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Sunday, February 26, 2012

This Week in Washington!

Sunday, Feb 19 - Victorian High Tea at Vancouver

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Monday, Feb. 20 - Western Washington Grand Representatives Luncheon at Faith Chapter in Parkland

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Tuesday, Feb 21 - Grand Representative Honor Night for Melanie Loughmiller - representing Louisiana from Maple Leaf Chapter in Bellingham.

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Tuesday, Feb 21 - Official Visit at Rada Uphus Chapter in Bothell

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Thursday, Feb 23 - Official visit at Cedar and Vida Chapters in Tacoma

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Saturday, Feb 25 - Last Official visit at Afton and Bethel Chapters in Marysville

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


The Pace Setter Grand Family will be performing the ceremony of initiation at Guiding Star Chapter in Sumner on Friday, March 2nd at 7:30 PM. Address of Phoenix Masonic Hall is 1009 Main St, Sumner. Come and support the Grand Officers and the members of Guiding Star Chapter.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dinners and Mergers and Martha Club and Receptions - Oh, My!

Sunday, February 12 - King County Line Officers Friendship Dinner
It was beck to the 40's and WWII as everyone gathered for a delicious meatloaf dinner and auction at Alki Masonic Center in West Seattle.  What a great time we had and the costumes and decorations were first rate!

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Thursday, February 16 - Merger - Everett into Alderwood
The Chapter was full as Everett Chapter merged with Alderwood Chapter.  The members of Everett Chapter formed a circle around the altar with the members of Alderwood in a circle around them.  The Grand Officers formed a circle with golden chains around them.  Upon direction from the Worthy Grand Matron, the members of Everett Chapter moved back into the circle with Alderwood and they became one Chapter.  It was a beautiful and moving ceremony and we wish the newly merged Chapter the best to come in the future.

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Saturday, February 17 - Martha Club Luncheon
The Martha Club had a luncheon to honor Grand Martha Jeannette Carroll at the Ballard Masonic Center.  A delicious meal was served and the proceeds of the luncheon will be used to for New Beginnings - a charity that helps support victims of domestic violence.  The luncheon was a well deserved honor for a wonderful sister.

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Saturday, February 17 - Reception for Grand Conductress
Pigs were flying all over the Edmonds Masonic Center as Analia Chapter held a great celebration for Grand Conductress Stephanie Hoye.  Laughter was the theme of the day and there was lots of it along with about 300 members and friends.  We had the pleasure of listening to Bill Davis roast Grand Escort Don Etchison.  Wonderful responses were given by the WGM, WGP, Brian Gross - PGP and GGCCM, Beverly Haave - PGM, Tom Schenewerk - PGP and the mystery speaker Grand Adah Cindy Schneider.  Afterwards there were delicious refreshments - sandwiches and salads prepared by the Portrait Grand Family and served by the Starlight Grand Family, and cupcakes and cookies prepared by the members of Analia Chapter.  It was a wonderful day and the Grand Conductress is very grateful for everyone who helped and who took the time to attend.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Parking for Grand Conductress Reception Saturday Feb 17

For those inquiring about parking at the Edmonds Masonic Center on Saturday, there are some parking lots within about a block or two you might want to try. 

You can park in the lot at the Christian Science Church at the corner of 6th and Maple - one block south of the Center.

You can park in the lot at the pet store at the corner of 6th and Main - one block northeast and down the alley from the Center - but PLEASE LEAVE THE SPOTS BY THEIR DOOR OPEN FOR THEIR PATRONS or they won't let us park there anymore.

You can park in the municipal lot at 6th and Bell by the Police Department and Municipal Court if you have been good - about 2 blocks north of the Center.

If you like to read, you might try the parking lot at the library about a block and a half east of the Center on Dayton.

We look forward to seeing you and hope for good weather!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Dear Sisters and Brothers,
If your going to make a mistake and send it out to everyone be sure it's a big one!
The following invitation should have said that EVERETT #222 is the one merging into Alderwood #185.
Sorry about the error, but you are still invited!!!!
You all are invited to the Merger Ceremony, performed by the Pace Setter Grand Family, of Alderwood Chapter #185 into Everett Chapter #222.
Ceremony will take place:
Thursday, February 16, 2012, at 7:30 p.m.
Everett Masonic Center
234-C Olympic Blvd
Everett 98203-1900
Please come and help us celebrate the union of these two chapters and support their/our members!
Sandra K.

Sandra K. Henry, Grand Secretary
Grand Chapter of Washington
Order of the Eastern Star

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Last week in Star

Sunday, February 5 - Pierce Thurston Secretary Treasurer's Luncheon

The Pierce-Thurston Secretaries and Treasurers had a luncheon honoring our Grand Secretary Sandra K Henry and our Grand Treasurer Marcia Haukaas and the rest of the Grand Family.  It was a lovely luncheon and a nice day.

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Monday, February 6 - OV at Madrona and Tula

The OV at Madrona and Tula Chapters held in Anacortes had lots of surprises as Frank Nelson was presented with his 25 year pin and then his wife Mary Nelson was presented with the commission of Grand Representative of California in Washington.  A great night all around.

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Tuesday, February 7 - DI Honor Night for Karen Karnes, Lewis Chapter

Lewis Chapter was filled with members there to honor Karen Karnes, one of the Merry Mice Deputy Instructors.  It was a very fun night with responses from Larry Wilkinson for the DIs, Melanie Boss for the GRs, Stephanie Hoye for the GOs, Bill Hammontree for the PGMs, Diane Osborne for the PGPs and Brian Gross for the GGCCMs.  Everyone had a wonderful time celebrating this very deserving sister.

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Thursday, February 9 - DI Honor Night for John Livie, Tyee Chapter

Tyee Chapter was also filled with members honoring brother John Livie, another of the Merry Mice Deputy Instructors.  Another fun night full of happiness and best wishes for another deserving brother.

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Friday, February 10 - Port Orchard Sweetheart Luncheon

A delicious lunchone was combined with a raffle and presentations of 25 year pins in Port Orchard during their annual Sweetheart's luncheon.    It was a lovely luncheon and everyone had a great time.

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Saturday, February 11 - Esther Club Luncheon

The Lake City Presbyterian Church dining hall was full of those wishing to honor our Grand Esther, Judy Nielsen and the other Starpoints - Grand Adah Cindy Schneider, Grand Ruth Janice Glidden, Grand Martha Jeannette Carroll and Grand Electa Pat Scales.  After a delicious dinner, they and the WGM and WGP were presented with beautifully engraved gifts from the club.  It was a wonderful afternoon.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Last evening, February 6, Jim Iverson, Grand Chaplain, presented the appointment of Grand Representative of California to Mary Nelson of Madrona Chapter. She is listed in the Blue Book as Treasurer. Jim and I did a little skit about looking for a gold miner. I gave Jim hints and he moved around the room asking if a certain person would be a good miner. He ended by saying Mary would make an excellent gold miner and presented her with her California gold pin. She was extremely surprised and very emotional. California is special to her as she has a son who lives there.
Mary's husband, Frank, was also honored that night with the presentation of his 25 year pin, so it was a great night for the Nelsons.
Love and hugs~
Pat Iverson

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Busy week in Star

Sat - Jan 18 - Snohomish County Association Dinner
Delicious food and wonderful auction prizes and happy times.

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Tues - Jan 31st - OV Greenwood
The members of Greenwood had a lovely official visit with a delicious dinner for a donation ahead of time.

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Tues - Jan 31st - Priscilla Chapter
Presentation of Grand Representative of Colorado commission to Liz Punt

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Wed - Feb 1st - OV Occidental
Occidental Chapter had a wonderful OV and very interesting entertainment.  Everyone enjoyed it tremendously.

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Saturday, Feb 4th - Reception for Grand Marshal Irene Jacobs
The members of Cedar and Corinthian Chapters were very proud of their own Irene Jacobs, Grand Marshal of Washington.  The room at Scottish Rite was packed with well wishers including the Grand Marshal of Oregon and her traveling companions.  The Mitchell Family entertained us with a funny, musical skit about Irene and Gary's journey in life.  Everyone had a great time.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012


On February 1st Sunnyside Chapter members & visitors followed the dot-to-dot numbers to discover the outline of the state of Missouri, while learning interesting tidbits about that state. Missouri's flower is the sweet flowering hawthorn, their tree the dogwood, their bird the blue bird, etc.
A portion of the Missouri Worthy Grand Matron's greeting to the new appointee was shared with the the membership. Then it was time to unveil the newly commissioned Grand Representative of Missouri by presenting her with the symbols of her state and her blue & gold jewel.
It was probably a good thing Worthy Matron Roberta Still had been sitting! To say this Maplet Deputy Instructor was being "blown away" might be an understatement. She was very "still" upon her announcement.
Following the meeting a phone call was made to Gary Roth, the previous Grand Representative of Missouri. It seems Gary and Roberta will be sharing more information.
Shirley Armstrong, Grand Warder

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Good news, on January 31, 2012, Grand Sentinel Rodger Collins and grand escort Helen traveled to Priscilla Chapter located in Port Gamble, to present Elizabeth (Liz) Claire Punt, Worthy Matron of Priscilla Chapter # 96 the commission to be Grand Representative of Colorado for the next two years. It was a makeup meeting from our little snow adventure. When the Grand Representatives had been introduced, I broke in and asked the WM to approach the East, and informed her and the chapter there was a Grand Representative that had not been introduced. I gave a few mildly interesting facts about Colorado, then presented the commission to Liz. When it was time to attach the badge, I asked her husband, WP Mike Punt to do the honors. It was sweatshirt and house slippers night. Jerry Clark, past escort to PGM Joanne, received his twenty-five year pin, and a half a bushel of cookies from all the members, a little payback cooked up by Jessica Counsellor. Grand secretary, Sandra K. Henry and escort Don Daly were in attendance; Don was wrenching on something and wrenched his thumb really bad. We all went down stairs to ice cream, cookies and punch. A wonderful evening, it is so nice to be able to dispense a little happiness into someone’s life. Enjoy your commission Liz. Rodger Collins, Grand Sentinel

Firends' Night

Stanwood Chapter invites you to celebrate "StanWoodstock" at their Friends' Night, Wednesday, February 8, 2012, 7:30 p.m., at the Stanwood Masonic Center. Celebrate Flower Power, Peace and Love. Wear your favorite hippie clothes. We will have our annual bottle auction for our charities. BE THERE, OR BE SQUARE!