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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fri. Apr. 30, 2010 - Update on June Lee

Hi All,

Got a couple of emails questioning yesterday. I thought I sent out a report but must have just thought it. Anyhow. All went very well yesterday.

The therapists were here twice and worked on getting her to sit up and one to do common everyday things she would b e doing at home. She managed to sit for a time on the edge of her bed but that was enough for then and it wore her out. The second one had her wash her hair with some waterless shampoo and that was tiring too but she was anxious to do more. They said no not today. Small steps. The throat Dr. was in and said her vocal chords were a little stretched on one side and should be OK in a week or two. They did another CT scan and said that looked OK too. So all was well!

Today so far before noon she has been out of bed and used the toilet and had a little solid food. She is very tired though and is sleeping at the moment. The Nurse is really pleased with her progress.

That's about all for now. Sorry about yesterday.


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