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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Grand Representatives

I had the pleasure and honor of presenting the commission of Grand Representative of Rhode Island last night (January 21st).

When the Worthy Matron announced Good of the Order I jumped up and asked if we could play a game now. Waving my hand all over the place like a school girl.   
Of course she said yes. I rounded up several members of Priscilla Chapter, in Port Gamble, and we played the game, name that state. They were a bit challenging as without their surrounding states it can be difficult. It seems however there was always someone that knew the answer. We went over the state nickname and what they were known for. It was a lot of fun. When we got to envelope #9, Bernice was holding that envelope, it was Rhode Island and what was it  known for I said, "It will forever be known for the new Grand Representative........Bernice Zachau!
Congratulation Bernice!!

Happy Hearts Hugs,
Pam Rookard, Grand Warder

During Guiding Star Chapter's meeting Tuesday night (January 21st) I told them we were going to play "I've Got a Secret".  The host was Brother Bruce Everett.  Prior to the meeting 2 envelopes were given to 3 people.  At the beginning of "Secret" Brother Bruce let everyone know that I had a secret.  The 3 people with envelopes were asked to stand and read their questions, one at a time.  I responded with a yes or no. The last question asked if I was the new Grand Representative to Arkansas.  I said "no" but I knew Brother Bruce knew who was, and asked him to go find that person.  He walked from the South to the North looking and as he reached Martha's chair he announced that it was Karen McCamant.  He brought her to the East where I gave her her pin and folder of information.  She was speechless except for asking if I was sure she was supposed to be getting this.  With tears from both of us I introduced Karen McCamant as the Grand Representative of Arkansas in Washington.
Barbara Burleigh, Grand Electa 

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