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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why isn't that on the blog yet?

Are we missing some events - honor nights, receptions, OVs, fundraisers - that you think should be on the blog? Is there something that hasn't appeared on the calendar yet? Why isn't your invitation in the list on the sidebar?

The answers is simple: because we don't have the information to post!

Unfortunately, we can't be at all the functions with our trusty digital cameras and sometimes we have to wait for others to get us pictures and reports.

If you want something to appear on the blog or calendar, you need to send it to us at oeswashingtonblog@gmail.com . Email us pictures and reports. Tell us how many people were there and who did what. Was there special entertainment or anything else notable?

From the comments we've had about the blog, everyone enjoys the stories, pictures and calendar, but we need your assistance to keep them up to date.

So put on your reporter caps and send us information. Don't worry about us getting the information from more than one source. We'll figure it out - just get us the scoop!

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