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Friday, January 17, 2014

Another New Grand Representative

It was my pleasure to travel to Reliance Chapter in Bremerton on January 16 to present the commission of Grand Representative to New Mexico  to Gayla Elverson.

I waited until the last possible minute. During my response I went on about the decorations and nonsense and was interrupted by very loud talking in the Chapter room. It was none other than my Mother (Peaches) and Tom Schenewerk complaining very loudly about what happened to the announcement everyone came to hear. A few people were upset that they were talking so LOUD and interrupting my response. Then Tom proceeded to say that I wasn't talking about anything interesting.

I said did you think I was forgetting something? Then I asked if anyone wanted to play "Let's Make a Deal". That got everyone Cheering. We had a good time with all the contestants, they were great. We ended with the last 2 doors one of which was chosen for Gayla by the AC Amy Smith. Inside was a scroll that said, Congratulations you are the new Grand Representative of New Mexico.  I then opened the other door which revealed her pin. 

It was a lot of fun for all that attended.
Pam Rookard, Grand Warder

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