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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OV - Spokane & Martha, Oct. 13, 2009

(Unofficial count) 78 members traveled to Spokane for the official visit of WGM Marge with WGP Dennis for Spokane and Martha Chapters.

WM & WP Anne and John Holloway of Spokane Chapter lead their officers in a beautiful opening and then delighted us with their introductions. The Chapter took care of their business quickly.

WM Marilyn Schahfer and WP Tom Henson of Martha Chapter took over, welcomed everyone and presided while their officers exemplified the examination of a visitor.

Prior to the meeting the 2 Chapters had a delicious dinner with a donation basket to leave tips for the Rainbow girls who capably served and cleaned up. There were yummy desserts to delight every palate afterwards and after the meeting - Krispy Kreme donuts and cider. What a nice evening.

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