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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Merger of Rada Uphus into Occidental

The merger of Rada Uphus with Occidental will be on Wednesday, June 5th at 7:30 pm.  We would love to have a nice turnout for our last "official" act, we think.
Gerry Mosler
Worthy Grand Matron

Answer to the Final Clue

What fun it was to travel to Spokane Chapter to make our final announcement.  Betty Hughes will be the new Eastside Chairman of the Bluebird Deputies for 2013-14.  Her escort will be her sister Alice. 

There were 15 current, former and future Deputy Chairmen present - from left to right:
Carol Lee Walk, Marilyn Schahfer, Nancy Peterson, Kathleen Mitchell, Vicki Chamberlain, Stephanie Hoye, Nancy Breza, Betty Hughes, Marjoe Richards (behind Betty), Pam Marrs, Florence Harris, Bonnie Rail, Marilyn Bordner, Diane Osborne and Marita Bothman.

We are so looking forward to a fun and happy year with Betty and Kathleen and all their charges.
Two of them were announced last night:  Lu Reel from Spokane Chapter and Sandra Monk from Amethyst Chapter in Seattle.  The other 24 will be announced in the next 3 weeks, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures!

Honor Night for Carole Lee Walk Eastside Deputy Instructor Chairman on May 17, 2013
CLICK HERE for pictures!

CWIC Luncheon on May 18, 2013
CLICK HERE for pictures!

2013-14 Grand Chaplain, Charlie Tewalt announcement on May 21, 2013
CLICK HERE for pictures!

2013-14 Grand Ruth, Bonnie Rail announcement on May 22. 2013
CLICK HERE for pictures!

2013-14 Westside Chairman of the Bluebird Deputy Instructors, Kathleen Mitchell announcement on May 23, 2013
CLICK HERE for pictures.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The final clue

To the Eastside we go – The Spokane County Fair

To find another Deputy Chair

Tuesday, May 28th come play our game

In the Chapter that shares the county’s name!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Answers to Clues 8, 9 and 10

What a busy week.  First we stopped at Cyrene Chapter in Sedro Woolley to answer Clue #8.  Ourw Grand Chaplain for 2013-14 will be Charlie Tewalt with his Grand Escort Denice.  Everyone is very happy for Charlie and we know he'll do a great job of praying for all of us!

Past Grand Chaplains present were Gloria Schwartz, Jim Iversen, Charlie, Holly Butterfield, Clayton Sparks,   of BC & Yukon and Lanny Kee.
Also present were next year's Grand Esther Jennie Kelly, Grand Warder Pam Rookard and Grand Adah Kathi Dewey.
On Wednesday night we traveled to Kettle Falls and Pine Tree Chapter and had the pleasure of announcing Bonnie Rail as the new Grand Ruth for 2013-14.  The Chapter was thrilled! Her escort will be JoDee Desrosier.
Grand Ruths Past and Present were Nona Reinbold, Janice Glidden, Janet Pitcher, Bonnie, Florence Fitzsimmons, Peggy Weitman, Nancy Breza and Vicki Chamberlain of Idaho. 

To cap off a really busy week, we traveled to Cedar Chapter in Tacoma and announced our new Westside Chairman of the Bluebird Deputies - Kathleen Mitchell of Cedar Chapter.  Even her children were surprised and delighted by the news.

There were 16 Past Chairmen and our current Westside Chairman present including:
Front row: Doris Tibbits, Sharon Gray, Joan Breda, Kathleen, Stephanie Hoye, Gloria Schwartz, Ardith Swartz and Sarah Hicks
Middle row:  Charlotte Miller, Helen Mount, Carmen Ivey and Donna Craig
Back row:  Gini Dryer-Dow Gerry Mosler, Marge Ramsdell, Judy Turchin, Louann Yager and JoDee Desrosier

Thank you to everyone who came out to these three Chapters to support our announcements.  One more to go.  Watch for the clue soon!


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Clue #10

To the Westside we go – The Pierce County Fair

To reveal our first Deputy Chair

Thursday, May 23rd the Cedars are blowing

And soon the next name you’ll be knowing!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Clue #9

The Stevens County Fair is the place you know

For examples of golden wheat to show

Wednesday May 22nd you’ll want to see

How full of happiness the Kettle will be!

FUNd Day New Activity..."Pin Pot"

We'll be introducing a new activity at Fund Day (June 1) this year, it's called donate to the "Pin Pot"  .    Members can bring their pins (any size or shape) and place them in the designated receptacles.   You can donate any Grand Chapter pins or other collectibles from other jurisdictions you don't use anymore.   After everyone has placed their pins in the bins, they can  purchase a pin for a donation.   A jar for your donations will be available.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Clue #8

The Skagit County Fair is our next call

Tuesday, May 21st we’ll have a ball

So pray for clear skies and sun shining fully

So you won’t have to wear your Woolleys!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Answer to Clue #7

Vida Chapter was packed in anticipation of the big announcement and new WM Deanna Johnson did a great job of moving the meeting along so we could reveal that Barbara Burleigh will be our new Grand Electa for 2013-14.  Her escort will be Bruce Everett.  Our current and 9 past Grand Electas were present.  Pictured below are:  Edie Johnson, Betty Schenewerk, Marjoe Richards, Mary Sharp, Ann Taylor, Barbara Burleigh, Bev Baller, Louann Yager, Ann Gates, Denice Tewalt and Betty Croft.
 Also present were 5 of our appointees for next year including Pam Rookard, Eileen Winstead, Kathi Dewey, Jennie Kelly and Nancy Peterson.
Thank you to everyone who attended.  The support has been terrific.
CLICK HERE  for more pictures!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Clue #7

The Pierce County Fair is calling us back

The red ropes are up as we follow the pack

Tuesday, May 14th on South Puget Sound

Another new star will be found!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Pictures from AGP Rodger!

2013-14 Grand Martha Announcement at Oasis Chapter on May 6th
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Hands Across the Boarder in Worely Idaho on May 4th
CLICK HERE for pictures!

2013-14 Grand Esther Announcement at Stanwood Chapter on May 8th
CLICK HERE for pictures!

2013-14 Grand Warder Announcement at Port Orchard Chapter on May 9th
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Answer to Clue #6

Port Orchard was the place last night for a fun filled evening and the announcement or our Grand Warder for 2013-14 - Pam Rookard.  Her escort will be her mom, Peaches Frye.  They had a full house and our current Grand Warder Terry Cramer and Past Grand Warders Judy Scott, Dottie Hardenbrook, Marcia Haukaas, Doris Tibbits and Kay Woodward. 

Also present were next year's Grand Adah Kathi Dewey and Grand Esther Jennie Kelly.
It was a wonderful evening and we can't wait for our next announcement.  Can you?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Answer to Clue #5

We had a great time at Stanwood Chapter announcing our new Grand Esther for 2013-14 - Jennie Kelly.  Her escorts will be her brother Gene Rasmussen and Wayne Mouat, PGP.  The Queen needs two escorts!  There were 7 past Grand Esthers and our Current Grand Esther present.  In the picture below are:  Diane Rice, Jill Okicich, Linda Denson, Lorna Burns, Jennie Kelly, Nancy Jorgenson, Jean Lindberg, Marian Smith and Barbara Grobler

Also present were 3 of our new appointees:  Gerry Stinnett, Kathi Dewey and Nancy Peterson.
It was a very fun night and we can't wait to do it again tonight!
Stanwood Chapter was supposed to be the “place to be,” But, alas, no Grand Representative honoree . . . . So try once more, Please come through the door, The 10th of May, at Alderwood Chapter, Where we hope to have “double” the laughter, As we honor our DI Chairman – Westside, We’ll seek to announce a new GR alongside! Jean Ballard Grand Martha

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Answer to Clue #4

On Monday, May 6th we had the honor of announcing Nancy Peterson of Oasis Chapter in Ephrata as the 2013-14 Grand Martha.  Everyone was very pleased with the news.  Present were:  Past Worthy Grand Martha, Eunice Gaston, four Past Grand Marthas - Mary Ann Fergusson, Helen Collins, Becky Goddard and Colleen Wall and current Grand Martha Jean Ballard.

Gerry Stinnett, future Grand Organist and Kathi Dewey, future Grand Adah were also on hand to help celebrate.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Clue #6

The Kitsap County Fair will be here fast

Perhaps we’ll open a door to the past

Thursday, May 9th we will resort

To finding an orchard at the port!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Place to be

Stanwood Chapter on Wednesday, May 8th starts at 7:30 PM.

Announcement Pictures from AGP Rodger

Grand Organist 2013-14 announcement at Sunnyside Chapter on May 1st
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Grand Marshal 2013-14 announcement at Lackamas Chapter on May 2nd
CLICK HERE for pictures! 

Clue #5

Our next Fair is in Snohomish County

It holds a sparkling white bounty

Wednesday, May 8th my Dad Stan would say
Is the date you’ll want to go and play!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Answers to Clues #2 and 3

On Wednesday, May 1st we traveled to Sunnyside Chapter to announce that Gerry Stinnett will serve as our Grand Organist for 2013 14.  The Chapter room was filled with enthusiastic supporters of Brother Gerry and his escort Rob Chandler.  There were 6 Past Grand Organists present including Sandy McAmmond, Sara Jane Johnson, Cindy Garrett, Janie Larson, Pamela Lee and Myrna Nilson.

On Thursday, May 2nd we traveled to Lackamas Chapter in Washougal to announce Eileen Winstead will serve as Grand Marshal for 2013-14.  Again, the Chapter room was filled and everyone was very excited for Eileen and her escort Willie.  Present were 10 Past Grand Marshals including Cheri Moll, Peggy Mills, Marilyn Hoots, Karen Whipple, Stephanie Hoye, Sheryl Mencke, Val Starnes, Donna Craig, Irene Jacobs, and Gail Herman and our current Grand Marshal JoDee Desrosier.

Thank you to everyone for your attendance and support.  We can't wait to announce more members of the Happy Hearts Grand Family!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Clue #4

The Grant County Fair is next on our list

A fun occasion not to be missed

Monday May 6th you’ll know what we mean

When we’re looking for an Oasis of green!