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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OV - White Rose - Oct 12, 2009

(Unofficial count) Almost 50 people gathered in the Rose Room of the beautiful Downtown Masonic Center in Spokane for the official visit of WGM Marge with WGP Dennis to White Rose Chapter.

Unfortunately, we arrived just as they were about to open, so pictures will come later when WGP Dennis has time to send them to me.

WM & WP Florence and J.Paul Fitzsimmons did a wonderful job of leading their officers in the opening. Florence greeted everyone during introductions with sayings about the importance of friends. The business of the Chapter was quickly accomplished and then we all retired to the dining room for something warm or cool to drink.

Prior to the meeting the Chapter served a chicken and salad luncheon for all who were early enough to make it!

That evening PGM Diane Osborne and I dropped in on Malden Chapter for their stated meeting and had a wonderful time visiting with them. We even had the privilege of pro-teming Associate Matron and Organist. Bet you can't guess which one of us was organist! We had a great time and appreciate all the friendship shown to us in Malden.


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