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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Grand Representative!

Last night (October 12th) 32 people were at Trinity Chapter’s regular meeting in Tumwater. During announcements Peggy Mills, Grand Marshal asked to make a special announcement. She played a game “Are You Smarter Than a 4th Grader” with the members. She asked specific people questions which all four were able to answer correctly. Then she asked Mary Kingsbury the final question, “What do all these questions/answers have in common?” Mary’s reply was “They all answered correctly”.

Peggy then had her open the envelope which she gave to her earlier. Peggy gave the other four envelopes with the correct answers and told them to look at the answer but didn’t tell Mary to do the same. When Mary opened her envelope it said “Texas”. She was in shock!

Peggy then introduced Mary Kingsbury, Grand Representative of Texas in Washington. Mary is from Texas so she could hardly wait to call her sister and tell her the news.

In attendance were: 1 PGM; 1 Grand Officer; 1 Grand Secretary Emeritus; 3 Grand Representatives; 2 Deputy Instructors; 2 WM & 2 WP. There were a total of 11 former Grand Representatives there too.

Reported by Mary Ellen Sparks!

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