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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Answer to Clue #9

And now we are whole:

The final member of the appointed Grand Officers for 2010-2011 was announced tonight at Afton Chapter in Marysville. There were 71 members present to hear that Sister Helen Collins will be the next Grand Martha.

We know more would have been there but for the honor night of Terry Mosler or conflicting meeting nights. (Congratulations Brother Terry on your Night!) However, those present included PGM Marjoe Richards, 4 Grand Officers, 5 Gr Representatives, 2 deputies and 3 WM's. Also, there were 8 past Grand Martha's and the present Grand Martha, Penny Bosley.

Including Sister Helen there were 7 members of the new Grand Family present. I had them line up in the West in Introductory Order which they did VERY WELL! At that time I was delighted to introduce them as members of the "Starlight Grand Family."

Much appreciation is extended to all those who have supported the announcements with their presence. This is such an exciting time for the new members of the Grand Families and the beginning of their special year is enhanced by your support.

There are two exciting announcements to come, so keep watch for further clues.

Linda Runyan AGM

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