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Sunday, November 28, 2010

2010 - Nov 27-28 - Analia Chapter Follow the Stars Craft Fair

The Edmonds Masonic Center was filled to capacity with vendors, shoppers and eaters for the annual Follow the Stars Arts and Crafts fair on Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.  The weather was perfect and everyone was happy to be out of the house. 

Analia Chapter sponsored the event and manned the bake sale table.  Doric Chapter ran the Starlight Cafe providing delicious eats for all the hungry shoppers and had a booth in the craft fair.  The Daughters of the Nile, Badoura Club and Northwest Evening Group also sold their wares and the Ladies of the Oriental Shrine participated with their own booth.

Bethel #57 in Kirkland sold beautiful holiday wreaths as a fund raiser.  There were over 50 vendors and it was a wonderful afternoon.

Click here for pictures of the festivities!

2010 - Nov 21 - Adah Club Luncheon

The dining room at the Washougal Masonic Center was full of friendship and fun as the Adah Club honored the current Grand Adah Mary Helen Johnson of Henry Wentworth and Martha Washington Chapters.  PGM and Past Grand Adah Gerry Shafer did a wonderful job of presiding over the meeting.  The luncheon was delicious and everyone had a wonderful time before driving home in the snow!

Click here for pictures from Rodger Collins.

2010 - Nov 20 - Reception for Grand Adah, Mary Helen Johnson

The Masonic Center at Washougal was packed with members, friends and family for the reception honoring Grand Adah Mary Helen Johnson of Henry Wentworth and Martha Washington Chapters.  There were 13 past Grand Adahs including one from Oregon and the current Grand Adah of Oregon Barbara Collins. 

Mary Helen's family was out in force to help celebrate her special day although many of the grandchildren decided the luncheon was enough and went home before the reception. 

Sheran Parker did a beautiful job of singing accompanied by Grand Organist Pamela Lee.  Responses were given by PGM Gerry Shafer for the GGCCM, PGMs Ann Gates and Cheri Moll doing a dual response for the PGMs, PGP Brian Gross, and the wonderful mystery speaker - Grand Warder Alice Hughes. 

Afterwards there were delicious refreshments in the dining room, then we all got dressed in the dark!

Click here for pictures from Rodger Collins.

Click here for pictures from me.

2010 - Nov 19 - OV Chehalis, Centralia and Maple

Unofficial count - 123 members gathered in Chehalis for the official visit of WGM Linda Runyan with WGP Dick Weigel of Chehalis, Centralia and Maple Chapters.  Prior to the meeting there was a dinner for a donation with the Chapter members showing their culinary skills making delicious homemade soups - perfect for a cold night.

WM Doris Tibbits and WP Bill Hollifield of Chehalis did a great job of leading their officers through opening and introductions.  Then WM Jeanette Miller and WP Ray Berrian of Centralia lead their officers in a wonderful rendition of the Golden Chain.  WM Vera White and WP Dale Ashley and their officers closed out the evening in superb fashion.

Afterwards there were yummy refreshments and warm fellowship in the dining hall.

Click here for pictures from Rodger Collins.

Click here for pictures from me!

2010 - Oct 13 - DI HN Dian Breece, Maple Chapter

Everyone had a great time at Dian Breece's Honor Night.  She is the Sparkler Deputy Instructor from Maple Chapter in Castle Rock.  There was a great turnout of members, her family and friends.  Gale Moore played the flute to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but she had a Hawaiian Rendention with bracelets that lit up.   It was spectular when the lights were turned off.   Everyone waved the braclets to the music.  What a great time!

Click here for some pictures sent by Sister Dian.


From Evening Star Chapter, Almira--
Due to a frozen pipe breaking in our community center, the December 8th Honor Night for Deputy Instructor Shirley Armstrong has been postponed. We will send out information on the new date as soon as possible.
Linda Smith, Associate Matron

Sunday, November 14, 2010

2010 - 11-13 Reception for Gr. Cond Gerry Mosler

What a great afternoon it was for everyone who attended the receptio for Grand Conductress Gerry mosler at the Lake City Presbyterian Church in Seattle.  LaNita Pascoe started the frivolity when she responded for Terry Mosler at the luncheon.  Be sure to ask Terry to model his new hats and show you his blue bass.

The sanctuary was packed with members and friends.  Gerry gave a fantastic speech about her history and had a great turn out of Conductresses to introduce.  Responses were given by the WGM and WGP, GGCCM Brian Gross, PGM Bev Haave, PGP Bill Hammontree, Gr. Conductress of BC and Yukon Jacqui Wowk, and the mystery speaker AGP Frank Pascoe. 

Afterwards, we all enjoyed delicious treats in the dining room.  It was a wonderful afternoon.

Click here for pictures from Rodger Collins!

2010 - 11-11 OV Pyramid and Cyclamen

Word is that the OV in Federal Way for Pyramid and Cyclamen Chapters was a great success and everyone had a wonderful time.  Rodger Collins took lots of pictures. Click on the link below to view them.

Click here for the pictures!

Monday, November 8, 2010

2010 - Nov 6 - BOW Exchange

What a wonderful time we had at the BOW exchange this year at the Medallion Hotel in Smokey Point.  There was so much laughter and fun and delicious food and great company.  Next year everyone should come and join us. Below are links to pictures taken by Rodger Collins and with my camera.

Rodger's Pictures - Click here!

Stephanie's Pictures - Click here!

2010 - Oct 30 - GR HN - Lara Peterson, Lakeside

We all had a great time at the Costume Party that doubled as an honor night for Lara Peterson, Grand Representative of Ontario in Washington at Lakeside Chapter in Bellevue.  There was a great turnout of members, Lara's family and friends to celebrate the occasion and the costumes were fabulous.

Here is a link to the pictures from my camera that night.

Click here for pictures!

2010 - Nov 4 - GR HN Marian Whetham, Alderwood

Sources say Alderwood Chapter did a great job of honoring Marian Whetham, Grand Representative of Oregon in Washington.  Almost 100 people joined in the celebration.  Below is a link to pictures taken by Rodger Collins.

Click here for pictures.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2010 - 11-02 - OV Alpha, Grace and Syringa

More pictures from Rodger Collins - this time of the OV of Alpha, Grace and Syringa Chapters in Cle Elum.

Click here to see the pictures

2010 - 10-30 Reception for Grand Treasurer Marcia Haukaas

It was a great day in Lackamas as we all celebrated our Grand Treausrer Marcia Haukaas at her reception.

Rodger Collins took some great pictures.  Click the link below to see them.

Click here to see the pictures

2010 - Belfair Barn Dance

Click the link below for pictures Rodger Collins took of the Belfair Barn Dance. Looks like everyone had a great time.

Click here for the pictures

2010 - 10-28 OV Pr. Orchard, Belfair and Welcome

Here are some pictures Rodger Collins took at the OV of Port Orchard, Belfair and Welcome Chapters.

Click here for the pictures.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sad News

Past Grand Matron Anne Hendrex passed away last Friday afternoon.  Per her request, there will be no services.