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Monday, January 6, 2014

Updates on LaNita Pascoe & Carman Ivey

Latest update on LaNita Pascoe from Diane Osborne:
      On the way home from Puyallup today we drove up to the Everett Hospital to see LaNita if possible and Frank. I had called so Frank knew I was coming.
      LaNita continues to be in ICU. She has been heavily sedated as she in on a respirator. They woke her up this morning and tried to get her to breathe on her own. That didn’t happen so she is sedated again and continues to have the respirator going. There is a lot more going on but she and Frank definitely need our prayers.
      Today, Frank, was not feeling so well. He was headed home after our visit to get the mail. He has not been eating properly. We talked about him getting a good bowl of soup and making an appointment with his Dr. for himself. He has been sleeping in the room with LaNita. He is not getting a good night’s sleep. Maybe someone in the Everett area can call him and see about taking him a healthy sandwich and some healthy snacks.
      If they continue to do what they did this morning this could be a very long haul. The respiratory Dr. was in while I was there and he said they would try again tomorrow and just keep doing it every day until she breathes on her own.
     Take a few minutes each day to be thankful for all you have, and we will all pray for LaNita’s recovery and Frank’s well-being and everyone else’s good health.

Happy New Year Everyone!! (A little late).  I just want to take this opportunity to again Thank Everyone for all the cards, Prayers and good wishes I have received in the last two months since my knee replacement surgery and the surgery two weeks later to set my broken leg.  (My leg just broke, I never fell, and Dr says I am a "fluke", only the 2nd one he has ever had break without a fall.)  My leg now has a steel plate in the femur, just above my replacement, with aboout 10 screws in it.  ( I should have fun going through airport security, whenever that may be.)  I was doing really well after the replacement surgery, and thought I would be driving by Thanksgiving, but now am hoping to be walking by Valentine's Day!!   After getting out of the hospital after the second surgery, I spent three weeks in a skilled nursing facility, receiving Physical and Occupational Therapy 5 days as week.  Since then I have been living with my family, scince I am in a wheelchair, and walking in the house only, with my left leg and both arms on the walker, and only touch weight on my right foot.   Dr says that in about 6 weeks, I may be walking with limited weight on the right foot, and increasing it slowly, with lots of Therapy.  My leave at JCP has been extended until the end of March for now.   I can only say that I have had great family support, here in WA, and from many friends in Arizona, and here at home as well as friends all over.  I am so grateful that I am not any worse off than I am,  being in the 'home' just helped me to realizse so many people are worse off than I, and many would never leave there.   I am also grateful to the several friends who have taken my little dogs into their homes, so I don't have to pay the boarding fees for all these months before I can take them home.  I am truly blessed with caring family and friends.   I look forward to getting out in my new wheelchair, even to therapy or the store, Thanks to my sister in law, Karen,  otherwise I am very limited in what I can do until I can put more weight on my foot.   At least I am halfway there.  Thanks again everyone, for your concerns.  Please keep the Prayers coming, they do help, believe me. 
P.S. forgive me if you did not receive my Christmas greetings, they never got sent!
Carmen Ivey

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