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Friday, October 16, 2009

Grand Chaplain in Danger!!!

Let it be known that the Lilac Lunatic's have targeted the Grand Chaplain, Order of the Eastern Star as their next victim. The only way to prevent this from taking place is either to pay in advance, or pay even more once the Chaplain is in the hands of the LUNATICS!

Our demands are simple - all Masonic family members and other guests at the reception on Saturday, October 17th must be prepared to make generous donations to our great and worthy cause. Refusal will not be accepted, failure to pay means the lunatics get to do nasty and ugly things to the Grand Chaplain.

Pass the word to all attending that the crazies are loose and no one is safe. Everyone should bring plenty of donation money so fill our money bags (we will have pictures available for extra donations).


Glorious Leader of the Lilac Lunatics

Did someone see a Rainbow go by?

And a reply from Dan Voorhees!!!

To all who really know the Grand Chaplain. I plan on leaving my wallet at home and might even offer the Lilacs extra $$ IF they would actually do 'scary' things to WYF.. Long live the Sugar Daddys and Sugar Babies.

Hey he's the Chaplain he should be able to pray and protect himself. Besides I like the sound of NASTY and UGLY on John boy. Besides it would beat anything we could do in a skit..... Long live the Rainbow Girls. Hey maybe they could team up with some Demolay and Jobies and really do a number on JOHN.

Oh how I love my buddy WYF
(Wear clean underwear John....)
Your favorite buddy

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