OES WA Calendar

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Place to Be

WGP reception in Wenatchee on Saturday, August 27th starting at 1:30 PM

New Grand Representative

I had the pleasure to announce Donna Kirby, Tyler Chapter as the new grand Representative of West Virginia in Washington.  What a pleasure to give such a deserving member this appointment.
Thank you to all who were in attendance. Peggy Mills

Venue Change for OV

The August 30th Official Visit of Worthy Grand Matron, Peggy Mills, scheduled at Centralia Chapter No.14, has been moved to:
Chehalis Chapter No. 3
123 West Main Street
Centralia, WA 98532
Dinner by Donation at 6:00 P.M.
Meeting starts at 7:00 P.M.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Missing from the WGM's reception - one Igloo cooler - gray with blue top.  If found, please contact Betty Croft!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Monkey Drawing

"One of the Monkey's from last Grand Chapter's drawing, ran away at Grand Chapter before they had the drawing, but by luck the Monkey returned scared.  Several members got together to decide what to do with this run away Monkey today (Sun. Aug 7th)???? PGP Gary Craig was asked to draw the winning ticket since he was in the groups discussion. And we all wanted to give this monkey a home without any of us having to watch out for her any longer.  The three pictures I took below, document this drawing and includes the winning ticket (with the winners name) that Gary drew."  Out of 100 tickets this person is the lucky winner:)

Thank you,
Kay Foss

Monday, July 4, 2016

Memorial for Dorothy and Chris Olsen

Memorial for Dorothy and Chris Olsen  is Saturday July 9th, 2016 at 11 A.M. at Wallin Funeral Home  1811 NE 16th Ave Oak Harbor. Take Hwy 20 into Oak Harbor, pass Auld Holland Inn at first stop light NE16th Ave turn left, just up the road Wallin Funeral Home on the Right. Refreshments following.
Thank you Mary Nelson

Thursday, June 30, 2016


Grand Secretary, Irene Jacobs announced at the opening session of the Grand Chapter of Washington this afternoon (June 26th) that Cindy Sims is the new Grand Representative of Tennessee.  She is listed in the Blue Book as Associate Matron of Naomi Chapter.

Grand Esther, Carole Lee Walk presented the Grand Representative of Louisiana commission to Kathleen Miller during the Tuesday, June 28th evening session.  Kathleen is listed in the Blue Book as Associate Conductress of Harmony Chapter.

Newly installed WGM Peggy Mills announced this afternoon that Paul Haukaas is the new Grand Representative of Italy.  He isn’t listed in the Blue Book but his wife Marcia is the treasurer of Lackamas Chapter.

Then…WGM Peggy had Robert DeBruyn come to the East to announce that he is the first Grand Representative of Washington in Italy.  Robert is the JPGP of Italy.  He is listed in the Blue Book at the bottom of page4.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

2016-17 Deputy Instructors

Becky Aldrich - Astral #75
Donna Altig - Reliance #70
Brendon Blacknall - Port Orchard #44
Bob Bristow - Pine Tree #77
Sherrie Connell - Syringa #38
Pam Ellsworth - Golden Rod #22
Terri Elwood - Analia #112
Becky Goddard - Evergreen #1
Dean Haave - Faith #255
Lynda Jamison - Malden #149
Kate Kalmbach - Occidental #28
Suzanne LeMere - Tyee #122
Barb Lott - Delta #109
Steve Martin - Floral #117
Tracie Morgan - Chehalis #3
Linda Ogren - Guiding Star #99
Diana Osborne - Alki #25
Janet Pitcher - Maple Leaf #58
Cindy Schneider - Key City #71
Kathy Seville - Malden #149
Candi Suppes - Tyler #248
Denice Tewalt - Cyrene #110
Michelle West - Lackamas #152

Lynette Zierden - Oasis #191

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Joan Kershner's Great Grand Daughter Chloe Hanson is being installed as Lilac Assemblies Worthy Advisor on Sat the 11th at Noon. Audubon Park Masonic Temple 2821 Northwest Blvd is the place. So if anybody is staying over after Leslie Greens Memorial Service or are coming to Idaho Grand Chapter please come and support Chloe and the girls.
John Chamberlain

Sunday, May 29, 2016

New Grand Representative

Last night (May 28th) I was honored to be able to present a Grand Representative position to Virginia Anicker of Welcome Chapter.  It was the honor night for the honorable Dan Voorhees and so not to interfere with the program, the announcement was made during the introduction of the current Grand Representatives.  Virginia cried tears of joy all the way to the East where I announced her as the new Grand Representative of Kentucky!
Neil Glessing, Grand Chaplain

Sunday, May 22, 2016

New Grand Representative

Monday May 16, 2016 I was honored again to be able to present a Grand Representative position, this time to Tom Busby of Floral Chapter, in Monroe.  I had asked Tom to assist me in presenting this Grand Representative position because my escort was unable to attend, and gave him a copy of the certificate that he read from his position near the preparation door, with the person to be announced name blocked out. I then asked the WP if he would assist me by reading the name of the person on my copy.  The WP asked if he could find this person and bring them to the East, which worked out great.  The selection of Tom was met with an applause of acceptance, and Tom was surprised to be one of our newest Grand Representatives, representing Indiana Grand Chapter in Washington. Congratulation Tom Busby!
Kay Foss, Grand Marshal

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New Grand Representative

Tonight I had the honor of presenting the Grand Representative commission for Alabama to Betty McElwee. Betty is a member of Olympia chapter.  There were 21 former and current Grand Representatives present.
For the announcement I asked Grand Secretary Irene Jacobs to pass out some gift bags with little candy gifts. The candy bars were wrapped with little ditties such as  "candy is sweet and so are you, but this isn't  your night", when I got to Betty her candy wrapper was empty so while I apologized to Betty Irene gave her hers. Betty then read that she was the new Grand Representative, the chapter and visitors were all very pleased and Betty shocked.
Congratulations Betty.  Peggy Mills AGM