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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Answer to Clue #6

Tonight in the little SW Washington burg of Malden we filled the room with 31 sideliners and 18 officers for a total of 49 present to witness the announcement of Lorna Burns as the new Grand Esther. (Among those present were 7 members of Cheney Chapter who arrived after the meeting began, as they had conducted their own short meeting at their chapter previously.

CarnJack is beginning to feel pretty sure of himself as under the very vocal protests of the the AGM and Sister Elaine Weigel, he decided to tell a joke concerning a cowboy's visit to Texas. It was kind of a "groaner" and was a delay in the process, but the announcement finally came as they tried to unsuccessfully decipher clue on the paper in the "famous" envelope.

More practice is certainly needed.

Present were: 2 PGP's, J Paul Fitzsimmons and Phil Green, 3 Grand Officers, 1 Grand Representative who was also a WP, 4 DI's, 5 WM's and 4 more WP's, along with 4 of the newly appointed Grand Officers for next year.

Sister Louise Belsby and Brother Gregg Burns were very wonderful in the East. (Brother Gregg is Sister Lorna's escort.) A fine time was had by all, followed by wonderful fellowship and dessert.

Linda Runyan, AGM

Congratulations Sister Lorna and Brother Gregg!

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