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Friday, May 28, 2010

May 27, 2010 - Answer to Clue #11

We were at Grand Coulee Dam Chapter tonight to make the final announcement to complete those vital appointed members of our new grand family.

CarnJack and Brother Harold still didn't seem to have the knack of the whole thing but after much fumbling around were able to escort Sister Pam Marrs to the East where she was announced as the East Side Chairman of the Deputy Instructors. Brother Dave Marrs was introduced as her escort.  You may wish to know that the Deputies will be called the Sparklers.

We were very snug in the small chapter room with 55 in attendance. It was a great pleasure to have PGM's Ann Hendricks, Joy Lough, Marjoe Richards, & Diane Osborne, PGP's J Paul Fitzsimmons & Phil Green there along with 2 Grand Officers, 6 Grand Representatives, 4 Deputies and the newly announced West Side Chairman, Gini Dryer Dow, and 2 WM's and 2 WP's.

There were also seven past East Side Chairman along with the Present East Side Chairman, Nancy Peterson. I must, once again that everyone for being so supportive of those who have been chosen for next year. It is wonderful to have such support right from the beginning.

God Bless you all and God Bless our Wonderful Order with a resurgence of interest, energy and membership.

Star Love to all,
Linda Runyan, AGM

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Photos courtesy of Lynette Zierden

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