OES WA Calendar

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Tuesday, January 31st at Priscilla Chapter in Port Gamble. Meeting starts at 7:30 PM.

Wednesday, February 1st at Sunnyside Chapter. Meeting starts at 7:30 PM.

Monday, February 6th at the OV of Madrona & Tula Chapters in Anacortes. Meeting starts at 7:30 PM

Tuesday, February 7th at Vineland Chapter in Clarkston. Meeting starts at 7:30 PM

Sunday, January 29, 2012

OV's and Announcements

OV - Goldenrod and Floral - Tuesday, Jan 24

The official visit of Goldenrod and Floral Chapters was held on Tuesday the 24th and there were lots of members present.  Genevieve and Durwin Moore presented a very brief and funny skit and the refreshments were first rate.

CLICK HERE for pictures from Rodger!

OV and Announcement - Port Orchard - Thursday, Jan 26

They had a wonderful time at the OV at Port Orchard, especially when it was announced that Betty Schenewerk was the new Grand Representative of Wyoming in Washington.  Congratulations, Sister Betty!

CLICK HERE for pictures from Rodger!

Friday, January 27, 2012


LaNita and I traveled to Port Orchard and at their OV and during the presentation of the Worker Bees Grand Adah (Cindy Schneider) jumped in and said she wanted to play a game because she has been house bound for the last couple of weeks due to the weather so we played "Let's Make a Deal" and the Grand Prize was the Grand Representative commission of Wyoming to Betty Schenewerk. All the worker bees got a little prize.
Frank Pascoe, Worthy Grand Patron

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Tuesday evening, January 24th, I had the pleasure of attending the Friendship Night at Amethyst Chapter #138 where I presented the Grand Representative of Delaware Commission to Sister Nancy Lambert. (She is Secretary of Amethyst so her address is in the Blue Book.)

Traveling with me were Phyllis Hippler, FGR-Delaware, Lillian Gallion, FGR-California, and Bill Davis, my Escort. There were several other current or former Grand Representatives present, including Gail Nickerson, also FGR-Delaware.

With Sister Nancy being Chapter Secretary, I used both Phyllis (a former secretary) and Gail (current secretary) in the presentation.

The Current Grand Reps were introduced as usual. Then in my response, I asked all of the FGRs to stand - as my "special friends" (since it was Friendship night). Then with a few questions, eliminated all but Phyllis and Gail - who were the "last ones standing". I asked them to step to the East, and gave them a secret word - SECRETARY- and sent them out to search among all of our Friends to find the right person and bring her to the East.

Sister Nancy was presented the Certificate of her Commission, then a rubber BLUE HEN CHICKEN - the Delaware State Bird; and finally the actual Grand Representative Pin - which also is a Blue Hen Chicken -- a very nice one!!

Nancy was truly excited and ended up doing "The Chicken Dance" (impromptu music by the oh-so-talented Nancy O'Neill), which will likely become her new theme song.

Judy Nielsen, Grand Esther

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Lakeside Chapter will make up their postponed meeting on Tuesday, January 31st at 5:00 PM at the Bellevue Masonic Center. The AM & AP in charge. We plan to attend the Greenwood OV at 7:30 PM.


Port Orchard Chapter on Thursday, January 26th. Meeting starts at 7:30 PM.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Change of Location for EWGR Club

We will meet on Friday, January 27, 2012, [weather permitting] at The Golden Corral at 7117 North Division Street (south of COSTCO) at 12:00 Noon. This is a different time and we will have to be out by 2:00 P.M. This should still give us time to hold our meeting, discuss business, have our meal and drawing without rushing anyone.

Special thanks to those who sent suggestions. They have been passed along to Brother Ed and Brother Dale and will be brought up under new business at our meeting.

Jean Burnett, Secy.
Eastern WA Grand Representatives' Club

Thursday, January 19, 2012

More cancellations

Friday, Jan 20  - DI HN for Nancy Huntley and Gayla Elverson at Bremerton has been cancelled.

Thurs, Jan 19 - Alki Chapter in Walla Walla - meeting cancelled.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Henry Wentworth Chapter's meeting on January 18th was also postponed until next Wednesday, January 25th. It will be "Cruise Night" featuring photos from last year's Panama Canal cruise and a dessert buffet will be served. Martha Washington, Lackamas and Maple Chapters will be honored. Those attending are encouraged to follow the theme of the evening and dress tropical.

Thursday Meetings Cancelled

The following Chapter meetings have been cancelled for Thursday, January 19th.
  1. Lakeside Chapter in Bellevue
  2. Tyler Chapter in University Place

PC PM & PP Lunch Cancelled

The Pierce County Past Matrons & Past Patrons lunch & meeting to be held at Faith Chapter on Thursday, January 19th has been cancelled.


The Afton Chapter meeting in Marysville has been cancelled for tonight, January 18th.

Kirkland Meeting Cancelled

The meeting and initiation at Kirkland Chapter has been cancelled for tonight!

Sunnyside meeting cancelled

Sunnyside's meeting scheduled for tonight Jan 18th has been cancelled.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The O V Scheduled for January 17th at Greenwood has been rescheduled for January 31st 2012 starting at 7:30 P M. We will still have a dinner at 6:00 P.M. by donation . Please R.S.V.P. to Sister Gladis Rudd. Tim Hall W.P.

Monday, January 16, 2012


On Friday the 13th I traveled to Nesika Chapter in Renton to announce that the new Grand Representative of South Dakota is Brother Chuck Kent. Joining in the fun of “sweatshirt night” for the evening were WGM Gloria, PGM Margaret Morgan, PGP Don Beck, 3 grand officers, 2 grand representatives, and 2 deputies. Chuck and his wife Tess are serving in the East this year and it was a fun evening.

Marcia Haukaas, Grand Treasurer


The following "Places to Be" will be rescheduled for February
  1. OV of Madrona & Tula Chapters on January 16th
  2. Priscilla Chapter on January 17th
  3. Vineland Chapter on January 17th

Priscilla OES meeting cancelled for Jan 17th

Due to current & road weather conditions as well as the forecast for more snow, Priscilla #96 in Port Gamble has cancelled their stated meeting for Tuesday, January 17th, and rescheduled for January 31st.


The following Chapters will NOT be meeting tonight (January 16th) because of the snow.
  1. Faith Chapter in Parkland
  2. Chehalis Chapter
  3. OV of Madrona & Tula Chapters
January 17th meetings CANCELLED
  1. Priscilla Chapter is cancelling because of the snow warning - between six inches and a foot of snow is forecast.
  2. OV at Greenwood Chapter in Seattle
  3. Lewis Chapter in Lakewood

    Sunday, January 15, 2012

    Ov's and Receptions

    Jan 11 - OV of Poulsbo Chapter held at Bainbridge Island

    It was a fun night at Bianbridge Island as WGM Gloria with WGP Frank had their OV for Poulsbo Chapter.  Some people were a little late because they went to Poulsbo first, but everyone enjoyed the evening.

    CLICK HERE for pictures from Rodger!

    Jan 12 - OV of Mt. Baker and Cyrene Chapters

    The Chapter room at Mt. Baker was filled to capacity - over 100 members - for the OV of Mt. Baker and Cyrene Chapters.  Just as Mt Baker was going to turn over things to Cyrene, Grand Conductress Stephanie Hoye took everyone to Georgia with the announcememt of Joyce Dillard as the new Grand Representative of Georgia in Washington.  It was a wonderful evening and everyone was thrilled for Joyce.

    CLICK HERE for pictures from Rodger!

    Jan 14 - Reception for Rodger Collins, Grand Sentinel

    It was a very fun afternoon in Marysville as Afton Chapter celebrated their own member Grand Sentinel Rodger Collins.  It started with a delicious luncheon cooked by the Starlight Grand Family and served by the Maplettes and Forget me nots Deputies.  Rodger showed us all what a great sense of humor he has during his speech and everyone really enjoyed the day.  The weather didn't cooperate, so many had to leave early, but we all had a wonderful day.

    CLICK HERE for pictures from Rodger!


    Due to the weather and road conditions, the OV for Madrona and Tula chapters scheduled for Monday January 16th has been postponed until Monday, February 6th.


    Monday, January 16th at the OV of Madrona & Tula Chapters in Anacortes. Meeting starts at 7:30 PM.

    Friday, January 13, 2012


    The Associate Matron & Dresden Star Deputy Instructor, LYNETTE ZIERDEN of GRAND COULEE DAM CHAPTER received the Commission of Grand Representative of Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island in Washington on Thursday, January 12, 2012. The Associate Grand Patron, Bob Breeza and Grand Warder, Shirley Armstrong cooperated in this endeavor involving the past Grand Representatives and the accuracy of their memory.

    New Grand Representative

    Last night at the OV for Mount Baker and Cyrene Chapters I took everyone on a trip to Georgia. After informing them that there were many interesting facts about the state and some strange laws, I asked the assistance of the Mt. Baker members. They were given facts about Georgia to read aloud and in between each fact I read one of the strange laws - like: donkeys are not allowed in bathtubs, and in Atlanta it's illegal to tie your giraffe to a street sign or light pole.

    When I gave the organist her slip to read, she couldn't do it - so I read if for her: "Joyce Dillard is the new Grand Representative of Georgia in Washington"! The news was greeted with cheers and applause as I escorted her to the East and formally introduced her. She received balloons and peaches and lots of hugs. After the meeting she was still stunned!

    There were three past Grand Representatives of Georgia present - Retha Baird, Pat Dean and Gerry Ellen Sleeth. It was a wonderful evening and everyone is very pleased for Joyce.

    Stephanie Hoye
    Grand Conductress

    Thursday, January 12, 2012


    I had the privilege of attending Tacoma Chapter Friends’ Night Jan 11th to present the Grand Representative commission for New Jersey to Brother William ‘Bill’ Miller.

    I used the “State” song to introduce the jurisdiction. If you don’t know the song it uses a state to ask a question and another one to answer that question. For example: the question might be “What did Idaho?” and the answer would be “She hoed her Maryland.” Several members were given cards with state names and as each question was asked, the person with the appropriate state name would stand up then sit back down. When the question was “What did Delaware?” Brother Bill stood up with the answer, “New Jersey” but instead of sitting back down, the conductress escorted him to the East for introduction. In attendance were: 4 PGM and PGP; 3 Grand Officers; 3 present and several former Grand Representatives.

    Marjorie Bamford, Grand Organist

    I traveled to Evening Star Chapter in Almira, WA to present a Grand Representative Commission to Yvaughn Carstensen, to the State of Arkansas.

    Grand Ruth Janice Glidden had a HUGE Oversized Coffee Cup Planter filled with all things Arkansas, even to their Flag. Fun questions were asked to everyone present and then the Conductress escorted Yvaughn to the East where she was presented her Cup of Joy and Love from our beautiful Grand Chapter of Washington and our WGM Gloria and WGP Frank and their Grand Officers.

    There were 3 Past Grand Matrons present, 3 appointed Grand Officer: Pat Scales, Grand Electa, Shirley Armstrong, Grand Warder and myself Janice Glidden, Grand Ruth; 3 Grand Representatives and one Worthy Patron. After the meeting we took allot of pictures and there were 16 Former Grand Representatives present. 9 Eastern Star members accompanied Janice to Almira. Fun was had by all. Delightful evening.

    Janice Glidden, Grand Ruth

    Wednesday, January 11, 2012


    Monday, January 16th at Bethlehem Chapter in Deer Park. Meeting starts at 7:30 PM

    Tuesday, January 17th at Priscilla Chapter in Port Gamble. Meeting starts at 7:30 PM

    Tuesday, January 17th at Vineland Chapter in Clarkston. Meeting starts at 7:30 PM

    Wednesday, January 18th at Sunnyside Chapter. Meeting starts at 8:00 PM