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Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24, 2010 - Update on June Lee

Hi All,

OK, it was another roller coaster ride for part of the week but again all seems to be fine.

June definitely threw another clot last Sunday night and the trip to Deaconess in Spokane was a good move. There they have one of the most up to date hospitals and staffs in the State if not the Nation. They again ran a battery of tests and she had people from all specialties of medicine looking at her and consulting about her. Some would come in just to chat after reading her chart because they had never known anyone to survive what she has been through. A top hemotologist did a conference call to others in the field and determined that the low coumadin was not doing the job. It still allowed a clot to build. They did not want to go to the high level of coumadin because of the bad side affects it has on the rest of the body. They came up with going back to Heparin, a thinner that is more user friendly and just quietly does its job with pretty limited side effects. It also does not conflict with any other medications. Drawback it is that it is very expensive. We told him DO it. If our insurance doesn't cover it, and it should according to our pharmacist, then we will take care of it somehow.

I asked the Dr. why the filter they put in didn't catch this clot. He said the filter catches the larger life threatening clots but small ones can get by, but that the Heparin should prevent any more from building and the body will work on dissolving any already in the body.

They had her up and walking in the halls there and even did a few stairs so her physical therapy is coming along and the lead Dr. there said she needs to be building stamina and return to her normal activities. The sooner the better. I think we will be limiting some of those activities because those who know June well know she always overdoes it. So, keep her in your prayers still, they are working for sure. My faith has surely grown as well as others close.

I brought her back to Ephrata Hospital today, via car and though it was tiring for her she said it felt soooo good. She was resting well when I left her a few minutes ago. I think I'm gonna sleep good tonight too. They will continue therapy there though she has already passed the phase she was entering when she left last Monday morning early. Hopefully she can return home very soon.


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