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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Answer to Clue #7

Tonight we spend a wonderful evening at Evening Star Chapter in Almira. It was the Honor Night for Grand Representative of Florida, Shirley Armstrong. There were 81 present for the event. Sister Florence Fitzsimmons and Brother Phil Krause graciously presided in the East.

Just prior to the closing of the meeting, Brother Dick and I were asked if we had anything to say. After having the Bible closed, Brothers Jack and Harold and Sister Elaine brought the "CarnJack" show to the floor. Brother Jack asked a "Florida riddle" to which Sister Shirley gave a better answer than the one Brother Jack had. Amidst their normal confusion our team quickly decided to bring Sister Anita Borst to the East along with Brother Phil where we had the pleasure of announcing Sister Anita as next year's Grand Ruth.

Present were: PGP's J. Paul Fitzsimmons, Chuck Callon, Phil Green, and Roy Sharp, PGM's Marjoe Richards and Diane Osborne, 10 Grand Representatives, 5 Deputies, 4 WM's and 5 WP's, and 4 Grand Officers. Also present were 8 Past Grand Ruth's: Beth Krause, Florence Fitzsimmons, Jean Cox, Doris Edwards, Peggy Weitman, Carol Gaston, Nona Reinbold and Stella Brown.

What a terrific evening for all.

Linda Runyan, AGM

Congratulations Sister Anita and Brother Phil!

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