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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sat - May 1, 2010 - Update on June Lee

HI All,

Shay the Nurse, just came in and told June this is a Big Day for you, The Dr. has ordered all IV's off. Today was another tiring but progressive day for June. She had two sessions of physical therapy and made some progress there, though not as fast as she wanted. The therapist had to tell her not to over do it, take little steps and only if your body agrees. It will all come back.

Paul and Barbara drove up from Camas so they got to come in for about 15 min. then took me out for lunch. June was excited to see them. June is concerned with her hair, her finger nails etc. and all the other stuff ladies worry about for no reason, so I know she is much much better.

The Dr. came by and gave us the results of the CT Scan last evening and said the hematoma had reduced in size which is a very good sign. He was pretty sure of that because she has no more abdominal pain. She had her first solid food today and it looked pretty good to me but she only ate a little> and said she wasn't hungry. The Nurse said that will come back too.

Everything is a solid GO for today.

Thanks again for keeping June in your hearts and prayers.


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