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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18, 2010 - Update on June Lee

Hi All,

OK folks, we had a little minor set back last night. I got a call at 11 pm that June had been moved to the ER and her pulse was very high. I was there by about 15min. and the Dr. met me at the door saying She's OK, and all the tests we've done show nothing. They did two EKGs and blood tests and find no heart damage or problem. When I got there they wanted to do another CT scan which found some good things. That the original clot that caused all this back on the 13th of April is totally gone, so that TPA powerful clot buster did the job. It, in itself is a very dangerous drug,. They found that her lungs were clear and no signs of scaring that our Dr. told us to expect. one of the best of all her blood count is coming up on it's own. The ER Dr. said she could probably just stay in Ephrata but our family Dr. said he wanted her transferred to Spokane for further tests and 24 hour monitoring for a few days. WE are thinking the rapid pulse was due to getting her evening meds about 3 hours late. Apparently the Nurses missed it due to shift change. The Dr. will be discussing that with the staff shortly.

Lewis lives about two blocks from here in Deaconess Hospital Spokane, and Larry is 2o min. away too. Her 7th floor room overlooks Spokane and Lewis' offices. All is well and she is doing just great this morning. She even walked about 30 ft. to the bathroon just holding the nurses hand.

I have a place to stay real close but Lar says go do what you need to do at home and your work cause Lew and I can take over for a little while. Might take them up on it.

Your prayers are definitely working, keep them coming please.


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