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Friday, May 7, 2010

Answer to Clue #5

There were 61 present for the meeting at Reliance Chapter. The meeting was handled beautifully and business conducted very nicely by the WM and WP.

Brothers Jack and Harold, along with Sister Elaine were up to their usual tricks. Not sure where CarnJack learned his trade, but have a feeling this is a OJT situation.

After not knowing what or who they were searching for, they THREATENED TO SING! That put me into a panic and I requested that they really do their very best to find the person's I wanted them to find.

Sister Pamela Lee was brought to the East from her station at the organ to be announced as Grand Organist for the coming year. Her escort will be Brother Bill Lee.

The WGM Sister Marge was in attendance along with 4 PGM's, Cheri Moll, Marilyn Hoots, Joanne Clark and Marjoe Richards, and 2 PGP's Tom Schenewerk and Brian Gross. Also in attendance 5 elected and appointed Gr Officers, 1 Gr Representative, 4 Deputies, and 1 WM.

The support is wonderful and I know that those being announced appreciate it as much as I do.

Linda Runyan, AGM

Congratulations Sister Pam!

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