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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Check Presentation to Ben Towne Center

The presentation date was 8-21-14.

Check was for $21.714.80.  There should be about $2,000. more come in for the time running up to Grand Chapter.  An additional check will be sent when they have the final count.

They have treated about nine patients so far under Clinical Trail status and all have been successful.

The nice thing about this treatment is no chemo, no radiation.  They take a blood draw from the arm just as many of you have had.  They genetically modify the T-cells to recognize the patients cancer.  Which takes about two weeks, then they reinsert the patients modified T-cells back in the arm in a transfusion.  The only side effects are about 72 hours of flu like symptoms.  They have had no relapses.  Yeah!! for us Eastern Stars for helping this great step forward in treating childhood cancer, the leading cause of death in America's children.

It is still in clinical trails and needs more test patients to get approved by the government for regular use.

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