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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sad News

I just received this via "Montana Stars" and also received basically the same information from Carla Bryant that she got from her counterpart in Oklahoma. --Mary Ellen
Evelina Owen, wife of our Most Worthy Grand Patron Bill Owen, passed away Monday evening, October 12, 2009. She was in the hospital undergoing heart surgery to have two stints put in, she suffered heart failure and died.
No details yet of course. Just prayers for Bill Owen and his family. And I just attended the funeral of Della Clark, wife of our Worthy Grand Chaplain, Haskell Clark, last week. She finally succumbed to the pancreatic cancer she was dealing with for the past year. This is a very sad time for our Star Tribe General Grand Family.
---Susan Thomas, PGM-NH, Worthy Grand Adah, 2006-2009, General Grand Chapter

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