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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Service Project Idea

If your Chapter is looking for a great service project, my little sister sent me information about an organization that collects baby kits and hygiene kits to help the people in disasters. They just emptied out their warehouses to send supplies to Haiti and could really use more. Here's the information:

PC(USA) - PDA has depleted their entire warehouse of baby kits and hygiene kits, and is asking us to prepare more, both for Haiti and for the next disaster. Links with instructions are in the article. http://www.pcusa.org/pda/response/latinamerica/haiti-earthquake012610.htm

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Snohomish County Assoc. Dinner & Auction - Jan 23, 2010

About 150 people - including the wonderful Rainbow Girls and Jobies who were our waitresses - gathered in Marysville for the Snohomish County Association's annual dinner and auction for fun and to raise $$ for the WGM and WGP's projects. Roger Collins from Afton Chapter served as the MC.

Helen Collins put on a skit with the assistance of Colleen Wall as the wife, WGP Dennis Okicich as the husband,......

Gr. Marshal Peggy Mills as the doctor, Mary Tipping as the pharmacist and some of our waitresses as the frame holders. It was fun.

Chief cook Jean Ballard introduced the crew and thanked all those who helped with the delicious dinner.

There were plenty of wonderful gifts for the auction.

Steve Morgan served as auctioneer and the rumor is that over $1,000 was raised.

The girls were delighted!

It was a very fun evening!


OV - Naomi - Jan 26, 2010

(Unofficial count) 81 members enjoyed the official visit of WGM Marge with WGP Dennis at Naomi Chapter in Puyallup. Prior to the meeting they had a delicious baked potato bar for donations that were given to ALS. Sonja Zimmer from the ALS organization gave a talk to us after dinner and told us what they do and how they are funded.

WM Laura Vogel and WP Warren Hartle did a wonderful job of leading their officers through opening, introductions and the meeting, although the WM did have to go back and correct a couple of minor things. You'll have to ask her!

The Grand Officers turned out to help the Chapter celebrate.

There were quilts everywhere and the members who brought them explained who made them and what they meant.

After the meeting there was yummy cake for dessert.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Grand Representative of Kansas

Good Morning All:
It's 1:23 AM Friday (January 22nd) morning. We just walked in the door, home from Walla Walla where at Alki Chapter I had the privilege of giving the commission of Grand Representative of Kansas to Beulah Marr. Beulah is a wonderful, energetic 96 year young member. She is presently Associate Matron at Alki Chapter. (As a side note, she was Worthy Matron for the first time at age 89.) I told the members I came for the evening not as Linda, but as Glenda the good Witch, sent from OZ to find Dorothy. I journeyed around the room to find Dorothy, all the while leaving a trail of "yellow bricks", I spotted the Tin Man, the Lion, and the Scarecrow all cleverly disguised as chapter members, but could not find Dorothy. Finally I traveled the "bricks" back a ways and found that To-Do had some of my important papers. When I opened them, I realized my problem--I was not looking for Dorothy, but I was looking for Beulah Marr and that she didn't need to go to OZ, but that she needed to know about her commission. She was extremely thrilled and started talking about needing to go to Kansas! We had a very lovely time!
Star Love,
Linda Runyan AGM

Monday, January 18, 2010

Reception - Grand Warder Donna Lind, Jan 16, 2010

(Unofficial Count) Almost 160 members and friends gathered at Golden Rod Chapter in Snohomish to celebrate Donna Lind, Grand Warder of the Grand Chapter of Washinton. Donna's husband Rusty was proud to participate in the gathering.

WGM Marge and WGP Dennis were also proud of their Grand Warder.

The Grand Officers turned out in force to help celebrate the day.

There were 7 Past Grand Warders present and 5 Chapter Warders.

There were also 14 Past Grands, Grand Secretary Emeritus Norma Jean Roberts and numerous Grand Representatives, Deputy Instructors, Worthy Matrons, Worthy Patrons and everyone else.

Donna's sister-in-law, Colleen Wall, WM of Golden Rod and WP Charles Bell did a great job of introductions and leading the meeting.

After the reception, we all enjoyed delicious cookies in the dining room.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Several Places to Be:

  1. Southgate Chapter in Burien on Monday, January 18th. Meeting time is 7:30 PM.
  2. Priscilla Chapter in Port Gamble on Tuesday, January 19th. Meeting time is 7:30 PM.
  3. Methow Valley Chapter in Twisp on Thursday, January 21st. Meeting time is 7:30 PM.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


WGP Dennis got a present at Doric on Tuesday night with no name attached. He and Jill would really love to thank whoever gave it to him.

It was a Silver Dollar with a buffalo on one side and his name, WGP and year on the other, with a little stand.

If someone will come forward, we can send the proper acknowledgement.

Dennis and Jill Okicich

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

OV - Doric - Century, Jan 12, 2010

(Unofficial count) almost 70 people gathered for an evening of education about the Ohio Cardinal virus and the Official Visit of WGM Marge with WGP Dennis to Doric and Century Chapters.

WM Mary Ann Fergusson and WP Don McAmmond of Doric lead their officers in a beautiful opening and informed everyone during introductions of the advantages of the above named virus - spread by kisses, hugs and handshakes.

After Doric's regular business, WM Trish Pusek and WP Ron Hays took over and lead their officers through the examination of a visitor.

During presentations, WM Mary Ann presented WGM Marge with one of those "sucker things". Frankly all thought Marge really wanted a suction cup to put on a window to hold a picture, but no one had the heart to tell Mary Ann.

After the meeting we enjoyed delicious salads and cookies in the dining room.

Pictures from New GRs of North Dakota and California

Pictures from Peggy Mills of Linda Ellison's appointment as Grand Representative of North Dakota at Tyler Chapter.

And Janet Fritt's announcement as Grand Representative of California at Juanita Chapter.

Place to Be

Laurel Chapter in Black Diamond on Thursday, January 14th. The meeting starts at 7:30 PM

Monday, January 11, 2010

Grand Sentinel Reception - Jan. 9, 2010

It was a beautiful Saturday on January 9th as close to 300 members gathered at the Marysville Masonic Center for the Reception of Grand Sentinel Frank Pascoe. It started with a luncheon prepared by the 2008-09 Portrait Grand Family and served by the 1995-96 Seabelle Deputy Instructors. After dessert, Don Schwartz provided some interesting facts about Grand Escort LaNita Pascoe.

The American Emerald Grand Family was out in force to honor Brother Frank.

Frank and LaNita were very happy with the tremendous show of support.

Frank was joined by his counterpart from Oregon Grand Sentinel Don Gay.

There were 22 Past Grand Matrons and Past Grand Patrons, 18 Elected and Appointed Grand Officers including 3 from other jurisdictions, Grand Secretary Emeritus Norma Jean Roberts, 18 Grand Representatives and a very large crowd of Worthy Matrons and Worthy Patrons.

Frank presented gifts to all the current Chapter Sentinels and, to the delight of the crowd, all the Past Grand Sentinels who are also Past Grand Patrons.

Afterwards Afton and Bethel Chapters had delicious refreshments for everyone in the dining hall.


OV - Adelphi - Ivanhoe - Jan 7, 2010

Pictures from WGP Dennis of WGM Marge's Official Visit to Adelphi and Ivanhoe Chapters in Spokane on Thursday, January 7th.

Thanks, Dennis!

OV - Chehalis - Centralia, Jan 4, 2010

WGP Dennis provided some pictures from the Official Visit of WGM Marge to Chehalis and Centralia Chapters on Monday, January 4th. Enjoy!

Place To Be!

The place to be is Rosa Chapter in Benton City on Thursday, January 14th. The meeting starts at 7:30 pm. Looks like we'll have another Grand Representative soon!

60th Anniversary

George and Leora Mauel met at a skating rink and have been dancing all their married life along with raising 4 kids and being part of OES.

Their 60th wedding anniversay is January 22nd and I know they would love to get cards from their OES friends.

Their address is: George & Leora Mauel 1914 Sandra Ave Centralia WA 98531

Thank you so much.

Georgia McKinley

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Quick updates

  1. Associate Grand Patron Dick Weigel traveled to Bethlehem Chapter in Deer Park on Monday, January 4th to present the Grand Representative of Delaware commission to Luci Bristow. (hope to have more info and pictures later)
  2. Grand Sentinel Frank Pascoe traveled to Juanita Chapter in Des Moines on Friday, January 8th to present the Grand Representative of California commission to WM Janet Fritts. (hope to have more infor and pix later)
  3. Autumn Thompson (Ms WA Jobs Daughter last year) and Colie Nobles-Fisher, both members of Kirkland Bethel #IOJD will be initiated at Kirkland Chapter on Friday, February 5th (Postponed meeting) by the Grand Officers. We are very excited about the initiation, they represent initiates #5 & 6 for Kirkland this year. All have been affiliated with our local bethel. 4 IOJD members and 2 adults (1 former Kirkland Bethel member). The meeting will start at 7:30 pm. From Cheri Moll!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Newest Grand Representative and OV Belfair & Welcome

It was my pleasure this evening (January 6th) to present the Grand Representative of South Dakota in Washington commission to my escort - Donald J. Daly. Donald's information can be found in the 2009-10 Blue Book, as Jr. PP of Belfair Chapter.

Judy Nielsen, former Grand Representative of South Dakota was in attendance as were many other former Grand Reps (I was too busy to count).

Since it was the Official Visit of Belfair and Welcome Chapters we also had the WGM, WGP, 2 PGM, 2 PGP and 4 Grand Officers in attendance.

A fun evening was had by all starting with a dinner selection of five different, delicious soups before the meeting, continuing with musical entertainment by Ruth Casebolt of Welcome Chapter and a snowball fight between the WMs and WPs in attendance. Quite comical!

Star Hugs,
Sandra K. Henry, Grand Secretary

Boy are people in a rush. Whew anyway we had at least 40 members from Belfair and Welcome Chapters present to hear the antics of G Sec'y Sandra give Donald his G Rep of S Dakota commission. So Vicki said "Hurry up Dan!" My answer was of course, "Yes dear!"

Pictures courtesy of Dan Voorhees!
Thanks, Vicki!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another New Grand Representative

Monday evening January 4th, Grand Martha, Penny Bosley (assisted by Grand Ruth, Stella Brown) stopped at the Oasis (Chapter). While they were there and under “Good of the Order”, they put on their Happy New Year tiaras and presented little nuggets of happiness to all in attendance. The last gift was a “pull-type cracker” which they presented to Silver Star member Nancy Beall. When Nancy unwrapped the “cracker”, she found her commission as Grand Representative of Colorado.

Nancy was temporarily speechless, Penny read it aloud for her. Nancy, Penny and Stella were all Forget-me-not Deputies. There were 14 present and former Grand Representatives (including Nancy’s mother Lois) in attendance. Nancy is also Conductress of Oasis Chapter this year and we are all very proud of her, too.

Nancy and former GR of Colorado Kay Woodward
Reported by:
Pete Peterson, GR of Alberta

Another Place to Be

Juanita Chapter in Des Moines - Friday, January 8th at 7:30 pm.

They normally meet on the 1st Friday of the month, but because that was New Year's Day, their meeting was postponed until the 8th!

New Grand Representative

Last night (January 4th) at Faith Chapter in Parkland with 48 members in attendance a Grand Representative commission was given. When the current Grand Representatives were introduced Terry Mosler spoke up saying that there seemed to be someone missing as the sides weren't even. At that point Associate Grand Conductress, Gerry Mosler got up and said that maybe she could fix that.

She then went around the chapter room asking several people if they had seen this person as she showed them a name in her special file folder. No one seemed to know where the person was. Finally she went up to the East and rang her "Teacher's Pet" bell and had WP Gary Roth check the file folder where he found his name. Gerry then introduced Gary as the new Grand Representative of Missouri in Washington. Gary just happens to have several family ties to Missouri.
Gary was his wife Dee's escort when she was a "Teacher's Pet" Deputy Instructor in 1991-92. Attending the meeting were 2 PGM, 1 PGP, 2 Grand Officers, 3 Grand Representatives, 2 DI, 3 WM & 3 WP. There were also 16 former Grand Representatives there to welcome the new appointee.
Congratulations, Gary!

New Grand Representative of Georgia

Last night at Floral Chapter in Monroe, about 45 members suffered through our Grand Electa Bev Baller's knock-knock jokes anxiously awaiting her news. She kept the suspense going by having the conductress (Marge Soles, PT) search the room for the person who matched her description, but when she mentioned that this person baked the best cinnamon rolls, everyone knew it was Floral's Secretary - Retha Baird.

After Marge paraded Retha all the way around the room, we discovered she was the new Grand Representative of Georgia in Washington.
There were 3 former GRs of Georgia present, Mary Lee Tucker of Golden Rod, Pat Dean of Afton and Gerry Ellen Sleeth of Mt. Baker.

They were joined by many current and former Grand Representatives who were pleased to welcome Retha to the ranks.
Congratulations, Retha!