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Thursday, October 22, 2009

PGM & GGCCM Kit Wells' Secret Honor Night

(Unofficial count) 74 members and guests secretly (ya, sure, ya betcha!) gathered at Occidental Chapter on Wednesday, October 21st to surprise (ya, sure, ya betcha!) PGM & GGCCM Kit Wells and honor her for her service to the GGC.

Kit claimed she didn't want any more honor nights, but naturally her daughters, family and Chapter paid no attention to that. After dispensing with the Chapter business, levity ensued as Kit gave an impromptu speech about not wanting any of this, then people started flocking to the east from all over the room.

First Barbara Runyan presented Kit with a gift from Kit's Grand Family (4 officers were present). Then Bob Breza presented her with a gift from Gerry's Grand Family when she was Grand Marshal. Don Beck was next with cards from some secret cult they used to belong to called the Dirty Dozen. Hmmmm! Sue Putnam read a poem she wrote especially for Kit about storks. (Kit's the stork and Gail Herman's the penguin. Ask them for details!)

Gerry Mosler, Associate Grand Conductress and daughter of the victim, tried to bring order to the chaos by bringing back the Ballardears for a couple of songs appropriate to the festivities. Then Dawn Vanderlugt presented Kit with a couple of hotties. (Don't ask!)

Terry Wiggins responded for everyone with appropriate (or not) facts from this day in history, then we all adjourned to the dining room where Kit, Gerry and Jamie posed for pictures with the food and Kit posed with her past Grand Family members.

It was a wild and crazy evening filled with laughter and fun. Uff da!

Pictures are in an album on the side bar. Please excuse the quality. It's hard to take good pictures when you're laughing.


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