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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

OV - Doric - Century, Jan 12, 2010

(Unofficial count) almost 70 people gathered for an evening of education about the Ohio Cardinal virus and the Official Visit of WGM Marge with WGP Dennis to Doric and Century Chapters.

WM Mary Ann Fergusson and WP Don McAmmond of Doric lead their officers in a beautiful opening and informed everyone during introductions of the advantages of the above named virus - spread by kisses, hugs and handshakes.

After Doric's regular business, WM Trish Pusek and WP Ron Hays took over and lead their officers through the examination of a visitor.

During presentations, WM Mary Ann presented WGM Marge with one of those "sucker things". Frankly all thought Marge really wanted a suction cup to put on a window to hold a picture, but no one had the heart to tell Mary Ann.

After the meeting we enjoyed delicious salads and cookies in the dining room.

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