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Monday, July 20, 2015

Pictures from 1st OV

PGP Rodger Collins is sharing his photos of the 1st OV at Pacific Chapter on July 18th.
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Re: Grand Coulee Dam OV

We want to notify our sister's and brothers that are planning on attending our 75th official visit at Grand Coulee Dam chapter on August 1st 1:30pm  that the air conditioning unit is NOT working.  This notice is for those that can not tolerate the heat.  Fans will be circulating and we look forward to those that can attend. Please wear summer attire.  Leslie Green Associate Matron

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Grand Chapter Pictures!!

Here are links to pictures that PGP Rodger Collins is sharing with the membership.
CLICK HERE for pictures from the Gala Dinner!
CLICK HERE for pictures from Grand Chapter Part I!
CLICK HERE for pictures from Wednesday!

Monday, July 6, 2015

WGM's Caribbean Cruise in November of 2016

The information flyers and registration form for Kristine & Calvin's trip are now posted.  Check under the invitation heading on the right side of this page to view.  They are in PDF format so most people should be able to print them.  If you have any questions please contact WGP Calvin.

Dates are on the Calendar

All dates from the Grand Chapter Calendar & Official Visits Booklet have been entered on the calendar.  Corrections listed in posting below have been made.
Additional information will be added to the postings as invitations are received.  Reception locations are listed as the chapter until invitations are received.
Please email invitations when possible (word or PDF) to save postage to vikingplace@comcast.net
Thank you.
--Mary Ellen

Grand Chapter Calendar & Official Visit Book

Corrections/Additions to Itinerary Book (OV Book) are indicated in Bold and underlined
These corrections/additions will be corrected before the 2015-16 Blue Book is printed.
Complete addresses/phone #/etc are not printed but when one # or letter needed to be corrected that is listed.  Please use your 2014-15 Blue Book as a reference for now.

1.      Pg 2.    Jean Ballard’s Escort is Sheryl Acord
JoDee Desrosier is the new AGC: contact info is under Okanogan Chapter in the    2014-15 Blue Book
2.      Pg 3.    Laura Sweeny ~ Appt out of Chehalis Chapter, not Maple
Phone # is incorrect—info in 2014-15 Blue Book under SW WA Association 
Carole Lee Walk ~ Appt out of Harmony Chapter, not Astral   Address s/b: 2054
Amy Smith ~ address s/b SE, Kent --correct phone # is in 2014-15 Blue Book under Cyclamen Chapter
Al Cramer (Terry) is the new Grand Sentinel: contact info is under Guiding Star Chapter in the 2014-15 Blue Book
3.      Under Committees:
a.  Pg 5. Eastern Star Charities Foundation (Correction will be in 2015-16 BlueBook)
                        Kathy Dewey, Amethyst           Chairman
                        Larry Wilkinson, Olympia       Secretary
                        Alice Hughes, Spokane             Treasurer   1 year
                        Kathy Seville                                                  2 years
                        Bob Breza                                                       3 years
                        Fred Walk                                                     3 years
                        Elaine Weigel                                                 4 years
                        Bill Lee                                                           4 years
b.      Pg 5. Evergreen News
                      Christine K. Wilkinson: Add: address in 2014-15 Blue Book Chehalis Chapter
Pg 6. Carole is missing ‘e on the end (second name down from the top of page)
c.       Pg 7. Membership Committee
Remove Karen Karnes as Chairman (will be corrected in 2015-16 Blue Book)
4.      Calendar
a.       Pg 18.  AGM Reception is 9/5/2015
b.      Pg 19.  Silver Star(S)/Harmony/Okanogan OV is a special meeting on 9/24/2015
Delta(S)/Southgate OV s/b 9/29/2015             
c.       Pg 27.  Cyclamen’s International Dinner is 1/31/2016
5.      Pg 42. Jan Fernandez phone # is incorrect (correct one is in 2014-15 Blue Book under Southgate Chapter)

Sunday, July 5, 2015

lost gold Miche cover HAS FOUND IT'S OWNER!!!

PGM Gloria Schwartz lost her gold Miche cover for her large-size purse. If you know of its location, please email Gloria at gdschwartz@wavecable.com as she would love to have it back (plus the naked Miche purse body is kind of chilly!).

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New Grand Representatives

During the Parade of Flags Monday evening Worthy Grand Matron, Mary Ann Fergusson announced that she was extending the Grand Representative of Maryland commission of Jan Horst to 6-1-2017.  Jan is a member of Amethyst Chapter but isn’t listed in the current Blue Book.  Her address is in the GRCWW Yearbook.

At the Wednesday morning session WGM, Mary Ann Fergusson presented Herman Mount with the Grand Representative of Quebec commission.   Herm is a member of Afton Chapter but not listed in the current Blue Book.

During installation our new WGM, Kristine Ford presented Marian Smith with the Grand Representative of Nevada commission.  Marian is Secretary of Afton Chapter in the 2014-15 Blue Book.