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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Grand Representative of Georgia

Last night at Floral Chapter in Monroe, about 45 members suffered through our Grand Electa Bev Baller's knock-knock jokes anxiously awaiting her news. She kept the suspense going by having the conductress (Marge Soles, PT) search the room for the person who matched her description, but when she mentioned that this person baked the best cinnamon rolls, everyone knew it was Floral's Secretary - Retha Baird.

After Marge paraded Retha all the way around the room, we discovered she was the new Grand Representative of Georgia in Washington.
There were 3 former GRs of Georgia present, Mary Lee Tucker of Golden Rod, Pat Dean of Afton and Gerry Ellen Sleeth of Mt. Baker.

They were joined by many current and former Grand Representatives who were pleased to welcome Retha to the ranks.
Congratulations, Retha!

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