OES WA Calendar

Thursday, June 30, 2016


Grand Secretary, Irene Jacobs announced at the opening session of the Grand Chapter of Washington this afternoon (June 26th) that Cindy Sims is the new Grand Representative of Tennessee.  She is listed in the Blue Book as Associate Matron of Naomi Chapter.

Grand Esther, Carole Lee Walk presented the Grand Representative of Louisiana commission to Kathleen Miller during the Tuesday, June 28th evening session.  Kathleen is listed in the Blue Book as Associate Conductress of Harmony Chapter.

Newly installed WGM Peggy Mills announced this afternoon that Paul Haukaas is the new Grand Representative of Italy.  He isn’t listed in the Blue Book but his wife Marcia is the treasurer of Lackamas Chapter.

Then…WGM Peggy had Robert DeBruyn come to the East to announce that he is the first Grand Representative of Washington in Italy.  Robert is the JPGP of Italy.  He is listed in the Blue Book at the bottom of page4.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

2016-17 Deputy Instructors

Becky Aldrich - Astral #75
Donna Altig - Reliance #70
Brendon Blacknall - Port Orchard #44
Bob Bristow - Pine Tree #77
Sherrie Connell - Syringa #38
Pam Ellsworth - Golden Rod #22
Terri Elwood - Analia #112
Becky Goddard - Evergreen #1
Dean Haave - Faith #255
Lynda Jamison - Malden #149
Kate Kalmbach - Occidental #28
Suzanne LeMere - Tyee #122
Barb Lott - Delta #109
Steve Martin - Floral #117
Tracie Morgan - Chehalis #3
Linda Ogren - Guiding Star #99
Diana Osborne - Alki #25
Janet Pitcher - Maple Leaf #58
Cindy Schneider - Key City #71
Kathy Seville - Malden #149
Candi Suppes - Tyler #248
Denice Tewalt - Cyrene #110
Michelle West - Lackamas #152

Lynette Zierden - Oasis #191

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Joan Kershner's Great Grand Daughter Chloe Hanson is being installed as Lilac Assemblies Worthy Advisor on Sat the 11th at Noon. Audubon Park Masonic Temple 2821 Northwest Blvd is the place. So if anybody is staying over after Leslie Greens Memorial Service or are coming to Idaho Grand Chapter please come and support Chloe and the girls.
John Chamberlain