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Monday, January 13, 2014

Grand Representative of Delaware

The following was written up by PGP Don Beck for AGP Jim Iversen since Jim is having internet problems. 

Last Friday night (January 10th) AGP Jim Iversen  was at Nesika in Renton.  Being WP, I sat back and watched the event happen.  When WM Tess Kent got to Good of the Order and asked Br. Jim to talk, well actually she said she couldn't wait anymore and wanted him to do what he came there to do.  Of course, "No one knew why he was there other than just out traveling"  {believe that and I have a bridge to sell you}.
Jim had to say sort of why he was there but he enlisted his trusty "Vanna" Pat to locate the people in audience and "Bring Them Down" like they do on "Price Is Right".  "Vanna" first found Pam Sawyer, then Kay Johnson, then Alma Michelsen, then Richard Moore and finally the "real McCoy".  With each "contestant", "Vanna" brought them to the east as AGP Jim ask them to name the state he was describing and if they got it right, they'd get a small baggy gift.  Questions they were to answer were like what state has a specific tree, particular bird, state capital, etc.  They all got their baggy eventually after some coaching from the sidelines.  Then Jim had "Vanna" seek out Marcia Beck and she jumped up playing the game like the rest and she was asked what State had the "holly as its tree".  Time expired, so the next question was what state had the Blue Hen Chicken as its bird.  Not right - time expired.  Next question, "what state had only 3 counties?  Time expired, still not correct.  Now she was getting worried that she might not get her baggy like the rest.  But even the sideliners were no help yet.  Then Jim got desperate and his last hint was "Be AWARE it has a city named DELmar".  He repeated this again actuating the WARE and DELmar.  She then guessed Delaware, and Br. Jim told "Vanna" to give her a baggy and escort her to the diaz.  She came up on the diaz shaking now and beginning to think something different was in the works.  Jim told her she had to open the bag now before everyone and when she got it open and unwrapped something hard from the paper, she found the small pin shape like the state of Delaware.  She then realized what had happened and became speechless and crying with joy.  Jim congratulated her as the new Grand Representative in Washington for the great state of Delaware.  By then everyone in the room knew what she got and were applauding.  It took her awhile to realize she is really a Grand Representative.

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