

Immediately following the meeting, Fawn called home to her husband Walter, who is recovering from some major surgery,  to give him the exciting news. 

Thanks, Gloria, for giving me this "assignment".  Hugs,  Judy Nielsen, Grand Esther

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Clue #10

We want you to go south for appointment #10
Saturday June 9th at 2p.m., pay attention then.
The lighthouse and compass guide our way
I-5 south, almost to Oregon, but don’t cross the bridge today.
We hope you can make it, there’s sure to be laughter
Come down and see the person we’re after!

Fun(d) Day grand total

Thank you so much for all that you did to make the Fun Day such a success. We had a wonderful chairman, Gen Cooley and with the work and effort of everyone, we made $4,832.62. You are the greatest.
Gloria J. Schwartz
Worthy Grand Matron
And from Gen:
My heart felt thanks to the Pace Setter Grand officers and escorts for all their help with the "Fun Day" and their willingness to participate in the " sponge toss" it made the day.   Thanks to all those who helped make this such a successful event.
Star Love
Gen Cooley Chairman

New Eastside Deputy Chairman for 2012-13

At Astral Chapter in Wenatchee last night, Carole Lee Walk was announced as the Eastside Deputy Chairman. This announcement was well received by all in attendance, which included 6 past chairmen from the eastside and the current eastside chairman, and myself from the westside.

Marjoe Richards, Stella Brown, Pam Marrs, Bonnie Rail, JoDee Desrosier, Nancy Breza, Marita Bothman.

8 announcements down and 3 left! And yes, contrary to what people are thinking , we really do have a Grand Organist and Grand Martha – please be patient.

Pictures will be posted later today.

Gerry Mosler
Associate Grand Matron

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More Prayers Needed

Bill and Alice Hammontree and their family need our prayers in a big way. Bill is at St. Joe's in Tacoma and has had two heart attacks. He is having a heart cath later this morning to see if they can determine the problem and hopefully fix it.

Monday, June 4, 2012


PGP Bill Hammontree has been in St Joseph’s Hospital in Tacoma since Friday evening (June 1st) with heart problems.  He is scheduled for a heart catheter late tomorrow morning (June 5th) to see what is going on, and what the next steps will be.   Please keep Bill, Alice and daughter & son (Cindy & Greg) in your thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thank You to King County Friendship Dinner donation

King County Friendship Dinner at the end of February made a donation of $1,898.21 to the WGM Gloria's Special Project. Not only did this increase my heart rate, but it made realize once again what great people we have in Eastern Star. However since we are unable to send a thank you to all the organizers and participants, we decided to send a group hug on the Washington OES Blog.
Realize that we are excited when we receive donations as much as $100.00 and think how the amount received from the King County Friendship Dinner made us feel.

Hugs to all of you from
Dan & Vicki Voorhees
co-chairmen of WGM's Special Project

June 2, 2012 - Grand Chapter Fun Day

We had a great time at the Grand Chapter fun day to raise money to support our Gand Chapter operations.  There were racks of clothing of every, shape and kind for sale in the Chapter room.  In the lobby were books and puzzles and a 50/50 raffle.  In the dining room, a bake sale and penny auction lined the walls.  There was also an ice cream station!  Yum!  In the kitchen you could get breakfast or lunch with the hotdogs and hamburgers cooked by the Masons of Olympia.  Outside the Deputies offered either a bean bag toss for candy, or a fishing pole for other "gifts".  But the Grand Officer sponge toss seemed to provide the most entertainment to those doing the tossing, dousing and spraying.  It was a wonderful day and everyone enjoyed the fun!

CLICK HERE for pictures!

Clue #9

Thursday June 7th, we’ve come to number nine
Follow this clue, the correct chapter you’ll find.
The lighthouse and compass guide our way
To the Woods, among Alder trees, where we go on this day.
The meeting is at 7:30, we’re sure you’ll have fun.
The next special person you’ll know by the time the meeting’s done.

Lighthouse Hugs,
Gerry Mosler

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Clue #8

Moving along to announcement number eight
A city known for its apples, the scenery is great!
The lighthouse and compass guide our way
We’re now into June, first Tuesday the 5th, that’s the day
For this latest announcement we’re excited, just wait...
7:30’s the time, so please don’t be late.