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Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Grand Representative of Nebraska

Tonight, Thursday, October 02, 2014, it was my pleasure to announce that Cecil Tackett is the new Grand Representative of Nebraska.  It was Willie Winstead’s honor night but just as the Worthy Matron was about to start closing I asked if I could say something that I had forgotten in my response.  Cecil’s wife, Joanne is our Electa so I called her forward and talked about how it has been over 30 years since she was a Grand Representative and went on to thank Willie’s wife Eileen for all the work she had done for this evening then asked Joanne if she thought she could do that in a couple years.  She looked at me with a blank look and then I asked their daughter Michelle to bring her dad up to where we were standing.  Light bulbs started going off and I asked where Joanne thought they would like to go.  Her first answer was Hawaii!  Cecil had gotten his lodge 50 year pin a couple weeks ago and Joanne had pinned it on so I asked her if she would “pin” him again with his Grand Representative of Nebraska pin.  Cecil is our Sentinel and hadn’t heard all that was going on but he was up in the east by the time I asked her to pin on his official pin and he was stunned.  Joanne got so flustered she had to ask Michelle to do the pinning.  Dad, Mom and Daughter were all very happy and speechless, our chapter is happy for them also.  Numerous former Grand Representatives were in attendance including Lila Lindsey whose commission to Nebraska had expired on September 30.

Cecil is Sentinel at Lackamas Chapter and his address is in the Blue Book.

Marcia Haukaas
Grand Treasurer

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