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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Two New Grand Representatives

During the course of Good of the Order and Responses I had the privilege of presenting the commission for Grand Representative of Kansas in Washington to Sister Karen Karnes. It was a total surprise.

As part of my Response I asked permission of WM Karen to direct her officers or members. I then said I needed some assistance from a group of folk, that I’d pass out a little script for something we were about to do. I called on several folk from about the Chapter room, and once I had a nice group standing, I assigned each one a ‘part.’ Kevin Watson - the Scarecrow; Bill Hollifield - the Tin Man; J.C. Tibbits - the Cowardly Lion; Karin Lawson - the Wicked Witch of the West, after all she IS the A.M. and sitting in the West; and Norma Jean Roberts - Glinda the Good Witch of the East. 

“There,” I said, “that about concludes our cast of characters. Oh, no, wait, we still need a Dorothy. Sister Karen, would you stand up and be our Dorothy, after all you ARE our new Grand Representative of Kansas!!”

The room erupted in applause and cheers and the very surprised and virtually speechless WM Karen was presented her commission certificate, Kansas pin, and papers and again given a hearty round of applause.

Thank you, WGM Stephanie, for allowing me this great privilege and pleasure.  This presentation had very special meaning for me.  My maternal ancestors homesteaded in Kansas in 1881, and my own dear mother was born in a sod house in NW Kansas 101 years ago.  My Masonic roots are very deep in the soil of wheat country in western Kansas.

Happy Hearts Love,
Calvin Russell
Grand Sentinel

It was with joy, honor, love and much laughter that Sister Syrita Lockhart was presented with her commission as Grand Representative of North Dakota last night, Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at Sunnyside Chapter # 134.

Under "Good of the Order", the Bible was closed and I asked Worthy Matron  Karen if I could say a few words from the East.
I gave some very good clues about the State that some lucky person in the room would be representing, but nobody was able to guess North Dakota.
I then asked my Escort and photographer, Brother Rob Chandler if he would come to the East and give more clues and information.
Brother Rob gave a wealth of information and someone finally guessed North Dakota.

The moment of truth had arrived and after a loud "drum-roll" from the Members, I peeked inside the envelope and gasped.   Then with a quivering, emotionally weakened  voice, I asked our Conductress, Sister Syrita to escort Brother Walt Lockhart to the East.
The air was sucked right out of the room and forty plus members sat in stunned disbelief...  Walt was saying "I know you got the wrong guy" , etc...
However, applause broke out and Walt and Syrita came to the East.

Upon their arrival in the East, I began handing Walt maps and brochures and all kinds of literature that he would be needing "as the ESCORT" of our new Grand Representative of North Dakota.  I handed the commission letter and award to Sister Syrita, and she finally looked down and read HER name on the certificate.  She let out a little squeal as she realized that she was indeed the chosen one.

Our CWGRC President, Sister Mary Hendrickson, then pinned Sister Syrita, and after closing, we all continued the celebration in the dining hall with home-made stew and cornbread prepared by Sister Linda Denson.

Gerry Stinnett
Grand Organist

Photo # 2, Gerry, Syrita and Walt Lockhart and Mary Hendrickson
Photo # 1, Past and current Grand Representatives with Syrita and Walt Lockhart at Sunnyside Chapter, 1/15/2014

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