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Sunday, October 25, 2009

To all of our Star Members,

Recently a sign up letter for our Bowling Tournament was sent out to all chapter secretaries. Worthy Matrons and Patrons and other OES groups, please try to get a team together. It doesn't need to be all members; in fact we encourage you to ask nonmembers to join in the fun. You only need FIVE people for a team and two chapters could go together to form a team.

This is a fund raising event for our Grand Chapter so please join in and let’s have some fun. Sign up forms should be sent by October 30th to:
Vern Herrst.
P.O. Box 98
Winthrop, WA 98862

The cost for the team is fifty dollars and Play would start in November and you would play 3 games, one night a month for 4 months with a play off in March. We had hoped to start in October but there has been some confusion concerning the tournament so the plan is to start playing in November. Please turn out and help support our Grand Chapter.

If you need more information or sign up sheets please call any of the following:
Vern Herrst
Linda Miller
Vickie Chamberlain
Linda Carlson
Linda Crichton
Gen Cooley

Thank You
** Linda Miller

Reprinted from the Stars of Washington by Connie Shrum

This sounds like a fun and easy activity. It only requires one night per month and at $50 per team, that's only $10 per person for the WHOLE TOURNAMENT! Be sure you get your team together and sign up by the end of the month!


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